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Angry Bob
2011-02-09, 10:51 PM
Small things I want to change without doing a lot of work or leaving a lot of things to keep track of. Some of them are balance-related, but most of them are just things that have bugged me for a while that I would change for a campaign I ran.

Basically, see if any of them are unbalancing or if I went too far. Also, recommend similar changes if anything's ever bugged you.

Erudites: Do not have access to Spell-to-Power and gain no psicrystal at level 1. They have to take the feat like everybody else.

Psy Artificers: May not consider themselves to have access to spells, due to the absence of Spell-To-Power.

Artificers: May not use "effortless" price reducers(skill/alignment requirements) found in the DMG. Feats and class features that reduce cost to create are still allowed.

Alienists: Change Summon Alien to read "Add the pseudonatural template to any creature you summon with a Summon Monster spell."

Feral Template: Use class levels to determine all affects, not just monster HD.

Add "Ability to cast Summon Nature's Ally V" to prerequisites for Greenbound summoning.

Half-Elves gain extra skill points as humans do.

Hobgoblins are LA +0, have no move silently bonus, and trade their Darkvision for Low-Light vision(setting-based)

Change the effect of Jotunbrud to grant the Powerful Build ability instead of what it does now.

At even class levels, Tome of Battle prestige classes may swap out a maneuver known as a base class can.

Changeling's Minor Change Shape counts as a different form for the purposes of Warshaper class features.

The alignment system doesn't work as intended(setting quirk). A Planetar that has just burned down an orphanage and eaten a box of kittens is still treated as good for supernatural effects that rely on alignment. Similarly for anyone with an alignment subtype. Planetouched creatures are treated as one step towards the alignment matching their planar heritage. A neutral evil aasimar will be treated as true neutral, for example.

2011-02-09, 11:20 PM
Just like to point out that the Changeling/Warshaper thing is how it works by RAW, anyway. It doesn't need a quick fix unless you don't want it to work.

Angry Bob
2011-02-09, 11:30 PM
Yeah, but there's enough ambiguity that I'm making it clear. There's a similar one I didn't add here because everyone here already takes it as written: "Leaping Dragon Stance does indeed let you add 10 feet to any jump you make, though you may still have to check to try to aim at something in particular."