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2011-02-22, 10:18 AM
Good friends of the order of the stick(Friends of the stick strange...)
I need help.
I'm brazilian and i'm not very good in D&D. But i got myself into an adventure with some friends and i'm enjoying it.:smallbiggrin:
They're pretty badass in D&D 3.5...:smalleek:

I need help to create an lvl 8 illusionist/Master of Knowledge with 25 points to buy.
Every book is acceptable.

Can you guys help me reach their level of expertise???

(Sorry for the poor english)

Land Outcast
2011-02-22, 12:21 PM
Well... if you have access to Player Handbook II and its base classes are allowed, the Beguiler does pretty well in that department (just as of now I'm DMing a party with one, lvl 8). Combat control & out of combat control.

It can be frustrating if you want to dish out damage in combat (the only "damage" spell the mentioned character has now is a cone of "force" which deals some 15 non-lethal damage on average, after a failed Will save).

But it is kickass indeed.

2011-02-22, 01:31 PM
If you want to play a badass illusionist...

1) A good Silent Image can trick all sorts of sight-dependent creatures into doing what you want, and it's 1st level.

2) Combine it with some Divination, so that you can plan your illusory tricks and traps in advance, even if it's only a hallway in advance.

3) Try to keep some real versions of the illusions you might want to use on hand - an illusory wall of fire is equally as effective as a real one if you just want people to stay on one side and they don't test it. A real wall of fire that they throw themselves against like lemmings expecting it to be illusory is also effective.

4) Illusions can appear to mimic much higher spells than you can actually cast, but don't overplay it too much.

I usually treat illusions as wild-card spell slots which happen to also be bluffs. I also don't usually specialize in Illusion, however, so be careful, as my recommendations might start to break down as you get more specialized.

2011-02-22, 03:41 PM
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