View Full Version : [4E] Attack of the Legion Devils! (PEACH)

2011-02-23, 04:53 PM
I've always loved the idea of highly organized and methodical sprawling hordes of lesser devil minions ala the Legion Devils serving as a legitimate challenge for the PCs in 4E. Unfortunately, the monster entries just weren't there, so I went ahead and created them:

Legion Devil Archer, Level 12 Minion Artillery

Tactics: Legion devils archers rain poisoned arrows on their foes. The paralytic toxins of these weapons often set up their targets for flanks and tactical maneuvers by frontline shock troops. They prefer to focus fire on single targets if possible, each learning from the mistakes and successes of the last firer, and recalibrating their shots accordingly.

Legion Devil Conjurer, Level 12 Minion Controller


Tactics: Legion devil field conjurerers are largely responsible for generating and maintaining the portals that allow for a steady supply of reinforcements. They also have secondary responsibilities in ferrying troops around the battlefield into tactically advantageous positions.

Legion Devil Scout, Level 12 Minion Lurker

Tactics: Legion devil scouts act as the eyes and ears of their squad, stealthfully seeking out foes, and reporting back their findings. In combat, they sneak up on foes using their allies to hide, drop smoke bombs to serve as an escape or provide cover for their squad, and employ their poisoned weapons to maximum effect.

Legion Devil Sergeant, Level 12 Soldier (Leader)

Tactics: Legion devil sergeants are the leaders of sizable sections and platoons, providing important field leadership. They often spend their time commanding and directing their forces into advantageous positions, and are usually well defended by one or more soldiers. Legion devil sergeants are both deeply feared and respected by the troops they command.

Legion Devil Squad Leader, Level 12 Minion Soldier (Leader)

Tactics: Legion devil squad leaders serve as the practical field leadership of the vast majority of Asmodeus' armies, relaying orders, and employing tactics that are often as effective as they are brutal to dispatch the enemies of their infernal lord.

Legion Devil Standard Bearer, Level 12 Minion Skirmisher (Leader)


Tactics: Legion devil standard bearers bring the impressive standards of Asmodeus into battle, which serves as both a frightful and inspiring icon to the sprawling armies of the Lord of Nessus, bolstering their courage and resolve.

Legion Devil Taskmage, Level 12 Minion Controller

Tactics: Legion devil taskmages are the rank and file warmagi of Asmodeus' infernal armies. They specialize in providing fire support, suppression fire and crowd control, and otherwise laying down huge swaths of explosive hellfire that soften up and kill opposing soldiery.

Legion Devil Trooper, Level 12 Minion Soldier


Tactics: Legion devils troopers are the core of the legion devils, their rank and file, and their shock troopers. They use their teleportation to flank, or form nigh impenetrable phalanxes that are quick to exploit flaws in their enemy's offense.