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2011-02-20, 09:19 PM
For scientific purposes, I have become interested in everybody's Top 20 feats/class features in 3.X. To start it off, I shall write my own list, in no particular order:

Overchannel [Feat, XPH]
Island in Time [Class Feature, ToB, Eternal Blade]
Alacritous Cogitation [Feat, CM]
Knockback [Feat, RoS]
Perpetual Options [Class Feature, Web, Swiftblade]

One Thousand Cuts [Class Feature, CW, Dervish]
Ki Damage [Class Feature, S&F, Weapon Master]
Drink Like A Demon [Class Feature, CW, Drunken Master]
Stormguard warrior [Feat, ToB]
Mindsight [Feat, LoM]

Improved Familiar [Feat, DMG]
Adaptive Style [Feat, ToB]
Sculpt Spell [Feat, CArc]
Extraordinary Spell Aim [Feat, CAdv]
Born of Three Thunders [Feat, CArc]

Explosive Spell [Feat, CArc]
Clarion Commander [Feat, ToB]
Loyal Beyond Death [Class Feature, PHBII, Knight]
Soulbound Weapon [Alternative Class Feature, Web, Psychic Warrior]
Linked Power [Feat, CPsi]

Note, not really thinking of power here; just which ones you like. You may give rationale, and you may opt not to.

2011-02-20, 09:39 PM
Here goes, in no particular order. I'm going to throw a couple things in that aren't feats or class features, because they are just THAT cool. Note: sometimes the reason I think they're cool is BECAUSE of their power. Some have just great flavor.

Improved Natural Attack [Feat, staple of monks everywhere]
Kusarigama [weapon. Can you think of one that's cooler or more versatile?]
Undead Mastery [Dread Necromancer class feature. Makes you an UBER Animate Dead user]
Drunken Master [prestige class. All of its features. Some are unnecessary, (Imp. Grapple and Feint) but it's all cool flavor-wise, and some of it is pretty kickass mechanically]
Stagger [Drunken master class feature. This one is both cool AND incredibly useful, thus it stands apart.]
Spell Power [Red Wizard class feature. Nothing else need be said]
Sculpt Spell [Feat. SO much versatility, and for only +1 spell level]
Acrobatics [Ninja spy class feature. One of the most "ninja" class features in 3.5]
Weak Spot [Master Thrower class feature. The level a thrower build gets this, it quadruples in effectiveness.]
Ghost Step [Ninja class ability. Swift invisibility that doesn't break on attacking!]
Sneak attack
Shadow Jump [Shadowdancer/Telflammar Shadowlord class feature. It turns you into Nightcrawler. Win.]
Shadow Pounce [Telflammar Shadowlord class feature. See above.]
Up the Walls [Feat. Running on walls is just cool. Srsly.]
Morphic [I](X) [Warshaper class features. I really can't pinpoint one as the coolest/best. For changeling/hengeyokai monks, this class is WIN.]
Vow of Poverty [Feat. "My piety makes me inherently better than you in every way."]
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Repeating Heavy Crossbow [Feat. Because who doesn't want a medieval semi-auto sniper rifle?]
Ninja Dodge [Rokugan Ninja class feature. Cheesy or not, this 1-level dip makes so many builds so much easier.]
[B]Devastating Grapple [Reaping Mauler class feature. You grapple somebody to death. That's just cool.]

2011-02-20, 09:45 PM
In no order

1.Animal companion
5.Power attack
6.Utterances(I love the flavor)
7.Natural Attacks
8.Monsters as PCs(should count as a class!)
9.Natural armor
10.Frenzy(Frenzied Berserker)

I'm to lazy for the other 10

2011-02-21, 01:44 AM
Numbers are irrelevant, just trying to make sure I don't go over limit.

1: Test of Mettle (Knight 4, PHB2) - Because aggro is cool.
2: Loyal Beyond Death (Knight 20, PHB2) - That joke thread had a point. Being able to say 'no' to dying is awesome.
3: Shadow Illusion (Shadowcraft Mage 3, RoS) - My illusions are pretty much as real as reality itself.
4: Earth Spell (Feat, RoS) - My spells are more powerful than they have any right to be.
5: Versatile Spell (Feat, RoTD) - I don't run out of high level spells. Ever.
6: Divine Defiance (Feat, FCII) - Prepare Dispel Magic and go to town.
7: One Thousand Cuts (Dervish 10, CW) - HOW many attacks did you just get?!
8: Martial Arcanist (Abjurant Champion 5, CM) - Wait, I thought you cast as a level 8 sorcerer, where did you get a caster level of 16?
9: Practiced Spellcaster (Feat, CArc) - See above.
10/11: Arcane Thesis (Feat, PHBII), Practical Metamagic (Feat, RoTD) - Someone who is an 8th level sorcerer should not be able to persist things, and yet...
12: Persistant Spell (Feat, CArc) - Buffing is fun.
13: Cloaked Casting (Overcome SR) (Beguiler 20, PHB2) - Spell Resistance? What spell resistance?
14: Whip-Dagger (Weapon, CAdv (I think)) - A whip that deals 1d6 lethal damage. What's not to like?
15: Arcane Channeling (Duskblade 3, PHB2) - Touch spells that also deal greatsword damage. Fun times.
16: Healing Blast (Eldritch Disciple Gift of the Divine Patron, CM) - Heal your friends at range for the cost of one Turn Undead.
17: Inspire Courage (Bard 1, PHB) - Singing just became awesome.
18: Tongue of the Sun and Moon (Monk 17, PHB) - Yeah, the class sucks. Having, more or less, extraordinary permanent speak with animals/plants up and the Polyglot epic feat is pretty awesome.
19: Improved Wild Shape (Master of Many Forms, CAdv) - I turn into a fey. I turn into a giant. I turn into a dragon.
20: Battle Blessing (Feat, Complete Champion) - Your paladin spells are swift action casting. Quickened everything!

ex cathedra
2011-02-21, 02:01 AM
Abrupt Jaunt Wizard [Alternate Class Feature, Player's Handbook II]
Lion Totem Barbarian [Alternate Class Feature, Complete Champion]
Wild Shape Ranger [Alternate Class Feature, Unearthed Arcana]
Dominant Ideal Ardent [Alternate Class Feature, Online (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070629a)]

Craven [Feat, Champions of Ruin]
Sword of the Arcane Order [Feat, Champions of Valor]
Arcane Disciple [Feat, Complete Divine]
Dragonfire Inspiration [Feat, Dragon Magic]
Imperious Command [Feat, Drow of the Underdark]
Mindsight [Feat, Lords of Madness]
Insidious Magic [Feat, Player's Guide to Faerun]
Extend Spell/Power [Feat, SRD]
Overchannel [Feat, SRD]
Psicrystal Affinity [Feat, SRD]

Abjurant Armor [Class Feature, Complete Mage, Abjurant Champion]
Morphic Weapons [Class Feature, Complete Warrior, Warshaper]
Inspiration [Class Feature, Dungeonscape, Factotum]
Spelldance [Class Feature, Magic of Faerun, Spelldancer]
Divine Impetus [Class Feature, Tome of Battle, Ruby Knight Vindicator]
Vestige Metamagic [Class Feature, Tome of Magic, Anima Mage]
Shadow Pounce/Orien's Fury [Class Feature, Unapproachable East, Teflammar Shadow Lord/Shining South, Crinti Shadow Marauder/Dragonmarked, Blade of Orien]

Yes, that's 21. But, I got to a point where I couldn't leave anything out, and I didn't even open the majority of the 3.x books.

I excluded Maneuvers, Spellcasting, Psionics, etc. on purpose. They're too broad to really tell you anything and all they do is inflate the size of my already overburdened list. I also forgot to include Wild Cohort (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/re/20031118a). Oops.

2011-02-21, 02:50 AM
Does spellcasting count? Maneuvers? Invocations? Soul Binding? I went to 24 just in case they don't.

If so:

Spellcasting (Class Feature)
Animal Companion (Class Feature)
Maneuvers (Class Feature)
Call Familiar/Obtain Familiar (class feature, or feat the simulates it)
Improved Familiar (DMG, Feat)
Familiar Companion
Eldritch Blast (Class Feature, Warlock)
Companion Spellbond (Feat, PHB II)
Enspell Familiar (Feat, Dragon Magazine Compendium)
Breath Weapon (Class Feature, Dragonfire Adept)
Mettle (Class Feature)
Obtain Psicrystal (Feat, XPH)
Dragon Familiar (Feat, Draconomicon)
Extra Familiar (Feat, Dragon Magazine)
Charnel Touch (Class Feature, Dread Necromancer)
Rapid Summoning (Conjurer alternate class feature, UA)
Arcane Channeling (duskblade class feature)
Minor Aura (Marshal Class Feature)
Monk Unarmed Strike
Con to AC (various class features)
Soulbinding (Binder)
Invocations (Class Feature, Warlock/DFA)
Pounce (Class Feature, Lion Spirit Totem)
Improved Natural Weapon (feat)

tl;dr: I like pets.

2011-02-21, 11:14 AM
Replying, as demanded, oh your lordship :smalltongue:

1. Spontaneous Casting [class feature, Sorcerer, PHB]
2. Shadow Illusion [class feature, Shadowcraft Mage, RoS]
3. Spontaneous Divination [feat, CC]
4. Skill Mastery [class feature, Exemplar, CAdv]
5. Inspiration [class feature, Factotum, Dungeonscape]
6. Metamagic Spell Trigger [class feature, Artificer, EBCS]
7. Martial Maneuvers [class feature, ToB]
8. Mettle [class feature, CW]
9. Power Attack [feat, PHB]
10. Improved Trip [feat, PHB]
11. Improved Toughness [feat]
12. Wild Cohort [feat, web]
13. Martial Study [feat, ToB]
14. Stormguard Warrior [feat, ToB]
15. Mindsight [feat, LoM]
16. Extend Spell [feat, PHB]
17. Manyshot [feat, PHB]
18. Maximize Spell [feat, PHB]
19. Dimension Door [racial feature, Blink Dog, MM]
20. Psionics

Not neccesarily in that particular order after the first 5.

Doc Roc
2011-02-21, 10:36 PM
1: Planar Bubble
2: The Whole Jaunter Class
3: Shadow Pounce
4: Able Learner
5: Burrowing Power
6: Assume Supernatural Ability
7: Enhance(d) Wildshape [SpC]
8: Stormguard Warrior
9: White Raven Tactics
10: Sanctum\Earth Spell
11: Frenzy, for hilarity's sake
12: Divine Impetus
13: The whole Recaster PrC
14: Power Points
15: Overchannel
16: Dragonfire Inspiration
17: Spellguard of Silverymoon's spell transfer
18: Acorn of Far Travels
19: Body Leech's consumptive powers
20: Lightning Leap

To my horror, this was after 5 months away, without opening any books.

2011-02-21, 10:44 PM
My favorites? It's a very short list.

1. Cerebrosis feat chain (feats)
2. Cerebrotic spells (class feature)
3. Alienist (PrC)
4. Half-Farspawn (template)
5. Summon Monster (spell chain)

That's pretty much all. I play the game so that I can be the one who brings the Lovecraftian horrors into the world.
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! IA! IA! Cthulhu fhtagn!

2011-02-21, 11:03 PM
I don't know if there are 20 here. No particular order.

Dispelling Strike. Suel Arcanamach's get to hit you and dispell your buffs Classy.
Acrobatic Charge. It's more useful than it seems at first glance. I try to get this or something similar on all my chargers.
Scorn Earth, from the Elocater prestige class. This is very useful, very flavorful and helps chargers a lot as well. Goodbye, difficult terrain!
Sneak Attack. I just plain like the extra precision damage.
Brains Over Brawn. I really like this Factotum ability, though I find it a tad too powerful.
Step Up. It's from Pathfinder, starts a feat tree that allows you to follow people that 5-foot-step away from you.
Lightning Leap. Awesome spell.
Dimension Hop. The best target there is for Hidden Talent. Almost all my characters go for this now.
Armored Ease, from Dread Commando. Champion Corellon has a better version. I really like the idea of tumbling around in full-plate. Reminds me of the Cavaleiros do Corvo from one of my favorite fantasy novels (O Inimigo do Mundo, for those that read portuguese).
Favored Enemy. It's the power of hate!
Eldritch Blast. I really like this, both for the flavor and for it's uses. At will blasting is awesome.
Eldritch Claws. Take that eldritch blast. It's now a punch. It's awesome. You can even hear the chichichichichi sound as you charge towards your target.
Hide in Plain Sight. This is just so awesome. Go Batman on them.
Mage Slayer. Hello, mr. caster. I've got a big blade and she wants to talk to you.
Sun School, because it's a minor shadow pounce for monks melee warlocks
Cobalt Expertise. I love this defensive feat.
Deadly Defense. It's not that awesome a feat, but I really like it.
Einhander. Fighting with just one weapon is really cool.
Mindblade. I like the concept enough to play the gimped WotC Soulknife.

2011-02-21, 11:40 PM
Spontaneous healing for clerics
Domain spell slots
Druid Wildshape
Fighters getting bonus feats
Sorcerer spontaneous casting
Power Attack
Divine Metamagic
Book of Nine Swords
3.5 Psionics System
Prestige Class concept of easier multiclassing/specialization
Using a shield

2011-02-22, 12:04 AM
No particular order, just what amuses me and give me fond memories.

Blessed of Tem-Et-Nu [Feat, SSt]: Someone was either drunk or on something but it's one of the most hilarious feats in the game and I love it!
Eagle's Fury [Feat, SSt]: One of my favorite exotic weapons, the Eagle Claw, and it has a feat so you can flurry with them.
Soulmelds [Class Feature, MoI]: Soul power never looked so good!
Soulbinding [Class Feature, ToM]: More souls to help me kick ass and take names!
Morphic Cadence [Class Feature, ToM]: Truenamers may suck but Acolytes of the Ego say to the world how awesome they are and the world believes them!
Word of the Strike Unstoppable [Class Feature, ToM]: How do you pierce DR/Epic pre-epic?
Serenity [Feat, DC]: It makes your Paladins better. What more can you ask?
Ability Enhancer [Feat, DC]: I don't need no stinkin' Belt of Magnificence! I have Chasing Perfection and Ability Enhancer! +6 to all stats, no 200k price tag!
Trapkiller [Alternate Class Feature, DS]: You never had a barbarian with an adamantine greatsword called Lockpick?
One-Two Punch [Class Feature, FB]: I like flurry abilities, what can I say?
Warmount [Class Feature, FB]: You haven't wanted to ride a Warmoose across the countryside?
Regression [Class Feature, FB]: Crush little smart man with stick!
Multitasking [Feat, SSp]: I got more actions than you! :smallbiggrin:
Detach [Feat, SSp]: You ever got so mad that you ripped your head off and threw it at your enemy?
Fling Ally [Feat, RoS]: Gnomes are aerodynamic, right?
Rune Magic [Class Feature, RoS]: No one expects the dwarf in plate to Cloudkill or Great Thunderclap till its too late.
Reckless Rage [Feat, RoS]: You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Arcane Resistance [Class Feature, CW]: What spell?
Master of the Unseen Hand [PrC, CW]: I kick ass with my mind!
Rage [Class Feature, PHB]: GRAAAAAAAHHHHH!
20 items is too short :smallfrown:

2011-02-22, 12:50 AM
oooh, my favorites? never had to think about this before, let's see...

1. Craft Wonderous Item [Feat, Phb]: I love having this feat, but only really use it when playing an Artificer.

2. Retain Essence [Class Feature, ECS]: This allows for Artificer shenanigans that I'm generally allowed to use :smallredface:

3. Eldritch Blast [Class Feature, CArc]: It's a Hadouken, what's not to like? :smalltongue:

4. Animal Companion [Class Feature, Phb]: PUPPY! :smallbiggrin:

5. Familiar Companion [Class Feature, RotW]: SMART PUPPY! :smallbiggrin:

6. Quicken Spell [Feat, Phb]: Do I need to explain?

7. Twin Spell [Feat, CArc]: Double the whatever, it's fun for barraging the enemy

8. Knowledge Devotion [Feat, CChamp]: Knowledge is power!

9. Arcane Channeling [Class Feature, Phb2]: Always fun to smack someone with that Shocking Grasp :smallbiggrin:

10: Channel Spell [Class Feature, CWar/CChamp]: Same as above, only with a fireball instead :smallbiggrin:

11. Morphic Weapon [Class Feature, CWar]: Suddenly, natural weapons

12. Morphic Body [Class Feature, CWar]: free stat increase? deal

13. Morphic Reach [Class Feature, CWar]: He's not out of melee range :smallamused:

14. Morphic Immunities [Class Feature, CWar]: Free protection from criticals? Who can object to that?

15. Wildshape [Class Feature, Phb]: Your BBEG will suddenly fear bears

16. Improved Evasion [Class Feature, Phb]: That was a close one

17. Hide in Plain Sight [Class Feature, Phb]: Now you see me, now you don't

18. Improved Uncanny Dodge [Class Feature, Phb]: No tricking me for you

19. Armored Mage [Class Feature, Multiple Sources]: Who said the wizard was squishy :smallamused:

20. Rage [Class Feature, Phb]: Who doesn't like to go berserk?

2011-02-22, 12:54 AM

Felt this was relevant...

2011-02-22, 02:12 AM
Aptitude Focus [Chameleon/RoD; Change your MAIN class features every day. It's like you can build a new character to fit the current situation. Maybe I have character ADD, but I always like having a fresh new character all the time. You'd have to be bored of the whole game, every part of it, to find a Chameleon boring.]
Gladiator Mask [Master of Masks/CSc; versatile, efficient, and very very fun use of weaponry is now in play, whereas before this characters had to slam their head in a door (and pay for the pleasure) to get any weapon variety at all.]
Invocations [Warlock/CArc; Besides just being cool and very easy to use, I think this was an important step in WotC understanding the approximate value of damage and spells stripped from their obfuscating old-style spellcasting that they were still fixated upon until here.]
Sculpt Spell [Feat/CArc; This is just really fun to use and its primary effect on gameplay is to let spellcasters work around the party instead of the party work around the spellcasters.]
Martial Maneuvers [Crusader|Swordsage|Warblade/ToB; These replicate necessary melee feats, which cost too much and limited a person's capabilities to a stupidly narrow focus until ToB was released. Yes, it is reasonable that a warrior can still actually do more than one thing even if he's trained hardest for one thing.]
Bind Vestige [Binder/ToM; This may not be the name (I'm AFB), but I really like unique mechanics and character flexibility. I really enjoy putting characters together, so when classes let me rebuild them into entirely new things every day I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.]
Knowledge Devotion [Feat/CC; Yes! Direct Knowledge->power effect, lots of flavour potential, and a boner for scholarly ass-kickers make me love this feat.]
Iaijutsu Focus [Skill/OA; One thing I don't like about melee is that certain kinds of attacks are very tied to classes - classes that often don't fit the type of warrior in mind. Iaijutsu Focus is martial skill divested from class.]
Power Attack [Feat/PH; This one, simple feat lets a raging Barbarian remain an important and significant contributer in a party with full casters, ToB characters and most other things that start obviating the other 'basic' core melee types - and it fills an irreplacable fluff niche.]
Dungeon Crasher [Fighter/Dungeonscape; Deal silly amounts of damage for performing tactical maneuvres in combat. I just like having intelligent options for melee instead of just assuming that they are abstractly part of your attack rolls or something.]
Unique Powers Per Day [Erudite/CP; I really enjoy flexibile options, and have a fondness for the scholarly types that Psionics under-represents in its assortment of characters. This is a cool, unique mechanic that I feel should have also seen usage outside of Psionics.]
Mind Blade [Soulknife/EPH; The Soulknife implementation may be a disaster, but flavour-wise this entry encompasses Call Weaponry-focused Psywars, Eldritch Glaive Warlocks and Brilliant Energy weapons too. Just plain cool!]
Temporal Strike [Zerth Cenobite/CP; YES, I'M SERIOUS. THE MONK PUNCHES YOU THROUGH TIME. Now sit in the corner for the rest of the battle.]
Inspiration [Factotum/Dungeonscape; Versatility, versatility, versatility! Versatility is quite strongly proportionate to fun - being useless in ANY situation is unfun. Plus, there aren't enough things in 3.5 that have your Intelligence directly affecting your performance at nonmagical tasks, which made very important archetypes nearly nonexistent in the games!]
Imperious Command [Feat/DotU; I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how badass I am.]
Reserve Feats [Feats/CM; This really helps a lot for casters who want to do something every round without worrying about how many more encounters occur before they rest. This is an example of Wizards giving casters neat toys without causing the universe to trip over its shoelaces.]
Shape Mind Blade (Unarmed Strike) [Feat/Dragon 341; This is a complete rules disaster that allows some fun tricks and is really cool flavour-wise.]
Knockback [Feat/RoS; I don't like that this is large-only, but I really like the idea of hitting someone with a weapon and forcing them back. There are other ways, but there are surprisingly few direct ways to simply knock people around with one's attacks. Battlefield control should be something that happens with weapons as well as spells.]
Skirmish [Scout/CAdv; I love the idea of tactical movement providing combat benefits that are otherwise hard to emulate due to things like omnidirectional sight/reach and full-attack-dependence. It's too little and too late, but I like the concept and it's somewhat workable.]
Bardic Music [Bard/PH; I hate the 'singing idiot in battle' thing, but nothing helps a party like classic support abilities. This is a niche that any player can pick up, be useful with, and never worry about outshining weak classes without giving up any power for it.]

2011-02-22, 01:47 PM
Quite interesting. One thing though, doesn't concern any who have already posted (unless you want to change things up of course), but let's leave super-generic categories like "spellcasting", "psionics", "maneuvers" and company out and stick to the individual class features.

The line is a bit blurry ("Is Chameleon's Aptitude Focus a generic category or a specific ability?") but I trust everyone to judge that themselves. And like, it's no prob if someone does want to list spells or whatever in there; just a bit off-the-target for the purpose of this thread :smallwink:

2011-02-22, 02:09 PM
Quite interesting. One thing though, doesn't concern any who have already posted (unless you want to change things up of course), but let's leave super-generic categories like "spellcasting", "psionics", "maneuvers" and company out and stick to the individual class features.

The line is a bit blurry ("Is Chameleon's Aptitude Focus a generic category or a specific ability?") but I trust everyone to judge that themselves. And like, it's no prob if someone does want to list spells or whatever in there; just a bit off-the-target for the purpose of this thread :smallwink:

I wasn't sure whether they were off-target or not, hence I listed my top 24 so that you could edit out the spells, etc. Mind if I ask what the purpose of this is?

Doc Roc
2011-02-22, 02:13 PM
I wasn't sure whether they were off-target or not, hence I listed my top 24 so that you could edit out the spells, etc. Mind if I ask what the purpose of this is?

When you seek to design anew, you first learn of designs well-loved.
When you seek to recreate, you first seek to understand.
When you seek to build, you first find the best lumber.
Knowledge untempered by experience is no knowledge.

2011-02-22, 02:13 PM
Just by accident my favorites are also the most powerful ones.

1. Meldshaping [class feature, MoI]
2. Hellfire blast [class feature, Fiendish Codex II]
3. Lich transformation [class feature, Heroes of horror]
4. Invocations [class feature, CA]
5. Spellcasting/psionics [class feature, various]
6. Eldritch blast [class feature, CA]
7. Tashalatora [feat, Secrets of Sarlona]
8. Dragonwrought [feat, RotD]
9. Soul binding [class feature, ToM]
10. Hide in plain sight [class feature, various]
11. Sight of the eyeless [or other class features that grants blindsight, MoI]
12. Darkstalker [feat, LoM]
13. Shape soulmeld [feat, MoI]
14. Sustaining shadows [class feature, ToM]
15. Vestige metamagic [class feature, ToM]
16. Mindblade [class feature, EPH]
17. AC bonus [class feature, various]
18. Morphic immunities [class feature, CW]
19. Morphic healing [class feature, CW]
20. Epic essentia [feat, MoI]

2011-02-22, 02:54 PM
Quite interesting. One thing though, doesn't concern any who have already posted (unless you want to change things up of course), but let's leave super-generic categories like "spellcasting", "psionics", "maneuvers" and company out and stick to the individual class features.

The line is a bit blurry ("Is Chameleon's Aptitude Focus a generic category or a specific ability?") but I trust everyone to judge that themselves. And like, it's no prob if someone does want to list spells or whatever in there; just a bit off-the-target for the purpose of this thread :smallwink:

I like the mechanic or concept itself; my listing it here (and things like it) does not actually come down to me rating all of its options as well - it's just the mechanic and the idea behind it that I talk about. If I were a big fan of vancian spellcasting for instance and listed "prepared spellcasting", I would be talking about the spell slot system and not any of its spells.

When I list Martial Maneuvers I do mention the maneuvers in general, but what I'm really talking about is the idea behind its inception - a system where smaller feat-like abilities come together to replace feats as the driving force behind a melee character.

2011-02-22, 03:30 PM
This probably won't be my actual favorite 20; just the ones that happen to come to mind today.

Cunning Knowledge [Factotum feature]
Tashalatora [Secrets of Sarlona feat]
Entangling Exhalation [Races of the Dragon feat]
Stance Mastery [Warblade feature]
Melodic Casting [Complete Mage feat]
Rapid Metamagic [Complete Mage feat]
Fell Drain [Libris Mortis feat]
Sculpt Spell [Complete Arcane feat]
Bulwark of Defense [Knight feature]
Shapeshift [Druid variant feature, PHB2]
True Believer [Magic Item Compendium feat]
Battle Blessing [Complete Champion feat]
Staggering Strike [Complete Adventurer feat]
Travel Devotion [Complete Champion feat]
Wild Cohort [online feat]
Psycarnum Infusion [Magic of Incarnum feat]
"Floating" Bonus feat [Chameleon feature]
Blessed of Tem-Et-Nu [Sandstorm feat] :smallbiggrin:
Linked Power [Complete Psionic feat]
Scorn Earth [Elocator feature]

2011-02-22, 03:36 PM
Not much really, specifically.

1. Its just there's so much variety that I like that.

Alas, if only it was more quality over quantity.

2011-02-22, 08:31 PM
Daunting Presence (Feat - Libris Mortis)
Fell Drain (Feat - Libris Mortis)
Life Sense (Monstrous Feat - Libris Mortis)
Ocular Spell (Metamagic Feat - Lords of Magic)
Dread Necromancer. Just... Dread Necromancer
Devoted Spirit maneuvers
Snowflake Wardance (Feat - Frostburn)

2011-02-22, 08:32 PM
Daunting Presence (Feat - Libris Mortis)
Fell Drain (Feat - Libris Mortis)
Life Sense (Monstrous Feat - Libris Mortis)
Ocular Spell (Metamagic Feat - Lords of Magic)
Dread Necromancer. Just... Dread Necromancer
Devoted Spirit maneuvers
Snowflake Wardance (Feat - Frostburn)

Never noticed how much you liked necromancers, Amph.

2011-02-22, 09:01 PM
I like the other lists here, but I have to add the cunning surge level 8 class feature of the factotum.

2011-02-22, 09:04 PM
Never noticed how much you liked necromancers, Amph.
Debuffing gishes are my favorite 3.5 archetype. They can battlefield control or help the party without appearing to be a 1-man party, by softening up the other guys for your beatsticks to kill. :smallcool: