View Full Version : Percentile tables

2011-02-19, 03:59 PM
Because I love myself some percentile tables.

I have an odd fascination with them, really. I derive some strange joy from seeing my semi-random results off a percentile table...It's weird, but I love those things. I've probably made use of all the ones published in 3.5 books, at least the WOTC ones. I believe some Green Ronin (Oh, how I loathe you, Green Ronin) had some that I've used.

So, a couple things, playground.

First - Am I alone in this fascination? Anyone else out there such a huge fan of percentile tables? Anyone else get that sickening joy from reading over all the possible results?

Second - I need more tables. Neeeeeeeeeeeeed.
So, anyone cooked up there own tables for anything, or know of any obscure printed ones I may have missed?