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2011-02-26, 08:17 PM
I'm currently working on a bard for a low-magic campaign that gives characters NPC-level wealth. He's got most of the requisite gear, but I'm still working on a few last pieces of equipment.


Can anyone think of anything else (besides ability-boosting items) that this guy needs to be equipped with?

I'm also looking for build advice (within limits of decorum cheese-wise; my group is kind of sensitive about high-power builds) if you're able to provide it.

Tome of Battle and Magic of Incarnum aren't allowed due to the DM being unwilling to learn a new system.

2011-02-26, 08:26 PM
Badge of Valor (MIC) gives a +1 to your Inspire Courage. Pretty much staple for Bards. There's also the Crystal Echoblade (MIC) which adds bonus sonic damage to your attacks while you're using Bard Music.

Might want to consider investing in wands and maybe a Wandchamber (Dungeonscape) to cover spells/effects you don't have.

2011-02-26, 09:06 PM

You wouldn't have happened to have played Bard's Tale from back in 2005, would you? You played a bard (of course) who could find a magic axe/guitar.

Anyway, I seem to recall a weapon enhancement that would allow the weapon in question to continue one of your Bardic Music uses for x turns after you stop sustaining it. I can't recall what it was called.

I'll just leave this here. (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19870498/The_Bards_Handbook) I wouldn't go through and absolutely twink out a character, but using some of the advice in the various [Class] Handbook threads isn't a bad thing.

2011-02-26, 09:15 PM
I used the Bard's Handbook for his class features, yeah. The Harmonizing Weapon enhancement is good, but I already have Lingering Song and not enough song options to bother with keeping three songs going at once.

I haven't played Bard's Tale, but this guy was designed as an anachronistic metal guitarist in a D&D-era world, so I figured a guitar with flashy special effects was probably best.