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2011-02-20, 02:14 AM
running a campaign with influences from When The Sky Falls and some alien tech, and I wanted to give an Eldritch Giant a railgun but couldn't find one online. Also, my friend has a d30 and I want to see it used. so:

railgun piercing dmg: 1d30 jam% 0
critical x4 (threat range cannot be increased). double confirm for vorpal.
range 80 ft. weight 16 lb.
two handed.
a railgun uses lodestones (magnets) to fire a three-inch, 8 pound iron spike that weighs 1/2 a pound. it overcomes damage resistance up to and including +5. a double-confirmed critical is considered a headshot and instantly slays the target.
a railgun spike strikes everything in its path (a separate attack against each) and gets a -2 to attack for each 5 feet of creature it penetrates. if fired into a very big creature, a spike deals 1d30 for every 5 feet it passes through.
a railgun deals only 1d10 to undead and constructs (which do not take critical damage), though if the creature could be destroyed by a headshot a double-confirmed critical will do that.
only one spike can be fired per round. reloading is a swift (or can be taken as a longer) action.
it runs on energy cells, which you may be able to charge with electrical magic. 1 cell weighs a half pound and takes a full-round action to replace.

2011-02-21, 12:31 PM
If you can get it, there are stats for Railguns in d20 Future...

Edit: just let me see if i can find out of it's an OGC book...no, it's not, which sucks because 3rd party SciFi is usually better than the dross you usually find in the fantasy stuff...