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2011-02-20, 09:18 PM
As it is quite obvious that I am an Anime fan, I have set upon the task of attempting to stat out Characters that I particularly enjoy. First, and still in the process of, was Armstrong, but now I turn my attention to Edward Elric. While I view him as a type of rogue, maybe cross classed with Sorcerer or some type of Psion, I haven't decided yet, my first quandary is how to replicate his Automail. Granted, it's mostly fluff, but D&D and Pathfinder are all about Mechanics as well.

I've found 3rd party sources, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to be exact, that give rules as to how prosthetics work, but I was wondering if there was anything Core, Pathfinder or 3.5, that supported the idea.

2011-02-20, 09:19 PM
Have you considered grafts? You could add a new type, warforge/construct.

2011-02-20, 09:21 PM
Warforged and Construct grafts already exist, actually. You can find the Warforged ones in the Faiths of Eberron. I don't remember where to find the Construct grafts.

Edit: Corrected book name.

Admiral Squish
2011-02-20, 10:03 PM
I can't remember exactly, but Renegade Mastermaker from MoE is all about slowly turning yourself into a warforged, and I think it progresses casting. Perhaps Ed stops halfway through?

Claudius Maximus
2011-02-20, 10:28 PM
There's a mithril robot arm called the Arm of Nyr or somesuch in Defenders of the Faith.

Pretty nice item. Doesn't cover the leg though.

2011-02-20, 10:35 PM
Okay, I have returned with more specific information! From Faiths of Eberron comes:

Adamantine Skin. Gives you AC, DR 2/-, and Light Fortification. Replaces your skin.
Heart of Steel. Gain immunity to disease, poison, and paralysis. Halves effectiveness of Conjuration (healing) spells and abilities. Gives you mechanical organs.
Heavy Legs. You take no penalty from fatigue, and treat Exhausted as Fatigued instead. -2 on Swim Checks. Replaces your legs with giant metal and wood ones.
Mighty Arms. Gain a slam attack appropriate for a construct of your size. Replaces your arms with giant metal and wood ones.
Wakeful Mind. Gain immunity to sleep and stunning. No longer need to sleep. -2 on Knowledge checks. You now have part of a warforged's brain in your own.

2011-02-21, 08:28 AM
Liber Mechanika from the Iron Kingdoms Setting has mechanikal limbs in it.

They are quite adaptive to what you would like your limb to be capable of.

Its available on PDF

2011-02-21, 08:32 AM
Their is a special FMA Alchemist Class over at the Wizard Boards... I think it covers Automail.

2011-02-21, 11:41 AM
Renegade Mastermaker seems like your best bet for Ed.

Also: http://dsp-d20-srd.wikidot.com/amalgamist

2011-02-21, 03:54 PM
hmm...I'll have to check out Liber Mechanika and Defenders of the Faith, just might take me a bit...

Renegade Mastermaker is in Magic of Eberron?

Admiral Squish
2011-02-21, 04:08 PM
Renegade Mastermaker is in Magic of Eberron?

Yes, yes it is. Page 81.