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2011-02-21, 10:21 PM
I just had an interesting session where we ended up fighting each other more than any of the enemies, and thought I'd share.

We had a warlock (me), a druid, and two rangers (one melee, one ranged), all are level 2 except the R ranger who is 1.

So, we go on a bounty hunting mission to find a barbarian. We find a cave covered in overgrowth that we think he's in, spend 20 minutes planning what to do, and eventually just give up and send in the druid's wolf animal companion to get his attention and then run out. He does it, and nothing happens. We clear the plants away and go in, and the barbarian is in the cave, asleep. I detect magic and see a magical aura, but it didn't do anything to the wolf, so we go ahead. M ranger goes to coup de grace him, but when he gets to the bed he get's Lesser Geased into something along the lines of "kill your best friend", which is me. Other party members threaten him, so he doesn't attack for now.

The wolf and R ranger go up and attack the barbarian, wolf get's hit by some unknown glowy magic, R ranger gets hit by some sort of electricity, but survives and kills the barbarian. As he attacks, the sane of us (Druid and I) run away, because we think that attacking the guy protected by powerful (to us) magic might be a bad idea. M ranger follows, attempting to perform his Geas. I have more constitution so I outrun him, he collapses and takes a nap. I take his stuff and use his manacles to lock him up. We loot the cave and leave.

We go back to town, and make camp outside of the city walls. M ranger is tied to a tree so he doesn't kill me. He bribes R ranger to tie me up and let him out so he can kill me. Instead, he thinks it would be better to kill M ranger so he won't kill me. R ranger stabs the tied up M ranger with a dagger, who screams, waking druid and I up. We run out of the tent, and I attack R ranger because M ranger is still my best friend and we were going to try to get the spell removed. We exchange attacks, druid entangles R ranger and has his wolf try to knock me over, which fails.

Suddenly, an arrow, fog cloud, and grappling dwarf come out of the darkness. I am pulled into a rope trick, and the fog cloud is dispersed. DMPC sorcerer appears, and tells the others to take him to some paladins who had helped us and were his enemies. I'm let out, and promptly attack R ranger. When he's at 2 health, we decide OOC that it would be better if he wasn't dead, so I stop killing him.

When we get into town, the DMPC abandons us, with M ranger still having the Geas to kill me. This is where we left off.

2011-02-22, 12:30 AM
Wouldn't be my style of game, but as long as you are having fun. :smallwink:

That's the only thing that counts.

2011-02-22, 12:47 AM
Remember that Geas "can be subverted by clever recipients"...

Next time something this happens, for example, your friend might try running out and attacking with his bare hands while yelling, "I've just been enchanted to kill my best friend! Somebody knock me out!"

There was nothing about the command that ordered him not to inform you about the danger before he attempted to kill you; and there was nothing about the command that demanded he try to kill you as quickly as possible.

Of course, the character might not be the sort to try to find loopholes like that, but the loopholes do exist.

2011-02-22, 01:41 AM
He sort of went both ways. He told me that he had to kill me, and he didn't attack me when he would be attacked, but then he also bribed someone to help him get at me. He said he was roleplaying.