View Full Version : Calm Animals better then Animal Trance?

2011-02-22, 01:31 PM
These spells always confused me so I never gave them much attention.
But now that I look at them, they seem to do about the same thing, only that the level 1 spell is better than the level 2 spell.

2d4 + Caster Level is better than 2d6. (Number of HD of animals affected)
The level 2 spell can be active for as long as the caster concentrates, but the level 1 spell will be active for 1 minute/level and you can go away and do other things.
The Level 2 spell makes the animals facinated, the level 1 spell only makes them not regard you as a threat. In the case of animals, that's really the same.
The only difference is, that the level 2 spell has the [sonic] descriptor and explicitly mentions music, to make it more bard-like, while the level 1 spell is also on the list for rangers.

Am I missing something, or is Animal Trance redundant?

And I think it's the same with Warp Wood and Wood Shape. But level 2 druid spells and the only advantage of warp wood is that it does not require to touch the object. Except for that, Wood Shape can do everything Warp Wood does, and much more.

2011-02-22, 03:10 PM
Animal Trance vs Calm animals

Animal Trance also works on magical beats; calm animals only works on ordinary animals.
The victims of animal trance do not have to be within 30' of each other.

Wood Shape vs Warp wood

Wood shape affects a single piece of wood; you have lots of flexibility over what you can accomplish with it. It requires touch.
Warp wood can affect multiple, no touch required, with less flexibility over what you can do with it.