View Full Version : Gamma World and pbp

2011-02-11, 08:47 PM
I love the game Gamma World. It's hilarious, to the point where its hard to find people who hate it (outside of the card hating group, but that is a different topic).

I was just wondering, is it even possible to play it by post, like here on the boards? The card mechanic dosen't seem like it lends itself to pbp. Maybe if everybody uses the DMs deck over their own, but then it's on the DM to have the deck(s) and deal with it.

Is there some kind of online randomizer that you can put the names of the cards in, and get... random stuff back? I've never heard of something like that outside of MTGOnline, and that is something else entirely.

Von Krieger
2011-03-07, 07:08 PM
Since the Gamma World WotC forum has write ups of all the cards, I just put them in a spreadsheet and use an electronic roller wwith the same number of sides that I do cards for each category.

But yes, I would imagine that it is perfectly possible, and more than likely rather easy, to run a Gamma World play by post.

After all, it's simplified DnD 4e rules, and there are 4e games being run here.