View Full Version : [Pathfinder] Fate Weaver Base Class

Twin Dragons
2011-02-22, 04:47 PM
Fate Weavers are now live on the Pathfinder Database (http://www.pathfinderdb.com/campaign-worlds/sarunia/1222-fate-weaver) & on The Grand OGL Wiki (http://www.purpleduckgames.com/system:page-tags/tag/sar%C3%BBnia#pages). You can nab the PDF here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/49215788/The-Fate-Weaver).

Fate Weaver feats:
Arcana Feats (http://www.pathfinderdb.com/campaign-worlds/sarunia/1221-arcana-feats)
- Arcana Orison
- Arcana Sinkhole
- Distant Arcana
- Extra Minor Arcana
- Fascinating Arcana
- Frightening Arcana
- Greater Hex Arcana
- Hex Arcana
- Lasting Arcana

General Feats (http://www.pathfinderdb.com/campaign-worlds/sarunia/753-general-feats):
- Blind Seer
- Cheiromancy
- Perform A Reading
- Second Sight
- Shared Destiny