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2011-02-22, 05:56 PM
So, I'm looking at creating a new character for a campaign a friend of mine is starting up. I love the concept behind the Master of Masks is a prestige class on pg 52 of the Complete Scoundrel book but can't help but feel it's a bit underperforming. I've searched around and founds many comments on how bad the class is and suggesting it as a 1 level dip, but nothing really on how to fix it. My plan was to go Rogue 4/Sorcerer 1 and then 4 levels of Master of Masks but that gets me to level 9 with the abilities of a level 4 rogue and a level 3 sorcerer and four masks. I don't want to overpower it but want to maybe expand on it's versatility or make it more viable when compared to other prestige classes. So, my suggestions on how to improve the class are:

Improved class progression. 4/10 progression is pretty weak. Bump that to 6/10 or 8/10 depending on what if anything else is improved.

Change from multiple masks to a single mask with slots for personae. As you advance in MM you are able to add more slots to your mask. This eliminates the Many Faces feature and adds a distinction between known personae and number of slots on the mask.

More personae available and more progression in personae. I'm trying to add to the versatility of the class, like add a swim/water breathing persona, general entertainer, and some like Brute (+str, +str skills x/day).

steal mask or option to leave a slot open in mask to steal characteristics or abilities. This could be from a willing subject, against a helpless foe, or as a steal attack (grapple, touch attack). You would receive 1 steal pt per MM level to be used. See list below.

1 pt - Steal appearance (as disguise self)
1 pt - Steal voice
1 pt - Steal mannerisms
2 pt - Steal recent knowledge
2 pt - Steal special quality
4 pt - Steal physical form (as alter self)
1pt - Steal 1pt of target characteristic above your own
3pt - Steal 2 pt of target characteristic above your own
6pt - Steal 3 pt of target characteristic above your own
10pt - Steal 4 pt of target characteristic above your own

Option 4 is one where I think I might be shot down as it would create more work for my DM each time I tried to use the steal/borrow abilities on a target. If that does get shot down I think my backup would be to see if he would let me play a Spellthief. Though I would rather keep that ability in the Master of Masks class

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome!