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2011-02-16, 03:08 PM
I have seen things like Fletchers knife and the spell mage craft. But I need to turn a large number of lvl 1 followers into a productive work force. I need to be able to buff their crafts as high as possible. Any craft will do. Help me Giant in the Playground, your my only hope (because I can't think for myself because I have to do homework...)

2011-02-16, 03:11 PM
Well, Earth Dwarf (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/elementalRacialVariants.htm#earthDwarves) is good to start with, because of the +4 to Craft based on stone/metal. Add in 4 ranks, Skill Focus and perhaps some Int bonus (so +1 if nonelite array is used, and +2 if elite array is used), and you're looking at around +12 for stone/metal based crafting.

2011-02-16, 03:12 PM
What kind of resources are you limited to? Books, money, races, classes, etc.

2011-02-16, 03:13 PM
Have them them all take ranks in Craft (Basketweaving). :smalltongue:

2011-02-16, 03:27 PM
I have anything wizards has put out or has it's name on.