View Full Version : Is there a feat that alloes a dwarf to take a "human" feat?

2011-02-11, 05:02 PM
I'd like a dwarven wizard to become a Halruaan Elder prc (Shining South). That PRC has a pre-req of Halruaan Adept which in turn has the pre-req of "Human (Halruaan).

I know that a Changeling can take "Racial Emulation" (Races of Eberon) and then fake being a dwarf. I want to know if one can do the reverse.

I know there are prcs that can tun a hum into a warforged, and vice-versa.

What is the most painless way I can achieve my goal.

Jair Barik
2011-02-11, 05:09 PM
Well I'm not familiar with the PrC in general but from the sounds of things it is intended to be human only. If this is the case why do you wish to enter it? RP reasons (in which case it seems unlikely you would be allowed in) or is it a powerful PrC that you wish to enter for build composition reasons?

2011-02-11, 05:25 PM
Human heritage feat from races of destiny. Claim 1/2 human blood (there's no half-dwarf racial background, a child of a human and a dwarf is either a human or a dwarf). Must be taken at 1st level. Is slightly dodgy but many GMs would probably allow it.

2011-02-13, 12:24 PM
Thanks. I think that may work.

In answer to the previous question, I would like to have the PRC Runesmith (for its capstone) and Circle Magic (caster level 40) on the same Wizard. Runesmith requires Dwarf, and Circle Magic requires Human.