View Full Version : Any Scandinavians here ? :)

2011-02-11, 03:50 PM

(Ofc I'm typing it in english btw :P ) I've read around on how the english people use different english dialects for different races and so on, and it got me wondering:

Do you guys use different dialects for different races/people or just the way you talk? Provided you don't use english ofc, suprisingly many around here do.. It's annoying!

2011-02-11, 03:54 PM
Swedish, and yes, I prefer to use foreign accents for non-human races, and domestic dialects for humans (depending on where said human came from).

2011-02-11, 04:25 PM
Danish, I prefer to use accents depending mostly on where people are from, but I also let their race influence their ways of speaking. (I doubt I will ever meet a orc that speaks like a elf).