View Full Version : [Dresden Files] Starting power level

2011-02-16, 11:31 AM
I know there's at least a handful of people here who have played the Dresden Files RPG before, so I thought I'd ask around. I'm starting a campaign shortly with my gaming group, and I need to decide what the starting refresh for the campaign will be.

None of us have played the system before, so it seems logical to start at the lowest refresh. However, I'm not entirely sure how dramatic a difference it will make to start higher.

What's your perception? Does the power-level of the players ratchet up significantly with a couple more refresh points? Is it terribly complicated GMing for wizards? Or should the starting refresh generally be a measure of "what scale of supernatural nastiness do you want your players confronting?"

2011-02-16, 11:42 AM
Non-wizards are easy, doesn't really matter what level they're at.

Wizards on the other hand involve more and more GM attention the better they are.

But taking the Refresh as a scale of power isn't a bad idea.