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2011-02-24, 04:31 PM
Hey everyone. I've been working on creating a game and for it I've had to create a homebrewed spell mechanic, two classes and a template. I'm basically looking for feedback on the whole lot, looking for second opinions on whether things are too weak, too strong, exploitable, whatever. I don't have much experience with this sort of thing yet, so I'm looking for outside opinions. I got referred over here from another site that said you guys were great at homebrew stuff so you'd be the opinions I should consider!

(Rules are D&D 3.5)

First a little background on the scenario:

The world I am creating, Northmanni, was originally a medieval world very similar to our own, no magic, countries fighting each other with general technology available to the middle ages (armor, swords, all that) and all human. Then, a rift to another universe has torn open, energies from this place are tainting and altering the world. Northmanni tried to fight the invading, alien energies by rallying its own powers, concentrated in ways and at levels unheard of previously. These conflicting energies have mutated plants, people and locations across the globe (Including creating races that haven't existed before, imagine waking up one day and you're say.... a goliath). This has given rise to magic where none was before: Rift Magic and Essence Magic.

First some broad points about my goals. First, primary casters are too strong. They are and have always been better than every lesser class out there and the problems get worse as they level. The way I see it, there are two ways to balance a class: weaken it, or introduce costs for it. I am choosing the latter. All spell casting is gone (no secondary casters, nothing) and two new classes replace all casting classes: The Rift Mage and the Essentialist, each using the above magic types. Each magic is new and untested within the world, these powers having been developed overnight by people who suddenly found themselves able to use it. As a result each have significant mishap chances that increase with more powerful spells. Mishap chance is rolled before every spell is cast and only one mishap at maximum can happen on a given spell.


Rift Magic – A form of energy manipulation that uses the vast energies exuded by The Rift into our world. This raw energy can be captured, purified, refined and utilised by certain individuals who have an affinity. However, this energy is incredibly dangerous on its own, compound this with the fact that no matter what one’s affinity is this energy is NOT of their world. It is essentially incompatible with their being and the more they use it, the more damage they risk doing to themselves.

Rift Magic Mishaps: ( X is always spell level)

Distortion- spell comes out as intended but is warped in some way.
Effect: Random metamagic is applied: minimized, maximized, extended, enlarged, quickened, empowered, heightened (roll a d10-1), widened. If metamagic is incompatible, there is no change. Roll a d8.
Chance: X%

Fizzle – spell does not manifest
Effect: no spell is cast, spell use is still consumed.
Chance: X-2%

Backlash – spell does damage to you
Effect: As the spell leaves your hand, a wash of energy flows through you, burning you. Spell functions as normal. Caster takes Xd6 damage. Fort DC: 15+X to half.
Chance X-3%

Dimensional Annihilation – Caster’s body is torn apart and divided across the multiverse
Effect: The energies wielded by the caster turn against him and annihilate him utterly. Cannot be revived except by Wish or Miracle.
Chance: X-7%

Reflection – Spell targets caster.
Effect: The spell is instead cast against the caster himself, if AoE, the AoE is centered on himself. No save beyond what the spell itself grants.
Chance: X-4%

Overload – Caster draws too much energy which explodes out of him.
Effect: A purple corona of energy explodes out of the caster’s body as he tries to gather energy for the spell and fails to contain it. Spell slot is used. All creatures within a 10X ft Radius take Xd6 damage. Caster takes double and is stunned for 1d3 rounds unless he passes a 20+X fort save.
Chance: X-5%

Draw Attention – While casting, Caster draws the attention of creatures of the Rift.
Effect: Creatures who have their attention drawn will start moving towards that location. They will arrive in 1d10-X rounds. Draws the Attention of X creatures. Roll on summon chart.
Chance: X-3%
Draw Attention Chart:
1-5: CR 1 creatures
6-10: CR 2 creatures
11-15: CR 3 creatures
16-20: CR 4 creatures with a CR 5 leader.

Summon- While casting, Caster tears open a brief rift which ejects a creature in front of the caster.
Chance: X-5%
Effect: Summon creature from chart.
Summon Chart: Roll two d20s
Alignment die:
1-5: Friendly
6-10: Neutral (or globally hostile)
11-20: Hostile to party
Creature Die:
1-5: CR X-5 Creature
6-10: CR X-2 Creature
11-15: CR X Creature
16-19: CR X+5 Creature
20: CR X+10 Creature

Warping – A further distortion, more intense than normal
Effect: Roll on distortion’s table but roll 3d8s and apply all effects.
Chance: X-6%

Spacial Rend: - Caster tears open a new rift.
Effect: A Rift is opened into Insolitum (The world of the rift). Rift will never close naturally. As long as the mage is within 30X ft of an open rift, every spell he casts is Empowered, but all spells count as being 2 levels higher for mishap chance. Spell level affects size of the rift. Things may come through….
Chance: X- 6%
Level 7 spell: small rift
Level 8 spell: medium rift
Level 9 spell: Large rift

Illusory Spell: Spell appears but is not actually real.
Effect: Subject of spell can disbelieve spell with a DC 10+ X + Modifier Will save. If subject believes, they automatically fail any other saves associated with it.
Chance X-1%

Double Cast: Spell is cast twice
Effect: Spell is casted twice, on the same target. Saves can be re-made etc.
Chance: 9/X% rounded down.

Searing: The spells’ energies wrack your body, scarring you mind, body and soul.
Effect: Roll a D6 to determine which stat is affected. That stat takes X damage. Physical stats make a fort save of 15+X, Mental stats make a will save of the same to halve.
Chance: X-1%

Daze: The caster overburdens their mind and falls into a stupor briefly after a spell.
Effect: Make a DC 10+X will save to resist daze.
Chance: X%
All damage done to the mage is “Rift type” damage.

Essence Magic – When The Rift opened, something in the world changed. Energies that had never been used came into being, power began pulsing throughout the planet trying to push out the invading energies. The planet’s “essence” tries to surround and crush The Rift, acting like anti-bodies and white blood cells would to a virus. Certain individuals have found themselves tuned to these energies, able to bend them to their wills. However, this energy is wild and new, and controlling it can be as difficult as taming a wild stallion. It is a natural magic making it less likely to annihilate the mage or tear him apart, but a surge can be just as deadly.

Essence Mishaps:

Surge: The caster draws too much energy and can’t use it all in his spell.
Effect: Caster must make a DC 10+X Will save or take Xd4 damage.
Chance: X+2% chance

Ebb: The caster cannot draw enough energy and his spell fires off with a whimper.
Effect: Spell has minimum effect (all rolls involving the spell`s effects are minimum)
Chance: X+1 %

Flow: The Caster harnesses the maximum amount of energy possible and masterfully fires it.
Effect: Spell has maximum (maximized metamagic applied) effect.
Chance: X-1%

Mutation: the pure Essence running through the caster causes him to change in odd ways.
Effect: gain a random mutation off the chart. Roll a d20. If you roll the same as an effect you already have, that mutation reverts to normal. If you already have that natural weapon as part of your race, that weapon goes up a size category.
1-2: Deer Horns (1d6 gore attack)
3-4: Tiger Claws ( 1d4 Claw attack)
5-6: Owl Eyes (Lowlight vision)
7-8: Leopard Spots (+2 to Hide)
9-10: Crocodile Tail ( 1d6 tail attack)
11-19: Minor cosmetic mutation
20: Wolverine`s Temperament (gain Rage like a Wolverine 1/day)
Chance: X-5%

Severe Mutation: The Essence rebuilds you, causing DRASTIC mutations.
Effect: gain a random mutation off the chart. Roll a d20. Can be removed by Break Enchantment. You lose all class levels.
1: Turn into a rat.
2-3: Turn into a dog.
4-5: Turn into a horse.
6-7: Turn into a Walrus.
8-9: Turn into a Wolf
10-11: Turn into a Lion
12-13: Turn into a Hippogriff
14-15: Turn into a Tyrranosaurus
16-17: Turn into a Pyro/Cryohydra (your choice)
18-19: Turn into an Umber Hulk.
20: Turn into a Mature Adult Red Dragon/Silver Dragon (your choice)
Chance: X-7%

Burnout: The Essence strikes you with such intensity it burns itself out of you in a spectacular display.
Effect: The spell you are casting has EVERY beneficial metamagic feat (solely from the PHB) applied to it and flies out in a burst. If it was single target, it becomes AoE of 30ft (then widened). After the spell is fired you lose ALL casting ability PERMANENTLY. You cannot restore this with anything besides a Wish or Miracle spell. Furthermore, all beings have some Essence in them. It is an integral part of life that most people do not notice since they have never lived without it. To them, looking at you is like looking at a corpse. You become extremely unnerving to others and life seems empty to you.
Chance: X-7%

Life Flux: Target of your spelled is healed by your spell by life energies that ride on your spell.
Effect: Target of your spell is healed for Xd4 damage in addition to other effects.
Chance: X+2%

Death Flux: Target of your spell is damaged by death energies that ride on your spell
Effect: Target of your spell is damaged for Xd4 in addition to other effects.
Chance: X+2%

Drainage: When the essence leaves you after your spell, it brings some of you with it.
Effect: Roll a d6. That stat is drained by 2, Fort save of 15+X for physical stats, will save for mental stats to halve.
Chance: X+1%

Lifesurge: The rampant life energies animate nearby objects. Objects may do anything.
Effect: Effect depends on setting. Roll 2d6.
Alignment Dice:
Friendly: 6
Neutral: 2-5
Unfriendly: 1
Urban: 1-2, Creates a Small Animated Object.
3-4, Creates a Medium Animated Object
5-6 Creates a Large Animated Object
Forest: 1-2, Creates a Assassin Vine
3-4, Creates a Shambler
5-6, Creates a Treant
Plains: 1-2, Creates a Small Earth Elemental
3-4, Creates a Large Air Elemental
5-6, Creates a Greater Earth Elemental
Mountainous/Caves: 1-2: Creates a Shrieking Fungus
3-4: Creates a Gray Ooze
5-6: Creates a Greater Earth Elemental
Aquatic: 1-2: Small Water Elemental
3-4: Large Water Elemental
5-6: Greater Water Elemental
Chance: X-3%

Rejection: The planet rejects your call for aid.
Effect: Spell fizzles, but you do not lose the spell.
Chance: X+1%

Cascade: The Essence builds up then flares out, uncontrolled with a crash of sound and light.
Effect: Spell goes off as normal, but Essence builds up and bursts causing everyone (including the caster) within a 10X ft radius to make three DC 15+X fort saves to avoid being blinded/deafened and dazed for 1d3+X rounds.
Chance X-4%

Lifefont: The manipulation of essence draws forth a font of pure essence from the ground near the caster.
Effect: Creates a semi permanent font of pure Essence from the ground. This font lasts for X days and its size is based on the spell used. All healing spells are empowered while the caster is within 100X ft of the font. All “natural” beings (non-rift) are given fast healing 3 while within 10X ft of the font. All rift beings take 3 damage/round.
Chance: X-6%

Lifeflood: Life energy floods into the area causing minor changes to everything nearby.
Effect: Minor cosmetic changes happen to everything within 10X ft of the caster (including the caster). Can be resisted by a 10+X will save.
Chance: X-2%

That's the magic. Now for the people who use the magic. The Rift Mage is based on sorcerer, same HD, same proficiencies, skills (replacing Knowledge: Arcana for Knowledge: Rift), etc. Where I've made changes is by adding a lot of class features (I always found it boring before!) Most of which are based off the new mechanic for Rift Magic I've used. The blast is added to give them something to do if they don't want to use spells and risk blowing up. The mutation list is not complete, nor are the stats for the later familiars, but essentially the strangeling will go from a familiar to something more resembling an animal companion. (i.e. capable of actual combat and some forms may actually be able to cast spells.) Any ideas on either would be appreciated along with feedback!

Riftmage – An individual who has developed an affinity for Rift energy and learned to harness it. They shape this energy in myriad ways to accomplish their goals. This power comes at a cost however, the longer they use this power, the more tenuous their connection to their home world and the more connected they become to the rift. Largely just a tweak on the sorcerer.

BAB and Saves: as Sorcerer

Spells/Day and Spells Known: as sorcerer.

Proficiencies: Simple weapons.

Skills: as Sorcerer, knowledge (arcane) becomes knowledge (rift)

Class Features:
1: Familiar: Strangeling
2: Rift Affinity + 2
3: Warp Blast 1d6
4: Rift Attunement
5: Mutation
6: Familiar: Oddling
7: Rift Affinity + 4
8: Warp Blast 2d6
9: Rift Synchronization
10: Mutation
11: Familiar: Weirdling , Energy Focusing
12: Rift Affinity + 6
13: Warp Blast 3d6
14: Rift Harmony
15: Mutation
16: Familiar: Bizzareling
17: Rift Affinity + 8
18: Warp Blast 4d6
19: Rift Blending
20: Mutation, Riftborn

Familiar: Strangeling: One of the first signs that a person is in sync with the rift, is the appearance of a strangeling. This ball of light is somehow black, consuming light rather than generating it and tinged with a faint purple corona.

Rift Affinity: As the rift mage grows in power, he becomes more familiar with all things rift-related, and more at ease with its denizens. This manifests as a bonus to his knowledge of rift-related material and also as a bonus to his diplomacy in dealing with any intelligent denizens of the rift. This bonus is 2 at 2nd level and increases by 2 every 5 levels thereafter.

Warp Blast: The rift mage can fire coruscating blasts of pure rift energy against his foes. Since this takes no amount of shaping and very little focusing, he can hurl unlimited blasts with no chance of mishap. Initially does 1d6 damage at level 3 and gains an additional 1d6 damage for every 5 levels thereafter. Attack is a ranged touch with a 60 ft range.

Rift Attunement: The rift mage grows ever more in sync with the rift and its strange world, even as he leaves his own behind. This level of attunement grants him mastery over the most basic manipulations of energy. They became child’s play to him. He may cast unlimited cantrips.

Mutation: The energies a rift mage wields are not without price. As he gets closer to the rift, the rift gets closer to him, warping his body. Choose 1 mutation off the table.

Familiar: Oddling: As a mage grows in power, his Strangeling changes. Instead of a ball, the energy takes on a new shape, based on the mage’s perceptions. Choose one of three new forms for your familiar: avian-type, humanoid-type, beast-type.

Rift Synchronization: The mage’s attunement to rift energy grows and first level spells begin to require less concentration. He casts them now from instinct and can avoid the slightest mishap before it even happens. No mishap chance on level 1 spells any longer.

Familiar: Weirdling: The Oddling continues to evolve alongside the Riftmage’s power and progresses to a new form. It begins to speak and think….

Energy Focusing: The Riftmage’s prowess at channelling the raw material of The Rift grows. He may now elect to expend some of his energies to gain “focus”. This takes a full round action and requires the mage to sacrifice one spell use from that day. Once he has focus, he can maintain it for a number of minutes equal to the level of the spell he sacrificed. This focus may be expended at any time to halve the mishap chance of a spell of an equivalent level, or remove the mishap chance of a lower level spell.

Rift Harmony: The rift is less alien to the mage and it begins to recognize him as one of its own. He may now cast second level spells with no mishap chance.

Familiar: Bizarreling: The Weirdling progresses to its final form. It is now a constant companion tagging along with Riftmage like a loyal hound. Its intelligence has progressed even farther.

Rift Blending: The mage’s essence begins to merge with the rift, increasing his capabilities further. He may now cast 3rd level spells with no mishap chance.
Riftborn: The mage ceases to be considered “human”. Pure essence becomes harmful to him rather than healing, Rift energies now heal him. Choose one “Final Mutation” off the list.

Mutation list:

Voidskin: The Riftmage’s skin turns darker. His new skin is resistant to Rift Energy. Gain 5 Rift Resistance.

Voidhide: The Riftmage’s skin turns completely black and drinks in light. Rift Resistance increases to 10, gain + 5 to hide in darkness. Prerequisites: Voidskin

Voidcarapace: The Riftmage’s skin begins to crackle with purple energy, he resembles a being of the void. Gain immunity to Rift Energy, gain DR 5/Essensteel. Prerequisites: Voidhide

Voidscales: The Riftmage’s skin grows glossy scales. These scales have the unique property of being able to refract light in myriad ways. These allows the Riftmage to change his appearance as the spell Alter Self. Also grants a further +10 to hide. Prerequisite: Voidhide.

Tendril: A tendril of dark energy emerges from the Riftmage’s back. This tendril can be used to attack foes. Tentacle attack of 1d6 + str. +4 to grapple using tendril. This mutation can be taken multiple times to gain new tendrils, grapple effect is cumulative for every tendril that you latch on. Tendrils have a 10ft reach (inclusive) and can be used to deliver touch spells.

Riftsight: The mage’s irises turn purple. He can see the rift energy that pervades the world and highlights objects. Gains lowlight vision 60 ft.

Riftvision: The whites of the Riftmage’s Eyes turn black. He can see more minute traces of rift energy. Gains Darkvision 60ft. Prerequisite: Riftsight

Riftgaze: The mage’s eyes grow and become larger, deep within the pupil, crackling rift energy can be seen. The Riftmage can now elect to deliver spells that require an attack roll with a gaze attack instead. Prerequisite: Riftvision.

Rifteyes: The riftmage’s iris and pupils dissolve, his eyes becomes ever-changing swirls of purple set against black. He is blind in the conventional sense, but he no longer needs sight. Rift energy, even the most minute amounts lights up the world to him. He sees the world in contrasts of purple and black. Gains blindsight to 60 ft, is unaffected by concealment, magical darkness, etc. Prerequisite: Riftgaze

Strangeling: A small ball of darkness, with a purple corona surrounding it. Because it is a reflection of its owner’s will, the owner may select a bonus off the familiar list to be associated with the Strangeling. Stats and abilities are based on the familiar entry.
Strangeling stats:
size: diminuitive.
HD: 1/4d8+1 (2)
Initiative: +3
Speed: fly 30 ft (Perfect)
AC: 17 (+4 size, +3 dex), touch 17, flat footed 14.
BAB/Grapple: 0, -18
Space/reach: 1 ft/0ft
Special abilities: Blindsight 30ft.
Saves: Fort + 2, Reflex: +4, Will +4
Abilities: Str 1, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 4, Wis 14, Cha 10
Skills : Hide + 10, Move Silently +10
Feats: Alertness

The Essentialist is the divine caster and is based on the Favored Soul like the Rift Mage is based on the Sorcerer. Same HD, spells known, spells per day, skills, etc. Only difference is it uses Wisdom for bonus spells instead of Cha (I always hated the split Wisdom for DC/Cha for Bonus spells the Favored Soul has). They can take spells from druid or cleric spell lists. This class is closer to complete than the other, although I haven't finished the stats on the final guardian spirit summon (the level 20 ability). Once again suggestions welcome! The spirit will be less like the Rift Mage's companion and more like a powerful, once/day summon.

The Essentialist- As the rift chooses its champions, so too does the planet. These individuals are exceptionally attuned to the natural energy of the planet: Essence. These Essentialists shape this energy to accomplish their mystical feats.

BAB, HP, Saves, Proficiencies: as Favored Soul

Spells known and per day: as Favored Soul, but using Wisdom for everything.

Skills: as favoured soul but replacing knowledge (arcane) for knowledge (essence)
Class features:
1. Guardian Spirit
2. Essence Affinity + 2
3. Essence Strike 1/day
4. Essence Acceptance
5. Rift Resistance 5
6. Guardian Spirit Specialization
7. Essence Affinity + 4
8. Essence Strike 2/day
9. Essence Welcoming
10. Rift Resistance 10
11. Improved Guardian Spirit, Essence Discipline
12. Essence Affinity +6
13. Essence Strike 3/day
14. Essence Embracing
15. Rift Resistance 15
16. Greater Guardian Spirit
17. Essence Affinity +8
18. Essence Strike 4/day
19. Essence Unity
20. Rift Resistance 20, Guardian Deity

Guardian Spirit: An Essentialist always has a guardian spirit with him, it stays near him, undetectable and offers him subtle protection. The Essentialist’s guardian spirit grows stronger as he does. Grants one of the familiar bonuses at first level and Alertness. The spirit also will try and save him if at all possible. If he ever reaches disabled status, the creature will cast Cure Minor Wounds.

Essence Affinity: The Essentialist is in tune with the Essence and gains instinctive knowledge of Essence and its workings. Also grants a bonus to diplomacy when dealing with any sentient Essence beings or other Essentialists. Bonus is +2 and increases by 2 every 5 levels.

Essence Strike: Greenish/white flame ignites along the length of the Essentialist’s blade and it becomes more potent against creatures of the rift. The Essentialist adds his charisma to his attack roll and adds his level to damage.

Essence Acceptance: The Essentialist learns to work with the Essence rather than fighting it for control and gains access to its most basic powers. Gains unlimited cantrips.

Rift Resistance: The Essence infusing the Essentialist offers a modicum of protection against Rift energies. Resistance starts at 5 and increases by 5 every 5 levels.

Guardian Spirit Specialization: The Essentialist’s Guardian Spirit begins to develop its powers, becoming a shield of protection, or a sword of destruction. Gains different powers based on the form chosen.

Guardian Form: gain the ability to cast “Shield” which places a bubble around the target, blocking the next (level x5) damage. Castable as a standard action, once a day.

Exorcist Form: can cast “Essence Blade” which transforms the target’s weapon into a long, blade-like column of white energy. The Weapon gains reach 10ft (inclusive) and deals 1d10+ ½ level damage. Damage counts as Essence damage. Effect lasts for 5 rounds. Both spells can only be cast once per day. Which ability gained also depends on specialization chosen. Castable as a swift action.

Essence Welcoming: The Essentialist continues to grow closer to The Essence. No longer has a mishap chance on level 1 spells.

Improved Guardian Spirit: The guardian spirit grows more powerful. The bonus granted depends on the form you chose.

Guardian Form: manifests as a +2 to saves and a +2 to AC

Exorcist Form: +2 to attack rolls and damage

Essence Discipline: The Essentialist learns to resist the seductive nature of handling too much essence and can focus himself. He may now elect to expend some of his energies to gain “focus”. This takes a full round action and requires the mage to sacrifice one spell use from that day. Once he has focus, he can maintain it for a number of minutes equal to the level of the spell he sacrificed. This focus may be expended at any time to halve the mishap chance of a spell of an equivalent level, or remove the mishap chance of a lower level spell.

Essence Embracing: As his familiarity with Essence grows, so does his skill at avoiding mishaps. May cast level 2 spells with no mishap chance.

Greater Guardian Spirit: The spirit grows stronger and takes a new form reflecting the owner’s inner self.

Aegis: The ultimate shield. You gain an extra use of your “Shield” spell per day. In addition, if your shield is cast on another, you gain a shield of equal strength. You may also cast the shield on yourself to get a shield 50% stronger than normal. Must be upgraded from Guardian Form.

Shield Spike: The shield that destroys. You gain an extra use of your “Shield” spell per day. In addition, anyone attacking a Shielded target takes 2d6 +1/2 your level in Essence damage. Must be upgraded from Guardian Form

Swordbreaker: The sword that defends. You gain an extra use of your “Essence Blade” per day and the effect lasts twice as long. While Essence Blade is active, you gain a +5 shield bonus to AC. In addition, every successful attack you make heals you by half the damage you deal.. Must be upgraded from Exorcist Form

Claymore: The ultimate sword. You can an extra use of your “Essence Blade” per day and the length of the sword is doubled as well as its duration. Furthermore, the damage is increased to 1d10+ your level. In addition, after each successful attack your target must make a DC (15+wisdom+ ½ your level) or be consumed in “Essenceflame” a spiritual blaze that, while not harmful by itself, increases Essence damage done to that target by 50% for 1d3+1 rounds. Must be upgraded from Exorcist form.

Essence Unity: The highest form of unity with the Essence of the Planet. The Essentialist can now cast level 3 spells with no mishap chance.

Guardian Deity: Your Guardian Spirit has grown strong enough to manifest in the real world. Its form depends on what you have previously chosen.

Now, one of the most important thingss in my mind is that these two classes be equal they are literal representations of opposing forces. That's why many of their abilities are analogous, but I also want them to be different enough to feel distinct.

Finally, I created a template. Rift energies have pervaded the world and warped much of the local wildlife. Some of these creatures have been affected so much they have become Riftwarped: their fur and feathers fall out and they gain glossy black skin. Their eyes turn a glowing, uniform, pupiless purple and the powerful of them have purple glowing patterns on their skin. The template scales with CR (it is not meant to ever be applied to player characters) and we found it a fun way in our test games to make some generic fights far more interesting. (Energy blasting Colossal Centipede!).

[Rift] Template:
A creature that has been tainted by the energies of the rift. Any fur or feathers are shed and the skin turns smooth and black. Purple energy crackles along its skin. Eyes turn a deep, uniform purple with no pupils. More powerful beasts typically have purple runes on their skin. Other mutations are common, and they can typically harness Rift energy.
HP: extra d8 per CR

Ability Bonuses:
CR 1+: Str+2, Cha +2, Int -2
CR 10+: Str: +4, Cha +4

Natural Armor:
CR 1+: Natural Armor +2
CR5+: +4
CR 10+: +6
CR 15: +8

Special Properties:
CR 7+: Immune to Rift, Weak 25% to Essence
CR 13+: Healed by Rift, Weak 50% to Essence

Deflection Bonus:
CR 9+: +3 Deflection modifier
CR 15+: +5 Deflection modifier

For CR 5 and up: DR 5/Essensteel
CR 10 and up: DR10/Essensteel
CR 15 and up: DR 20/Essensteel
Essensteel is essentially the replacement to Cold Iron in this setting, it is Steel infused with Essence.

Skill Bonuses: +5 to Hide, +5 to Move Silently.

CR3+: Warp Blast 1d6
CR5+: Warp Breath (2d6 30 ft cone)
CR 7+: Warp Blast 2d6
CR9+: Warp Breath (4d6 30 ft cone)
CR 11+: Warp Blast 4d6 (10 ft radius), Rift displacement (constant Blur effect and can teleport as a standard up to 50 ft) Rift-gifted, casts as a Rift mage ½ its CR if it has enough charisma.
CR 13+: Warp Breath (6d6, 30 ft cone)
CR15+ Warp Blast 6d6, 30 ft radius blast
CR 17+: Warp Breath 10d6, 60 ft cone
CR 19+: Warp Blast 12d6 (50 ft radius), Warp Breath 18d6, 60 ft cone

Anyway, this is all I have for now, and I'm just looking for feedback. I realize it's a lot of reading so I thank anyone who has the time to do so.

TL;DR: Uh, I don't think you can give feedback if it was too long to read. Sorry.

2011-02-24, 04:54 PM
You don't really explain how all the percentages on rift magic go together to make how the roll actually works. Do you have to roll d% for each possible mishap? If so, that is unacceptably time consuming unless one is playing on MapTool or something and have a macro for it. Also, Ebb and Flow seem redundant with Distortion.

2011-02-24, 05:11 PM
I have a table to roll on for the mishap. Just wasn't sure how to post that, basically like 1-2 this happens, 3-4 this happens, etc. I'll see if I can get a table up shortly. Only one d% roll is needed. Rolling for each would be ridiculous indeed.

Ebb and Flow can only happen for Essence Magic, Distortion is only for Rift Magic I'll edit to make the division more clear (wasn't bolded)

Edit: added table. Simply look for your magic, look at the spell level and roll. Of course, I'll probably be doing that roll as the DM but whatever.

2011-02-24, 06:20 PM
Ok, that works. "Mutation" isn't in the same order, which might confuse some people, but I could see such tweaks waiting until the end, since you might want to change the percentages and names, or even add or remove stuff, and editing the table all the time might get annoying (I know some spreadsheet tricks that might make it easier though).

2011-02-24, 10:42 PM
Yeah I need to do some formatting probably. It'll do for the moment, I'll see if I can set it up better soon.