View Full Version : Item for converting bardic music uses to spells

2011-02-16, 03:17 PM
Seeking advice on design and pricing of an item which consumes daily uses of bardic music to 'cast' certain spells. It's intended as a hybrid of a runestaff (MIC; convert arcane spell slots / prepared into certain spells) and the Lyric spell feat (C Adv; expend '1 + spell level' daily uses of bardic music to cast a spontaneous arcane spell you know). In particular:

- Should I limit the number of times per day that each / any of the spells can be cast, regardless of available bardic music uses? (The runestaff has a 3/day each limit.)

- I'd perhaps like to reduce the number of consumed bardic music charges, in a principled way, so it can be used more often. And/or, have the item also provide extra bardic music uses. (Naturally increasing the price accordingly.) This is intended as treasure to be found in a high level campaign, so 'how powerful' I make it has some latitude; I'm not so much looking for an exact power level or price point, as trying to make it well designed, and 'priced correctly' given whatever its power level is.

Harp of Apollo: this masterwork instrument provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform (string instruments) checks made with it. A performer with available daily uses of the bardic music ability may by playing the harp duplicate the effects of certain spells, using an action of the same type as the casting time of the associated spell to make a successful Perform (string instruments) check with a DC equal to 10 + the spell level. With a successful check, the performer may then duplicate the spell by expending a number of daily uses of bardic music equal to 1 + the spell's level. The caster level of the spell is the player's total level in classes which grant or progress the bardic music class feature (in addition to any innate bardic music level, such as a Lillend's). This must be at least the minimum requires to cast the spell normally (generally once less than twice the spell level) to cast the spell at all. The spell effect has saving throw DCs (if any) are 10 + the spell level + the player's Charisma modifier. The Harp of Apollo can be used to duplicate the following spell effects: Daylight (3rd level), Searing Light (3rd level), Sunbeam (7th level), Sunburst (8th level).