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2011-02-13, 09:38 AM
Ok, essentially the story is this. I run a small gaming e-magazine and I've been writing a long-running story for it, called Guns, Swords, and Steam. It's an odd mix of clockpunk, steampunk, a few general fantasy elements and some other rather random stuff.

I've also for a long time been tinkering with building rules for it. I started with a wargame, but since that idea failed massively I then went on to try and develop a set of RPG rules for it. In the interests of hammering them into something playable I have thus come to Mecca GITP for advice.

The system has similarities to WHFRP, being mostly based on careers. There are five racial classes (human being by far the most common but with Vampires, Werewolves, and the less standard Grenlachs and Portunes also being options).

Here are the rules:

And Character Generation:

Both, as you can see, are majorly unfinished and WIP. That said, any ideas, input and constructive criticism would be massively appreciated (for more background info on the world just ask; most of said background currently only resides in my head).

Many thanks.

2011-02-13, 10:01 AM
You said this is based on Clock-punk, Steam-punk, etc. Do you have any characters/monsters you've stated up to show off?

2011-02-13, 12:09 PM
I didn't before you asked, but here's a quick couple of sample characters (both very low level because the high level careers haven't had rules written in for them yet). I've added extra fields to show cumulative xp/money that wouldn't be on a character sheet, just to show how the character may have and can in future develop.

Gurlat'yk (Grenlach names have the clan name first, or "Ti" for clanless ones, then the personal name after an apostrophe.) So this is yk, of the Gurlat clan.
Race: Grenlach
Career: Tinker (This also tells us he's a Level 1 character since it's an L1 career)
Cumulative xp: 120
Unused xp: 10
Stats: M6 Sh6 St7 Pw6 Nv7 Int7 Rn1 Ld0 Lk1
(Movement, Shooting, Striking, Power, Nerve, Intelligence, Renown, Leadership Ability, and Luck)
Skills: Common Knowledge, Speak (Grenlach), Speak (Chaltarian), Trade (tinker), Schooled, Knowledge (Basic Mechanics), Tinker, Make Engine, Haggle, Fire Cannon
Traits: Bilingual, Tough, Gunner, Weird
Equipment: Tinkerís tools, Common Clothes, 6 small machine parts, Musket, Bayonet
Cumulative money: 125
Money: 10
Backstory: Gurlat'yk is a fairly standard Grenlach; four feet eleven inches tall, a little portly, and dedicated to his work. The Grenlach do not have much central authority (and indeed are often quite mistrustful of any such ideas) but live in clan towns of a few thousand defended by militias raised on the spot - Gurlat'yk is a remorseless but efficient fighter at range if needs be, having learned to man the cannons on the walls of Jut Gurlat. he is someone who is dedicated both to his work (as essentially an engineer in training) and his clan. He is quite young, and has decided to try and learn more engineering elsewhere, hence his presence as an adventurer.

Suran Kitter
Race: Human
Career: Apprentice Priest (This also tells us he's a Level 1 character since it's an L1 career)
Cumulative xp: 60
Unused xp: 15
Stats: M7 Sh6 St6 Pw6 Nv8 Int6 Rn1 Ld1 Lk1
Skills: Common Knowledge, Speak (Papallic), Schooled, Hatred (Non-Humans), Silent, Hide
Traits: Scarred
Equipment: Spear, Holy Symbol, Common Clothes, Rope
Cumulative money: 55
Money: 45
Backstory: Suran Kitter is not the sort of priest the average monastery or village temple would welcome. Born in the Papal State, from a young age he was subjected to fiery sermons and the sight of witches brought from many minor principalities to be burned. Never give a witch a second chance, that was the way of it. Suran, when he became a priest of Jupiter, decided that giving them a first chance wasn't on the cards either. He has devoted himself to fighting a war in the dark against witches and non-humans, prepared to go to any lengths to ensure witches are nto suffered to live; he is, in short, a true fanatic.

Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?