View Full Version : [PF] Battlefield Controller Help

2011-02-18, 10:28 AM
Starting up a Pathfinder game, we have access to all 3.5 and PF resources.
Crew so far consists of:

Born of Three Thunders Sorc
Cleric that might be doing up front damage, along with Healing

I am thinking that we need a bit of Battlefield Control. I am currently pondering a Full Witch, but I can also see some good stuff among Sorc with Dreamspun Bloodline. I want to Forego playing a Wiz.

So, does anyone have any Ideas for other ways of Battlefield Control?

2011-02-18, 10:36 AM
Well, You could play a rogue who uses wands/scrolls of entangle, grease, and other control spells. You could also use alchemical/mundane items like tanglefoot bags and caltrops, or play a combat trapsmith (Complete Scoundrel Pg. 34.) If you'll be playing in outdoor enviornments, a druid can be a viable controler. Also using giant crocodile summons and kelpstrand a druid can be handy in a control role.

Other than that... I can't think of much.:smallwink: