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Milo v3
2011-02-16, 06:14 AM
I was looking at the variant "Deck of many things" when I realised that thier need to be more Combat Styles that rangers can choose from.
Any homebrew variants or even ideas for variants.

My only idea is from 4th edition and make one combat style working with your animal companion for flanks, ect.

2011-02-16, 06:54 AM
Well, this Ranger Handbook (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=4621.0)brings up the idea of a combat style for those who like throwing weapons as well as a sword and board focused style. Two-handed, Grappling/Unarmed and Mounted are already sorta covered by dragon magazine, though the idea could stand to be revisited even there.

Maybe an Animal-Companion focused one could be interesting as well, though I can't really picture things for it other than natural bond and something pertaining to flanking+retaining shared spells or goading+robilaring, and those are kind of oddball stretches.

2011-02-16, 06:56 AM
Incursion is a roguelike RPG based on D&D. Its ranger has a third combat style called "Skirmish" with a lot of mobility feats. That could help, though infringes on the Scout, of course.

Land Outcast
2011-02-16, 07:26 AM
I recall...

[shamelessly stealing from ENworld]

Ranger Feat Trees (Dragon 341)
Rider (Ride-By Attack/ Spirited Charge/Trample)
Beast-Wrestling (Improved Unarmed Strike/Improved Grapple/Stunning Fist)
Piscator (Exotic Weapon (net) /Improved Trip /Improved Critical)
Strong-Arm (Power Attk/Improved Sunder/Great Cleave)
Throwing (Quick Draw/Point Blank Shot/Far Shot )

Other Feat Trees (Wolf72)
Runner (Run/Mobility/Shot on the Run)
Scouter (Stealthy/SF: Hide/SF: Move Silent)??? not sure on this one
Beast Lord (Wild Cohort/Animal Affinity/Leadership)
Rock (Toughness*/Dwarf’s Toughness/Giant’s Toughness)

Black Company Feat Trees
Light Weapons (Weapon Finesse/Improved Initiative/Spring Attack)
Two-Handed (Cleave/Great Cleave/Improved Critical)

Unarmed (Dannyalcatraz)
(Improved Unarmed Strike*/Improved Natural Attack/Improved Grapple)
*plus the ability to treat them as natural & manufactured weapons. Whether they increase in power like the Monk is up to you.

Mobility Style:
Run/Shot on the Run/Spring Attack
Wrasslin' Style:
Improved Grapple/Improved Bull Rush/Stunning Fist
Swashbucklin' Style:
Combat Expertise/Mobility/Whirlwind Attack
Mounted Style:
Mounted Archery/Ride-By Attack/Improved Overrun (Trample)

Brawler (Improved Grapple, Superior Unarmed Strike***, Snap Kick***.)
Fencing (Weapon Finesse, Spring Attack, Bounding Assault**.)
Evader (Sidestep Charge* , Evasive Reflexes ***, Improved Trip.)
Interceptor (Hold The Line*, Stand Still*, Cometary Collision**.)
Lancer (Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, Power Critical (Lance)*.)
Pole Armsman (Short Haft**, Cleave, Whirlwind Attack.)
Shieldbearer (Improved Shield Bash, Agile Shield Fighter **, Knock-Down*.)
Tactician (Vexing Flanker**, Adaptable Flanker**, Combat Tactician**.)
Zweihander (Reckless Offense*, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (any one two-handed melee weapon).)
**Player's Handbook II
***Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords

[/shamelessly stealing from ENworld]