View Full Version : Spell Abuse: Linked Perception

2011-02-12, 11:13 PM
Linked Perception is located in Player's Handbook 2, p.117

This is a sturdy little spell that grants an untyped bonus to Spot and Listen checks of 2*(n-1) to n allies, n being everyone within 20 feet of you. It is persist-ready. I'm considering its implications for high-level play; the bonus is uncapped, so the only limit is the number of allies you can cram into a 20' radius.

What would you say constitutes an "ally" for this purpose? Possible sources of allies include:

Summon Monster x (1-5 creatures per casting)
Prying Eyes (1d4+CL eyes per casting)
Servant Horde (15 unseen servants per casting)
Animate Objects (CL animated objects per casting)

Can you think of any other spells that create "allies" in bulk for Linked Perception while still being useful in their own right?

2011-02-12, 11:26 PM
Legion of Sentinels puts one in every 5' cube in a 10' ball. They can overlap with others. You get more mileage with Shape spell.