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2011-02-18, 12:36 AM
As title says. Whats the funniest thing thats happened to your groups, or that you've done?

Heres mine, which is STILL spoken of at my college as a legend (there's even a short graphic-novel style comic about it

The party approached a long hallway, with some doors and an intersection.

The rogue and ranger decided to sneak ahead. The rogue failed his move silently check. (there were no enemies, so this only angered the armor-clad party-members who weren't scouting).

They open one of the doors, and it's a kitchen. They begin searching the kitchen, but unknown to them, a dire weasel lies in wait.

eventually, someone opens the weasel cabinet. It's the rogue. The weasel uses his surprise round to grapple the rogue and begin sucking his blood.

Before this combat began, the monk had decided he should see what was taking so long, and snuck towards the room the ranger and rogue entered. He enters to see the weasel on the rogue and does what he thinks is the best idea. He attacks the weasel.

He misses, and deals heavy damage to the rogue.

Next, he attempts to grapple the weasel. During this time, the rogue (drained of blood) collapses and the weasel turns his attention to the monk.

The tables turn, the monk fails to maintain the grapple and the weasel takes control, then begins sucking the monk dry.

They rogue immediately throws a knife, which lodges in the monk knocking him unconscious. The weasel releases the monk and chases the ranger (who runs out the door into the hallway). The group sees the weasel and prepares their weapons as the weasel tackles the ranger to the ground. They move towards the ranger to assist him.

Suddenly, the weasel releases the ranger and runs as the group.

A single attack by the cleric wielding the hammer ends the weasel.

The next few days were spent recovering from both physical and psychological weasel-releated injuries.

To this day, dire creatures terrify the group.

2011-03-14, 11:13 AM
Not dire creatures, specificly Dire Rodents!