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2011-02-17, 04:49 AM
Running into trouble with a lycanthrope build for our next e6 campaign. We have a 25 point buy, so LA+2 makes that a 10 point buy.

That isnt so much the issue. It's more that i have no idea how to finish the build. So far i have taken black bear as the animal, as this will allow me to be in animal form in cities without too much trouble (as opposed to, say, ape) and it fit with the woodsman/hunter concept i have.

I just have no idea how to make use of the free natural weapons (likely to be low magic world) to make an effective damage dealer. I dont have large size, so grappling is out and the prereqs for warshaper keep me out of the good stuff (stat boosts, fast healing). The remaining 3 levels will probably have to be of a single class as all feat and level choices must be roleplayed in downtime.

Any help is, as always, appreciated

2011-02-17, 06:16 AM
Can you get the improved natural weapon feat from the MM? you could role play it by you sharpening your teeth/claws in your down time

Yuki Akuma
2011-02-17, 06:38 AM
If a monk can take Improved Natural Attack a werebear totally can. :smalltongue:

Also how is a black bear more socially acceptable in a city than an ape...?

2011-02-17, 06:41 AM
Itís possible. Though Iíd have to take it for each natural weapon (twice). And the increase in damage die is 1d4->1d6 and 1d6->1d8 respectively. Not a big return on the feat investment.

Iím figuring a couple of things:
1. Wolf Totem Barbarian 2/Warshaper 1 Ė increase in damage dice (not much), rage and improved trip. Trip bonus of +11 by level 6. Doesnít solve the damage issue.
a. 2 handed weapon + power attack Ė not really the way I want to fight with the whole primal fury thing, but probably the most optimal.
b. Multiattack + Martial Study + Martial Stance Ė purely to pick up punishing stance. +1d6 on 3 attacks (potentially 4 with IUS) that will be at a higher BAB (+11 when raging). Really heavy feat investment, would have to wait for things like Track and extra rage (both of which will be useful)
c. Multi attack + Power attack Ė more simple. Donít get the 2 handed bonus for power attack. On average would have to sacrifice 3 points of BAB per attack to keep up with punishing stance. Gets much better with Improved Trip and the bonus to hit prone opponents.

2. Wolf Totem Barbarian 2/Warblade 1
a. 1 level dip gets punishing stance & other maneuvers. Fluff doesnít really fit and Iím not sure if you can use martial maneuvers with natural weapons. Leaves feats free for Multiattack, IUS, Track, Extra Rage. Loses weapon size increase and immunity to critical (and sneak attack) damage from Warshaper.

Also how is a black bear more socially acceptable in a city than an ape...?

Ape is large, black bear is medium. Itís more easy to be mistaken for a large dog as a black bear. Also, bears are cool.

2011-02-17, 09:04 AM
is Incarnum an option? Totemist might be a cool way to go if you want to captilize on natural attacks. I'm sure someone else that is better at the whole Incarnum deal can help you more if you go that way.

2011-02-17, 09:34 AM
Swordsage for Tiger Claw maneuvers? I forget what level the "make an extra attack with each weapon" maneuvers are.