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2011-02-16, 09:18 PM
Hi, i'm new here and dont have alot of experience hombrewing so i'm asking if this is atleast not as broken as some things in exalted. Also english is not my mothers tongue so expect lots of mistakes.

The Genesis of the Lotus
After having created the other exaltations Authocon started desingning an exaltation to call his own but he never finished the prototype and only had the blueprints for them when he left creation, from those blueprints would the adamant caste be born. The unfinished prototype was on the edges creation before the crusade but was lost in the depths of wyld after that and by chance Gaia hapened upon it on her quest and pittied it. She used her knowledge of her own exalts and filled in what was needed, left it to grow and gave it the direction of the Creation before she left. The crystalline seed grew and grew, then finally bloomed in to a magnificent and divine five colored lotus, it released its 50 seed towards creation. Once there the seeds took root in those who had mixed blood of the dragons in them and bloomed in to a new aspect, the Lotus-aspects as they knew themselves, with prismatic fife colored animas banners and then out of fear they were branded anathema, The Vibrant. They are inside Fate and thier exaltations are handeled by Lytec.

The Change
The Lotus aspects are a amalgam of the five normal aspects elemental affiliations and their affiliation is determined by their Legacy, what elemental blood types they have,that they have to take one dot of. They have fife aspect abilities wich they have to choose from their Legacy's elements favoureds. Due to their complex but adaptive essence cores they gain ten charms of wich fife must be of their Legacy's element and the rest can be from other elements or spirit charms(maximum of two) or upto celestial martial arts, they can learn any charms at the same prices that eclipse caste solars can(a.k.a. Celestial charms at double cost), by streching their adaptivenes to max they can learn sidereal martial arts charms as out of aspect non-native(a.k.a. 20 exp per charm) and they have no restrictions on learning any martial art charms, but to rise their essence it costs two bonus points or two multipiers more.They consider Dragon-blooded and Spirit charms native(a.k.a. Normal exp costs). Having been outside of creation and not even complete at the time they do not have the Great Curse, but they do have dissonance wich they gain from resisting unnatural mental influence and from using their anima ability. They have anima flux as dragon blooded. In any other way they are like Dragon-Blooded at character creation excluding the anathema branding.
New Background:
Legacy: Measures how many different elemental blood types are coursing in you. This background is only available to Lotus aspects, dictates their elemental affinity and their aspect abilities. Each dot of Legacy correspondes to one element.
Anima Effect:
The Lotus Aspects essence cores flexibility manifests in their anima as they can breath essence outside of creation at the cost of one dissonance per month.
Measures how out of tune your essence is. It can be vented in two ways, you can let it drip inwards causing Stigmata or you can let it burst outwards forming Warp.
2+ Dissonance: The Lotus suffers levels of unsoakable lethal damage equal to the Dissonance spent, experiencing this injury in a blatantly supernatural manner. This damage will not reduce a character below Incapacitated, though falling unconscious at the brink of death in the middle of a battle usually results in a de facto death sentence.
4 Dissonance: Some part of the exalts’s body withers
and becomes as useless as if it were amputated. This Crippling
effect lasts until the Lotus heals all lethal damage.

3 Dissonance: You cause the weather to change to a typical weather of one of your elements for (0,5*essence) days within essence*100 yards
4+ Dissonance: Your surge of elemental power creates a buble akin to a freehold of that element wich presists unless someone purposefully changes it. The area of this buble is (essence*dissonance*2)yard and forms in (10-essence) days, at essence 10 it happens in (dissonance-3) hours.

Primal Fury
2011-02-16, 10:08 PM
This sort of... deprotaganizes Dragon-Bloods by telling them "Yeah, you're pretty cool, but there's something out that's just like you, except better in every way". I understand CMA at better costs (sort of), but why Spirit charms? Those aren't as good as DB charms, so why waste XP on them?

And SMA for DBs something that's best avoided. Lunars, Alchemicals, and Infernals (who are all universally more powerful) don't get them, so DBs shouldn't either.