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Kol Korran
2011-02-12, 12:43 PM
Tomer, Alon, Itay, guy, Ariel, read no further!

so... i'm planning for the next meeting with my party. at day, they'll be Protecting a half giants' tribe from jungle marauders (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187125), but at night they'll try to find clues as to why they attack, and potential help to their cause. as part of this, they may just visit the catacombs of giants.

this being Eberron, the giants were quite a highly sophisticated race and therefor i'd imagine their places of rest should be quite elaborate and advanced.
but i just realized i have nearly no ideas for the giants tombs! this is supposed to be a short adventure, one that they can fulfill in a few hours of research, even if their resources (spells and such) are a bit depleted.

can you help me with ideas?
the party consists of

a half giant Psywar 5 (currently 4, but they'll all level before searching this place)
a Kalashtar sorc1/wiz4/ultimate magus 1. uses battle control spells and influence spells.
undead paladin2/favored soul 3: tries to hide what he is (covered all in armor)
poisondusk lizardfolk/ swordsage 5. sneaky bastard. think Belkar.
half elf rogue 3/ duskblade 3: the sly guy andface of the party.

My ideas so far:

The tome is actually an upturned cone. at the bottom there are the tombs of the founders of the city they are in, andas you go up, so does the generations, in a spiral. the entrance is from the top, and leads to a main upturned pillar, which spirals down like the main spiral, and from which there may be bridges towards the main tomb sections.
at one point i think i'd like to have either an attach skeleton, or 2 mummy elves (the giant's slaves... into eternity) this probably comes after the following encounter.
I think it might be an interesting/ frustrating trap to have, which makes whomever fails a saving throw 1 or 2 sizes smaller. for until they leave the tomb! the giants "strip away" the gift of great size from the thieves that barge into their tomb...
at some point i'd like them to maybe bragain with a fiend of a sort (or fight, you can never know with players...) i thought maybe a giant succubi? held there from the giant's time? taking the form of ancient giants or whatever...

as you see, i need help. pretty please?:smallfrown:

Kol Korran
2011-02-14, 05:42 AM
not one reply? :smallfrown: