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2011-02-20, 11:42 AM
Hey Playgrounders!

In an upcoming campaign, my wizard will have an Imp familiar. It will get commune 1/week for six questions.

What I'm looking for is some critique of/help with question trees I can put the commune to use with.

Background: My party will be acting as "Tomb Gaurdians," against adventurers, which our culture views as terrorists, infidels, invaders, etc.

What I have so far:

Question 1: Will this tomb be attacked in the next week?
If Yes, goto question 2.
If No, ??? (not sure there's any point to asking about time periods greater than 1 week, since the ability recharges every week.)

Question 2: Will this tomb ne attacked in the next 3 days?
If Yes: goto 3a, if No: goto 3b.

Question 3:
a. Will this tomb be attacked in the next day?
b. Will this tomb be attacked in the next 5 days?

After this, I'll have the date of attack estimated to "More than 1 week," Or down to a day or two. Would I be better off trying to pin the time down further, or would I be better off trying to figure out specifics about our attckers (e.g. stealth abilities, magic use, maybe power level and/or numbers)? If the latter, what abilities would be the best to ask about?

So far, or party consits of (All starting at level 10)

A War Weaver wizard,
A Cleric
A Swordsage
A battlefield control-ish wizard (my character) [Actually, a Wiz6/Human Paragon3/Mindbender1 probably going into Abjurant Champion next level.]
A Ninja/Rogue/Fighter
Might include a "Horizon Tripper (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80415)" build fighter-type (my fiance, may not be able to continue playing.)
and possibly 1 other character I'm not sure the class(es) of. (may have to quit playing due to serrious illness and other obligations:smallfrown:)

2011-02-21, 12:13 PM
Edited for new information.

How trustworthy is commune, anyway. Is it so unreliable that I shouldn't use it, even when I get it for free?

Kol Korran
2011-02-21, 12:43 PM
I like the spell commune, my cleric used it to good results, but it is fairly limited, especially with only 5 questions and no other information available. however. to answer your questions:
1) Commune is supposed to be reliable, but some DMs mess things up, especially if your answers are received from an evil source (are you guarding something important to the imp's masters?). ask your DM howhe handles this. if s/he is being a jerk, note to him that the spell is hard to use anyway.

2) i wouldn't suggest narrowing it out the the very day- circumstances may change and then the arrival may change. first two questions to get a general feeling of the time. after that, you need to learn about the enemy, and their tactics.
which is where commune is going to be tricky. a divination spells might do wonders. however, if you guys know of specific threats (specific church/ organization/ race/ person) you might ask questions befitting "is the tomb about to be attacked by Mallius or someone hired by him, or by anyone of the Soreti tribe?" if yes, you can narrow it down, and maybe even ask 1-2 questions about tactics "would preparing tactic A (traps and ranged combat) increase our odds of repelling the invaders?" "tactic B (frontal attack with massive fire based spells)" and so on.

3) if you ca, try and get a scrying device (or spell), and get as much preliminery info as you can.

2011-02-21, 06:55 PM

More info:

The party is part of a Theocratic culture that worships a tri-partate entity composed of (apspects of) Pelor and Asmodeus, and an ascended mortal-turned-demigod. [No, I don't understand the theology behind it, either.]
The entity's alignment is Lawful Evil (though perhaps mildly so,) The culture is primarily Lawful Evil to Lawful Neutral. The primary purpose/obsession of this culture is to protect the "holy sites" (i.e. ruins) of their ancestors. The imp is of course, a servant of the diety supporting this.