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2011-02-25, 07:18 PM
In the beginning there were the five creator races. The Humans, ancestors to mankind; the Dragons, ancestors to their kin of good and evil; the Sylvans, ancestors to the elves, faries, and nymphs; the Barachi, ancestors to giant-kind; and the Sakuurh ancestors to the lizardfolk, nagas and the Yuan-Ti.

The Sakuurh were geniuses and fashioned the Yuan-Ti to be their most perfect and prized servitors, and so they encouraged the one thing that they oppressed in all their other creations: free will. After centuries of servitude, wars and the unexpected failure of the Sakuurh empire the Yuan-Ti rose against their former masters and in time they found patronage in the demon-god Merrshaulk. Merrshaulk led the Yuan-Ti to build a stonger empire, one that covered the world where his reign was supreme and the Yuan-Ti were his favored children. But Merrshaulk was a fickle god, he grew bored of the Yuan-Ti and went into a deep slumber.

With the loss of their god the Yuan-Ti's empire collapsed and the humans, after many hundreds of years of enslavement took advantage of the state of their slavers. The Yuan-Ti, defeated and angry left their cities, their empire and the gods of men exiled them to live in hiding, until their god returned to them. Ages since the Yuan-Ti have been waiting to reclaim their former glory as the other races; elves, dragons, giants and even the lowly men became more powerful than they. But there have been signs, hints that Merrshaulk may be waking from his slumber. And so the malisons, the high priests of Merrshaulk, have called for a holy war to cleanse the world in preperation of Merrshaulk's return.

The War of Scars has begun.

2011-02-25, 07:29 PM
So... that's the campaign I'm launching. The setting is fairly Forgotten Realms-esqe but isn't the same continent.

The characters will be starting as a militia force in a small town nestled between a large forest and a prominent lake. The town has prospered, due to its mine and a strange fish that is caught in the lake, but is isolated enough that it has been overlooked by the Yuan-ti's initial strike. But there has been unease and for one reason or another the characters have joined the guard. They will be in an guardpost outside of the town when the Yuan-ti's forces (an altered humaniod I drew up so the campaign could start at first level) attack.

After the encounter, whether they succeed and hold their guardpost or fail and retreat to the town, I would like for them to have more adventures in town before they make their way to the war front but only have a select number of ideas. Without getting into a monotonous hack-and-slash with wave after wave of Ophid Warriors any suggestions on interesting in-town adventures? Any ideas will be appreciated!

Land Outcast
2011-02-25, 08:14 PM
Well, yuan-ti are famous for their infiltration operations, so they might have to uproot a spy network.

Also, they might discover an influential member of the society (bonus points if it is the highest local religious authority) is gradually turning into a yuan-ti, what to do? is it a curse? or is the priest working for the enemy?

The fish are disappearing form the lake and the town is losing population because it is no longet profitable to be there... what's going on? a -lesser- naga controled by priests of Merrshaulk is devouring the fish to weaken the town and make sure its garrison is reduced.

Metal from the mine is being sold normally, but the transportists have struck a deal with shady individuals -who result to be agents from the yuan-ti- who pay the minerals at a premium. They are unknowingly supplying the enemy with resources. The thing which might tip this off is the circulation of triangular gold pieces in town.


2011-02-25, 09:47 PM
Great ideas, especially liking the triangular gold pieces as the tip off! Thanx

Land Outcast
2011-02-26, 12:15 PM
You're welcome!

But I'm sure there's more ideas around this forum... someone else could post them, I'm sure. :smalltongue: