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2011-02-11, 01:20 AM
Ok, so I had an idea for a campaign that I want to try and run when the games I'm in are over, which will hopefully not be for a while. Undecided on rules, but DnD of some kind. Looking for suggestion or ideas on story, have no specific characters thought up aside from the ones mentioned but am going to get to that later.

The premise is a continent that was invaded by Barbarian's from a continent north of them. Their priests led them in battle and raised them from the dead so that even in death they could serve their god of war. Everyone but the dwarves in the south, who have long ago isolated themselves from the world, raise arms against the necromancers.

The main kingdom to defend the villages being raised and the cities being besieged, the elves defending their forests and so on and so forth. As the war wages on the Continent's army begins to dwindle as the necromancers army swells with the ranks of their enemies turned undead. Then an order of paladins and clerics of the main god of the human kingdom, (A good dragon of some kind) cast a spell upon their cities that made it impossible for any undead to enter. With safe havens to flock to the armies strength was renewed, and now that the order of paladins had cast their spells upon the cities they joined the battle. Basically paladins turn into heroes, with an array of magic and weapons that leave the necromancers unable to raise undead within the battle.

The paladins and clerics lead the human kingdom to victory and are given control of the government by the people, the council that had ruled had been killed early on due to their ineptitude, until the threat of the necromancers is deemed gone. The paladins are heralded as heroes and for several years the rebuilding goes well. Soon, however, laws are decreed that become unpopular. Peoples right's are being limited and bad things are beginning to happen. Over time people become angry, forgetting the sacrifices made by the order. Protesters rise up but are quickly and sometimes violently put down. It won't be until higher level that the PC's learn the paladins perspective on these events, but basically the violence is not welcome by thier god, and to a man, or woman, they fall. Now before this many paladins might have already left, not willing to compromise their morals and thus never took innocent lives. Its not well known though and the story goes that they all fell. Something the pc's might find out later.

Perhaps half the order leave, believing themselves wrong. Some of these eventually find their path again, important later on, and some do not. The rest stay and search for another source fo power. They find it in a dealer of sorts, a power being of hellish origin willing to give them power for their souls. This order is commited to what they believe is the only way to protect their city, and they accept the deal. The clerics do not like this and assist the populace in over throwing the fallen paladins. Many paladins escape. One of those that survived was the most brilliant of them and eventually managed to conquer a smalelr antion to the east. Since that day he has prepared it for war. The main kingdom believes it is for revenge. Another point that will become important

So the people rebuild their council, the church rebuilds its order replacing paladins with inquistors that hunt fallen paladins. 30-40 years pass and that one general has his nation now, most paladins aside from dwarven paladins are automatically assumed to be evil, because the masses can be a suspicious lot, and suddenly contact with some of the most northern towns stops. A group of adventurer's. mercenaries, and priest of the church (The PC"s mostly), are sent to investigate. What they find is an empty town, with no sign of life, bodies, or any sign of battle. An ominous sign that has not been seen in 50 years.

So what do you think? Its the basis for the story I had in mind, with the big plot being the rise of another necromancer army, the failing of the spells that protect the cities (I had an idea for a big reveal on this), and the need of allies that can fight an army of undead that gets stronger with the death of everyone of their soldiers. The elves have become isolated, contact with the dwarves ceased 120 years ago, the heroes of the last war disgraced and untrusted, and the only one ready for this fight is a tyrancial fallen paladin.

2011-02-11, 06:37 AM
What happened to the necromancers after the Paladins warded the city? Did they all die with their entire troops in that one battle? When they conquered the entire continent, it seems unlikely that they all traveled in just one big group.

2011-02-11, 09:57 AM
The fighting continued and the necromancers were driven back. The paladins and clerics began to learn that the best way to defeat the army of undead was to kill the necromancers themselves and began focusing attacks upon the said leaders. They warded cities didn't end the war, it simply gave the living armies of the kingdom a place to rest, and the refugees a place to run to. Such wards were also limited to the largest of cities, the expense of the spell was to great for anything else.

Eventually they were able to kill most of the Necromancers and drive the few remaining off the continent. Some hid out after the war but were hunted down by paladins and clerics during the time of their military rule. So most went into hiding, waiting to be called into action once more.

On another note, the elves have their own form of protection. Their forest, one of the largest on the continent, reacts with hostility to the presence of undead or necromancers. Whether its a predator or a new sink hole, undead things tend not to last long in their. The necromancers learned of this rather quickly, and sent most of their living warriors to fight the elves. It should be noted that many refugees ran into the woods before the wards were successfully cast, it being the only real safe place against undead.

Also another note, the paladins half of the warding spell is missing. It was only with the combined power of the clerics and paladins that the wards were raised. The party might have to find the lost half. However the inquisitors had been spending the last some odd years making sure any paladin or information on their ways was destroyed, to keep from tempting others down that path.

flare X2
2011-02-15, 04:09 PM
read the first paragraph but couldn't be botherd to read the rest (sorry:smalltongue:) any way idea for adventurer/hero of renown.
thurid 'stoneskin' a druid or cleric who was cursed by medusa or basilisk so his skin is half stone half flesh.

2011-02-16, 01:28 PM
read the first paragraph but couldn't be botherd to read the rest (sorry:smalltongue:) any way idea for adventurer/hero of renown.
thurid 'stoneskin' a druid or cleric who was cursed by medusa or basilisk so his skin is half stone half flesh.

This isn't a topic for others to post their campaign ideas, I was asking for the playgrounds opinion on what they thought of my idea for a campaign I might want to try running, and how it might be improved

2011-02-16, 03:07 PM
hmmm I like the Idea of it But how is the party goign to get wrapped up in it is there going to be a magic tablet showing them the answer