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2011-02-21, 05:06 PM
Okay as an intro. I've created a new vestige for a campaign that will start in a month or 2 and I'm going to use the book "elder evils" in there are great elder evils such as kyuss the worm that walks.

The name can be changed accordingly but I want to bring in a new vestige without my players automatically recognizing this vestige is actually the elder evil (They find out later in the campaign that there actually IS an apocalypse coming caused by him, man I hope they don't read this forum :) )

I haven't finished on the Legend part yet but wanted to ask people to have a look at the vestige and tell me if it's properly balanced and "new" enough to become a vestige in it's own right. Please let me know :)

Kai-uhs, The Wormgod

Kai-uhs was a demigod concerned with the creation and mastery of the Undead. Known as the Bonemaster, the Wormgod, and the Herald of the Age of Worms, his symbol is a skull erupting with writhing green worms.

Vestige Level: 5th
Binding DC: 25
Special Requirement: Yes

Special Requirement: You must draw Kai-uhs’s seal upon earth, in addition you need to place a skull in the middle of the seal.

Manifestation: The skull placed in the seal will slowly rise and from inside the skull small green glowing worms start crawling all over the skull. Slowly more and more small worms appear and slowly the skull is not visible anymore but only the shape covered with green glowing worms. Whenever Kai-uhs speaks the worms crawl faster depending on the volume of kai-uhs’s voice.

Sign: When bound to Kai-uhs small green glowing worms crawl over your body, the worms are about 5mm thick and about 3 cm long. They Crawl from hiding place to hiding place (for example hair or clothing that you wear). When in the dark you shed dim green light in a 5 feet radius. When you find yourself in the dark without an other light source within 30 feet of you. Enemies will target you as they see you as an easy target because you stand out.

Influence: Under Kai-uhs influence you talk very positive about undead and will not allow other players to attack any undead unless they attack first. Whenever you come across intelligent undead you have to try and start a conversation with them, it does not matter if it fails or succeeds but you need to try.

Granted Abilities: Kai-uhs grants abilities that allow you to move through this world in hiding and to use the vermin that he has used for destroying all that are made from flesh.

Centipede Summons: This ability works as the spell “summon monster” (effective caster level equals Binder level) except that you can only summon a monstrous centipede. The size of the monstrous centipede depends on you binder level as can be seen in the table below. After the duration is over or the centipede dies you cannot use this ability for 5 rounds.

Effective binder || Monstrous Centipede
level: || Size
1st – 8th || Large
9th – 13th || Huge
14th – 17th || Gargantuan
18th – 20th || Colossal

Undead to the fallen: You gain some of the power of the mastery on undead. You can plant a seed of negative energy to rise any fallen creature as an undead 1 round after it died. This effect functions as the spell "greater seed of undead" (Complete Mage) with the following differences; The undead created are skeletons and not zombies. The radius of the spell is always centered on yourself. The radius of the spell is 5 feet/2 binder levels rounded down. When a creature affected by this ability dies tiny green worms start eating away all the flesh leaving only the bones. The skeletons will be automatically under your control but you will lose control as soon as your pact with Kai-uhs ends. (even if you bind to kai-ush as soon as the pact ends you will still lose control). Because this counts as a supernatural ability you do not have to provide the material costs. When you have used this ability you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Nondetection: You are constantly under the effect of the nondetection spell (caster level equals binder level).

Worm infestation: You can make a standard melee attack to infest your opponent with worms. A creature struck by this attack must succeed on a Reflex save or become covered in ravenous worms. On your turn for every turn thereafter, the target takes 1d6/2 binder levels of slashing damage as the worms consume the targets flesh and burrow into its organs. The worms remain for 1 round/3 binder levels or until destroyed or removed. A target can use a full-round action to attempt to remove the worms. Escaping requires a reflex save. Rolling on the ground provides a +4 circumstance bonus on the save. Dealing at least 15 points of fire damage destroys the worms but the target takes the same amount of damage. Conjuration (teleportation) spells or spell-like abilities can also extricate the target from the worms. Contructs, Elementals, Oozes and creatures with the incorporeal subtype are immune to this effect.

2011-02-21, 11:11 PM
Elder Evils and world-wrenching aberrations make such good vestiges :).

First, if I may make a few suggestions.

#1 Go with Summon Swarm instead of Summon Monster; having many tiny worms / centipedes is much cooler than one or two big ones. If you REALLY want to get flavorful and fun, base the ability off of this spell (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/v/vomit-swarm) and just convert it to centipedes instead of spiders.

#2 Undeath to the Fallen looks kind of out of place with this vestige, but that's just my opinion.

#3 The worm touch attack is awesome.

#4 Typically the signs aren't strong enough to have any real, mechanical advantage (such as shedding light). You might want to put your sign more in line.

2011-02-22, 02:19 AM
Hi Golden-Esque

Thank you very much for your response :). Let me see here.

I like the idea of having a swarm, but I also want the abilities to not become useless at later levels (which is the thing I like about binders). So, 1 swarm is good for mid-levels but having for example 2 swarms will still not really work with bigger creatures against you and people won't use it I think.... On the other hand I could simply make it into 3 versions and that would be fine.

Let me work on that :).

Undead to the fallen: Ah Understand why you think it's out of place, I didn't finish the legend part yet. In short: The worms are the sign of kyuss, but he was once a demigod concerned with the creation and mastery of the Undead. And more importantly one of the first to do so. Undead existed before but creating them was still in experimental phase. That's why I like the seed of undead. It does create undead but in a more, old-fashioned way.

worm touch attack: Thank you :).

The signs: Well, I figured a 5 feet radius light and additional 5 feet illumination is not really an advantage, also it can also be a disadvantage, in a dark cave having a bad pact you kinda stand out in the crowd. I've checked the other sign which are indeed neutral but mostly disadvantage. I think I will change it to 5 feet illumination and if your standing in the dark without another light source within 30 feet you will be first target because you stand out.