View Full Version : Glibness Question

2011-02-16, 06:58 PM
Is there any way to get it without investing multiple levels into a casting class?

Should I just get a custom item that permanents it on me?

2011-02-16, 07:04 PM
There's Assassin (which I don't really consider a casting class), or lots of ranks in UMD and wands/scrolls. Nothing else jumps to mind.

2011-02-16, 07:11 PM
that requires a sizable investment of levels. I would prefer something more useful at mid levels.

2011-02-16, 07:24 PM
Buy a lot of potions.

2011-02-16, 07:37 PM
it should be wandable. if you don't need it too much, grab an eternal wand or two. one level in an arcane class is enough to use it without UMD.