View Full Version : character for Maya steampunk game

2011-02-21, 12:06 AM
I'm in a campaign that's set in central america in a setting described by the DM as "maya steampunk" and has the tone of dreamworks' "road to el dorado" and "talespin" it'll be lighthearted and fun.

the DM's said that the campaign won't be incredibly difficult and that we'll have a rival party that's recurring foes that we're not supposed to kill while we compete to raid tombs and look for stuff for our benefactor.

so I was thinking I would use a beguiler in this campaign. we'll be playing monsters and the DM said I can play as an aranea. since this is just about the only setting I can think of the class won't grossly out of place, I wanted to take rainbow servant.

the build I have in mind is:

beguiler 4/ rainbow servant 1/ mindbender 1/ rainbow servant 9/ xx 5

I'm thinking versatile spellcaster and nymph's kiss thus far. (campaign starts at lvl 4) I have 2 more feat slots to play around with for the moment. what should I look at getting for now and in the future? what should I do with the remaining 5 levels?