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Tetsubo 57
2011-02-27, 03:56 AM
The following are some notes and house rules that I developed over a three year period for a 3rd edition Gamma World campaign I ran in the 80's and 90's. Many of them are just very basic lists of names and organizations. Some focus on non-player characters or player characters. I hope you find them useful.

A brief history I wrote back in 1999:

Many years ago I started a 3rd edition Gamma World campaign. My
original intent was for a short term "practice" campaign, as I hadn't GM'd
in awhile. What I got was something different. The campaign lasted three
years and we played weekly. By the end none of the original players were
left. And between the gamers and I, we had created an entire campaign world.
I borrowed from all three editions of Gamma World, Palladium's TMNT books
and anything else I could lay my hands on. It was a great time and I look
back upon it very fondly.
I decided from the start that I didn't want a conventional GW campaign. Or
is that an oxymoron, conventional GW campaign? I didn't want the players to
know where all the old cities and technology would be. Changing the names
wasn't enough for me, so I tried to find a better way. My final solution was
simple: don't base it on Earth. I decided to base the campaign on a colonial
world before the Great Death. I created a double planet system orbiting a
distant sun. The campaign world was known as Tau, about 10% larger than
earth. The partner world was Seraph and about the size of Mars. Prior to the
Great Death both had been terraformed. Tau was a pleasure planet, Seraph was
a "nature" preserve for re-engineered extinct species (DinoPlanet basically).
The planet Tau's capital city (also named Tau) was bombarded from orbit
with asteroids during the Great Death. After a period of intense chaos new
cities and nations began to form. In a protected region on the main
continents west coast a new city based on freedom and justice was formed.
The city was named New Tau and the country it eventually controlled became
know as the Free Range. The campaign was based in this city and nation.
Though it eventually ranged all over the continent. The campaign started out
at a fairly normal power level. But over the course of three years (seven
years game time) it became high powered. It was a heroic campaign. The
characters became movers and shakers. Helping to change the political face
of the world. And occasionally, with the use of explosives, the physical
face of the planet....
The city of New Tau was about the same technological level as a medium
sized US city circa 1930 - 1940. A small wired phone system was being built.
Electricity was normally up to each resident or building. There was a central
sewer system, fire department and police department. I also believe the city
had some central water lines laid. The city had social organizations,
hospitals and one pizza delivery place. It was a mix of savage barbarism,
small town America and high tech magic.
The players formed a government sanctioned Adventuring Company named
Overkill. Over the course of the campaign they came to own or control 20+
businesses. They had their own lawyer, training school and hospital. They
also gained government respect and security clearance. Near campaigns end
they often did government "contracts" that no one wanted showing up on an
expense report...”

Those hat have watched my YouTube video on this campaign will note that my memory was not perfect.

New Tau Adventuring and Mercenary Groups

Overkill, A (mixed races), the PC party
Marauders, A (mixed races), currently disbanded for criminal actions
Company of the Wolf, M Canine's Only
The Four, M (mixed Races)
Wardent, Inc., A Wardent's Only
Knights of Myth Drannor, A based on fantasy feudal order
Mane's Band, A (mixed races, though normally mammalian)
Basilisk Brigade, M (mixed races)
The Nine, A Human Only, all wear masks to hide identity
Amber Flame, A (mixed races), heavy presence of flame related mutations
Savage Seven, A (mixed races), numerous legal problems
Sword of the Free Range, M (mixed races), high moral standards
Hellraisers, A (mixed races), outlawed in the Free Range
Bane of the Red Death, M (mixed races), antiterrorist group, privately funded
William's Archer Corp, M (mixed races), heavy bow use, no firearms
Aerial Rangers, part time A, all members have flying abilities
Blue Bullets, M (mixed races), six man special ops veterans unit
Kill Ratio, A (mixed races), inspired by the PC group Overkill

A = Adventuring Groups
M = Mercenary Groups

New Tau Business Listings

Rovid Armour, Specializing in plastics and ceramics
Sleel Armourer, Specializing in animal and plant based armour
Grunch Shields, Renown for durability
Kssin the Hingemaker, Handmade hardware
Ahjque, Helmsmaker, Custom hems, low-tech or high-tech
Fern Armour, Metal armour of all types
Earaah Textiles, Durable cloth for tents, clothing and sails
Brempar Synthetics, Synthetic fabrics for all uses
Qol the Tailor, Specializes in suits for all shapes
Bulaly Haberdashery, Hatmaker
Lamter Salvage, Recycles items, especially cloth
Nobzu Barding, Barding, saddles and tacks, a true artist
Kakern the Armourer, Uses animal carapaces only
Kesh Scribery, Writing and scribe supplies, old maps bought and sold
Kesh the Tinker, Machine repair, Tech Level IV and under
Kolel the Cobbler, Discount shoe repair and manufacturing
Rodba Mining, Drilling, mining and blasting
Mino Cry, Construction Engineer, Underground jobs a specialty
Yelmo, Mechanic and blacksmith
Mr. Fixit, World's Greatest Tech (promise)
Mool, Wood constructions (Japanese style)
F. L. Rite, Architect
MaDwan the Mechanic, Tech Level II and III devices and vehicles
Twit's Lumber Yard, Lumber of all types, exotic woods available
SreBap Archery, Handmade bows of all designs
Tues the Tech, Vehicles a specialty
Varmin Optical Devices, Eyeglasses to sniper scopes
Hormit Robotics, Buys, sells and repairs robots
Basil the Barrelwright, Supplies barrels to brewers and vintners
Woodcutter's Commune, Socialist woodworkers
Treach Biologicals, Specializes in organic poisons, acids and chemistry
Tau Museum of Technology, Research and preservation
Sage's Row
Soxratees, Philosophy
Marlin, Zoology
Zagan, Astronomy
Gocer, Astrology, Myths and Legends
Awalk, Botany and Biology
Wong, Acupuncture
Horberg, Military History
Wirm, Private Library
Grenh, Tau History
Orjut, Secret Societies and Cults
Consec Funeral Home
Hassan Taxidermy, Trophy grade mountings
Wilfred Weather Prediction, Guaranteed 30 hour accuracy
WingTang Expeditions, Arranges trips into the "Wilds"
Master Maisnow, Martial arts instructor
Rowdy Saddlery, Saddles and tacks
Chef Chazon Catering, Best Chef in New Tau
Cortin Camouflage, Design and training
Hans Calligraphy, Hand done invitations and notifications
Flil Netmaking, From fishing to gladiator combat
Wenburns Ropery, Ropes of all kinds, custom work available
Lorf's Mount Academy, An ark that trains mounts of all kinds
Gart Animal Training, Feline animals a specialty
Saym's Belfry, Trains mutant bats as pets and mounts
Work Animals Taught, Draft animals trained by Clem (NPC)
Griff's Bindery, A 9th generation binder
Erewo Charcoal and Coal
Fumel & Krist Carpets, Carpetmakers
Yowfun Laundry, Four locations
Upoc Employment Services, Temporary employees
Vhume & Sons Roofing, Ceramic roofing a specialty
Mercury Messenger Service, Runners, criers and print
The Bookbag, Used books
Medicine Bag, Herbal medicines
Hank's Corrosives, Corrosive chemicals (up to Int 12)
Corda's General Merchandise, Will buy and sell *anything*
Gourmet's Delight, Gourmet foods and beverages
Fried Collections, Stamps, coins, medals, trinkets and oddities
Lewis Lapidary Services, Gemstone cutting, grinding and polishing
Wechster Accounting, Small business accounts only
Eldwin Acupuncture, Specializing in odd physical body types
Free Range Adoption Service
Green Streak Air Cargo, Short and long distance hauling
Guardian Ambulance Service, Armoured ambulances
Seaborne Ambulance Service, Operates land and air ambulances
Tyrrel Ambulance Company, Only four units but each has an Autodoc on board
Dollof Antiques, Furniture dealers only
Sandi's Antiques, Ceramics a specialty
Tintegal Rare Antiques, Military memorabilia
CMK Architects, A four man operation
Matarzo Design, Interior decorating
Seair & Wojcik Architects, Residential buildings only
Tau Armoured Car Inc., Private and business contracts
Fat Bat Art Supplies, Meeting all your art needs
Igis Fine Art Supplies, Catering to the high end "artists"
Tau Information Services, Tourism and travel agency
Vweek Tents, Custom and stock tents and pavilions
Arboreal Stables, Buy, sell, rent and train flying mounts and pets
Golden Wick, Candlemaker
Ralph's Alchemy, Herbalist
Rivner & Sons, Glassblowers
L. Borja Apothecary, Herbalist and Occultist
Sweeney the Barber, Unisex hair styling
The Pottery Wheel, Handmade ceramic eatingware
Nix the Perfumer, Custom made perfumes
Krf, Jeweler of great renown
B'Don Bronzeworks, Bronze jewelry and statuary
Samuel the Jeweler, Weapon embellishing a specialty
Sardut Carpentry, Custom cabinetry
Klecn Metalwork's, Head of Blacksmith's Guild
Hassan Bladeworks, Finest blades in the Free Range
Catlen Carpentry, Large family business
Norton the Plumber, Works with partner Ralph
New Tau Plumbing & Supply, Commercial and retail
Ornyl, Master Stonemason, President of guild
Math the Limner, Custom paints mixed
Ernie the Cobbler, Unusual footwear a specialty
Ofkersh Pottery, Commercial pottery for the masses
Faneera's Soap, Sold door-to-door, very popular
"Jocko" Jukko, Dyes, inks and paints
Leme Glassworks, Custom medical and scientific glassware
Lagomarcino's Confectioner, Fine candies for over 200 years
Patem's Gems, Head of the Brotherhood of Thought in New Tau
Hiram the Gunsmith, Custom work, military discounts
Pestlerod's Weaponworks, Weapon repair and refurbishing
Rand Tafor Wheelwright, Lost eye to brother in bar brawl
Rora Tafor Wheelwright, Hasn't spoken to his brother in ten years
Fletch Bowery, Immigrant Gren who makes very fine weapons (+1 CS)
Joe the Weaver, Weaves homes from plant materials
Ingol Tinkering, Small item repairs
Auth Locksmithing Service, Former thief
Durog & Sons, Lockmakers, Uses Auth to test locks
Jacob Ivensten, Potter, Worlds fastest potter
Entic Tailoring, Custom suits in natural fibers only
Hasford Weaveworks, Cheap but plain cloth
Taylor & Taylor Tailoring, Synthetics a specialty, pay yexil bounties
Surtit Plantweaver, Creates clothing out of living plants
Vamvan Protections, Protective clothing for heavy use
Ssan Leathercrafting, all non-armour leather items
Tau Tanning Company, Under criminal investigation
Snirr Ltd., Animal byproducts
Otto's Oddities, Strange items from around the world (Major NPC)
Fours Twosome, Weaponsmith
New Tau Imports, Buy and sell mounts
Val's Recharge Service, Energy Cell recharges
Gam's Locksmithing
Pap's New Tau Military Supply, All your military surplus needs
New Tau Express, Message and package delivery
Belker's Outfitters, Adventuring gear
Tashan's Gems, Cutter, setter and appraiser
High Note, Musical instruments
Stein Arms, Firearms manufacturer
101 Armoury, Plastics and polymers a specialty
Music Box, Recorded music related technology
Silver Hill Clothier, High end clothing
New Tau Bank
Morse Savings and Loan
Free Range Finance, "Money store"
Alpha's Esper Emporium, Most talented Esper in New Tau
Tau Electric Company, Installs electric systems in buildings
New Tau Telecommunications, Budding phone company
Zone Solar Supplies
Fly-by-Night Air Freight, Dirigibles
Crescent Seraph Shipping, Waterborne shipping
Galactic Shipping Company, Land based shipping
Hoysin's Beverages, A package store, 11 locations
Grid's Grocers, Grocery chain, 5 locations
Carlson Avionics, Aviation instrumentation
Deep Down, Diving gear
Horn's Robotics, Robot and cyborg repair and dealership
Trasar's Occult Shop, Occult items of all types
Ray Dune Furrier, Buys and sells furs
Wallace Fur Sales, Sells whole tanned furs
Veidt Furrier, Sells high end for clothing
Zelda's Nursery, Plant sales and supplies
Orren, Light sculptor, creates custom holograms
Intergalactic Greyhound, Teleporting and planar travel service
Mitchner Wagons, Carts, carriages and wagons
Moneylender Ltd., "Money Store"
B.B. Leene, Herbicide dealer
Rufus Comm. Devices, Powered and non-powered signaling devices
Holly Medicinals, Medical supplies
The Bottomless Backpack, New and used adventuring supplies
Sutan Sharpening, All types of blades sharpened
Advanced Firearms, Stein Arms showroom
Tench Explosives, Non-military explosives
Prestip Ammunitions, New and reloaded munitions
Hultz Bows, Compound and composite bows
Blowguns & Slings, Small one room shop
Unusual Weapons, Non-standard weapons
Wolfe Fuels, Petrochemicals and animal oils
Free Range Fine Clothing, High end clothing
Matt's Leathergoods, Non-armour leather items
Bedell Eyewear, Glasses and contacts
Elrod's Electrical Supply, Partner to Mr. Fixit
Gerhard Hardware, Sells tools and hardware
Sensory Devices, From magnifying glasses to electronic bugs
Fat Ed's Jewelry, Cheap jewelry (50cp and under)
The Front Line, Military uniforms new and surplus
Drysdale Gallery, Art dealer
Howarth Glass, Glass panes of all kinds, including armoured
The Complete Fisherman, Everything the sports fisher needs
Berg Spices, Spice store run by a sentient plant
Beans, Etc., Legumes of all kind and coffee
Ivory & Horns, Animal horns, antlers and tusks
New Tau Agricultural Co-op, 5000+ members

Free Range Currency

1 bronze coin = 5 copper coins, "bronze" or "boss"
1 brass coin = 2 copper coins, "brass" or "duece"
1 copper coin, "copper" or "cop"
Blue ceramic coin = .75 copper, "blue"
Red ceramic coin = .50 copper, "red"
White ceramic coin = .25 copper, "white" or "quarter"
Grey ceramic coin = .10 copper, "grey" or "slag"

1000 copper bill, "kilo" or "k"
100 copper bill, "cbill" or "c"
50 copper bill, "1/2c"
20 copper bill, "double duece"
10 copper bill, "dec"

Standard exchange rate is 5 domars = 1 copper.
For each 100 domars after the first 100 the exchange rate gets
worse by one copper. Example: 100 domars 5/1 exchange, 200 domars
6/1 exchange. This reflects the way domars can "flood" a market
after a trip into an ancient site. Some Alliances will give better
exchange rates.

New Tau Restaurants and Bars

Three-Armed Smith's, food and drinks L
Mom's Mutant Diner, food M
The Brass Gon, food and drinks H
The Zoo, drinks L, Mutants Only (based on real hard-core bar)
The Knights of Genetic Impurity, drinks L
Boz's Bash, drinks L, Scouts and Mercenaries Only
Archer's, food and drinks H
McDonald's, fast food M
Lazlow's Last Stand, drinks M
The Ringworm, food and drinks L (many health violations)
Mourner's Corner, drinks L
Maggie's, food and drink M
The Splatter Post, drinks L, Gladiator's Only
Den of Iniquity, drinks M, Pleasure Guild Headquarters
Toxic Cafe, food L, Deals in special dietary needs
The Rumble Seat, food and drinks M
The Butcher's Block, food M, Caters to carnivore's
The Swollen Head, drinks L
Pitstop Pizza, food M, Delivers City-wide
The Dancing Ferret, food and drinks M
The Millstone, food and drinks M, Vegetarian Food Only
Farnum's, food and drinks H

Clubs (dancing, private, etc.)

Royal Oaks, H Members Only
The Poodle Mart, M Single's Club
Disco Apocalypse, M Always Open
ShockRock, L Heavy Punk Scene
Yexil's Wardrobe, L
Mirage's, H
Whispers, M
Gamma Ray's, L
Army Ant's Armoury, M Adventurer's Meeting Place
Ring's, H Owned and Operated by the Pleasure Guild

L = Lower Classed
M = Middle Classed
H = High Classed

New Tau Gangs

Urchins, 3Ca mixed, street kids
The Gunboats, 2Bb mixed, river pirates
Black Knights, 2Bb Humaniods Only
The Kingpins, 2CC mixed
First Strike, 2Ab mixed
Kings of the City, 1Aa mixed
Goon Squad, 1Bb mixed, hired muscle known for brutality
Nightmen, 1Bc Mutant Humans Only, all military veterans
Ruffians, 2Ba mixed
Mack's Blasters, 1Bc mixed, all members have energy weapons or mutations
Angel's of Mercy, 3Cc mixed, heavy drug pedaling
Dyno Rex, 1Bb mixed, large unsubtle tactics
Norms, 2Bb Human Normal Looks Only
Hellhounds, 3Bb Mutant Animals Only, Alliance Affiliated
Old Brigade, 3Cb Anti-PSH Only, Hate Group
Chainsaw Roulette, 2Ba mixed, Use chainsaws
Roving Scars, 1Aa mixed, into ritual disfigurement
Doomlords, 1Bb mixed, has feud with The Kingpins
Splattermen, 3Cb mixed, all gladiators
BladeMasters, 2Bb mixed, heavy blade use
Screaming Eyesores, 2Bb mixed, into fashion crimes
Podogs, 3Ca Canine's Only, kids gang
Paladins, 3Cb mixed, Bikergang that does good deeds
The Modest, 2Bb mixed, gentlemen criminals
LandSharks, 2Bc Mutant Animals Only, hired muscle and hitmen
Furs, 2Ba Furred Mutants Only
The Greens, 1Cb Green Mutants or Sentient Plants Only
Gons, 2Bb Reptilian Mutants Only
The Jesters, 1Bb mixed, fringe entertainers
The Supremes, 3Bb Mutants Animals Only, Alliance Affiliated
Highwaymen, 2Cb mixed, Hi-tech bikergang, tech dealers
The Claw, 1Bb mixed, known for maiming victims
Road Hogs, 3Ca mixed, generational nomad bikergang
King Rats, 3Cb Rodents Only
Watchmen, 1C? mixed, Vigilante group based on ancient book
Flames, 2Bb mixed, all members have flame based mutations

Gang Size
1 = 12 fewer members
2 = 13-36 members
3 = 36+ members

Gang Stability
A = Unstable, will last 1-3 years
B = Stable, will last 5-15 years
C = A social fixture, will last generations

Gangs Economic Power
a = None, poverty level
b = Some, equal to middle class
c = Great, equal to upper class

New Tau Organizations, Unions and Guilds

Seaman's Guild, Retirement and Legal Resource
Writer's Guild, Mostly Social
Healer's Brotherhood, Alliance Affiliated
Mutant Protection League, Legal Resource
Seal's Strikeforce, Military Fraternity
Scout Corp, Government Sanctioned
Pleasure Guild, Prostitution
Arts and Enlightenment Equal Opportunity Employee Organization (AEEOEO)
Brotherhood of the Oceans, Semi-religious
Library and Artifacts Union, Preserving knowledge for public access
Bloodbrother's of the Hunt, Bountyhunters
Literary Compendium, Private Libraries
Printer's and Mapmaker's Guild
Dolphin Jesters Club, Racial Club
Porter's and Teamster's Union
Brewer's and Vintner's Guild
Gladiator's Union, Legal and Social Resource
Stonemason's Guild
Architecture Union
Witchwood, Acting Troupe
Wardog Memorial Association, Veteran's Club
Guild of Protector's, Body Guards
Free Range Civil Liberties Union, Legal Resource
Smith's Guild, Blacksmiths, Whitesmiths and Tinknocker's
Glassblower's Guild
Carpenter's, Electrician's and Plumber's Union
Tailor's League

New Tau Religious and Philosophical Organization

Cult of Seraph, worship the moon Seraph, consider it Heaven
Temple of the Endless Pantheon, religion based on Deities and Demigods
Church of the Infinite, worships Infinity and Eternity
Ancient Interdenominational Faiths, trying to create "One True Religion"
from fragments of past faiths
Temple of Chaos, worships total disorder and anarchy, possible ties to the
terrorist group Red Death
Open Air Worshippers, loose sky based worshippers, heavy recreational drug
Temple of the Grandmasters, properly trained *all* people are gods
Temple of Bot, tree worshippers
The Followers of Burgundy, Wardents racial ancestor faith
Temple of Flight, keepers of aviation knowledge and flying mutants
Temple of the Everlasting Image, worship photographs and holograms
Mosites, awaiting the return of Moses and the journey to paradise
EVIL, practical jokers, performance artist and insane people
Philosophers Guild, considered by some to be an open insane asylum
Meta-Physics Journeymen, quiet quacks seeking the "higher" planes
Peoples Pagan Temple, Socialist Pagans
Wiccan League, open to all witches, shamans, brujo, etc.
Temple of the Triple Goddess, worshipping the three aspects of the feminine
Flatlander Coalition, heaven is two dimensional
The Dreamtime, based on the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime
Handlers Temple, theft is holy for all things belong to all people
Psychic Mutations Front, those with mental mutation should rule the world,
Alliance Affiliated
Darwinists, mutations are the next evolutionary step
Mutant Buddhists, Buddha's latest incarnation was a mutant hippo
Temple of the Yeoman, archery is the purist form of prayer
Church of Steel, worship the Battemaster (Mecha), warrior cult
Spider Sect, worship spiders as the weavers of reality, all worshippers own

Tetsubo 57
2011-02-27, 04:30 AM
Underwater Equipment 3E

My Overkill 3E campaign took place on the planet Tau, originally a pleasure world. Tau, like Earth, is covered mainly in water. The climate is subtropical to tropical and is covered in rain forests, jungles and savannahs. Plus thousands of kilometers of coastline, island chains and atolls. Prior to the Great Death there were genemodified dolphins, octopus, seals and of course humans using these nature resources. After the Great Death and it’s orbital kinetic bombardment there were a great number more atolls and island chains…
The following equipment was used in my Overkill campaign. There were a number of ocean based nations that had use of such equipment. This is “mature” technology. Tried and proven devices that have a low failure rate. Most components are inert (ceramics, plastics, etc.) and effectively foolproof. These devices are based on “ancient” technology, made from plasteel, duralloy and other such ultra-tech materials. Such “ancient” items were available to the PC’s but as treasure. The one area where my campaign’s technology matched ours or exceeded it was in diving devices. I have always loved GMing water based adventures. I hope that these items can be of some use in your campaigns.
Note: Prices are in copper pieces. The planet Tau had little in the way of heavy metals, so based their economy on copper/brass/bronze. They excelled at the use of fiberglass, plastics and ceramics however.


“Pony” reinforced polymer air tank, 15-minute air supply, 150m depth range, 100 cp.

Reinforced polymer air tank, 2 hour air supply, 150m depth range, 500 cp.

Reinforced polymer high compression air tank, 4 hour air supply, 150 depth range, 1200 cp.

Reinforced polymer rebreathing unit, 8 hour air supply, 150m depth range, 2C, 3000 cp.

Reinforced polymer helium tank, 2 hour supply, extends range to 300m, 500 cp.

Wet Suit, 100 cp.

Diving Mask, 23 cp.

Diving Gauge, shows time, depth and air time left, 250 cp.

Swim fins, 15 cp.

Spear gun, 50 cp. (use crossbow stats, reduce range by 75%)

Power Swim Boots, WS 24, 2C each (8 hours), uses small motors to generate water jets; handheld wired control, 1000 cp.

Weighted net, 20 cp.

Tank refill, 10% of original cost

Sealed “Dry” Diving Suit, AC 4 (-20), completely separates the wearer from the diving environment, useful for cold water diving or exposure to possible toxins, rather restricting however, eliminates DX modifiers, includes “Hard” diving helmet, 1500 cp.

“Hard” Diving Helmet, AC 6 (-30), a reinforced polymer helmet, allows wearer to be free of a mouthpiece breathing device and speak normally via short range radio (1C 60 hours, 1000m range), mounted headlight (1C 30 hours, 25m range), 500 cp.

NEWT Suits
A NEWT suit is a hard polymer diving suit. Essentially a man shaped submarine. They maintain a one-atmosphere pressure internally so no decompression time is required. Creating a true “shirtsleeve” diving experience. Special joint seals actually become tighter and more effective at greater depth. AC 7 (-35), rebreathing unit (16 hour air supply), 900m effective depth range, suit is very bulky, eliminates PS and DX modifiers, reducing movement to LS 1 and WS 3, has built-in Power Swim Boots allowing WS 18, has three “fingered” claws that function as Partial Hands (borrowed from Palladiums TMNT RPG), two headlights, left forearm has a built-in mini-spear gun (BD 4, BR 5, 30 round clip, 1C per clip, can be modified to carry drugs or poisons), has short range radio similar to the Hard Diving Helmet, suit requires 4C or 1H power cells to function for 30 hours, suit can mount all five power cells at once to allow emergency back-up power, 10,000 cp.
Note: This is loosely based on an actual world diving suit.

“SeaHorse” Mini-Sub
This is a true submarine in all respects. Used for research, wreck recovery and of course adventuring. AC 8 (-40), 48 air supply, 5km depth range, HD/EN 30, hp 900, MN 16, Mv 40, A/D 10, 2A (60 hours), pilot and copilot/navigator in forward compartment, separate diving bell has room for four divers, 200kg of internal cargo, two built-in mini-spear guns (BD 4, BR 5, 30 round clip, 1C per clip, can be modified to carry drugs or poisons), two “waldo” style manipulating arms (3m long, three “fingered” claws function as Partial Hands), two torpedo tubes (BD 20, BR 500(6R), Slam), four extra torpedoes are mounted internally in two clips, 100,000 cp.

Rocky the Flying Squirrel

I had an NPC squirrel once that over time became a main campaign element. Actually he was a flying squirrel and no surprise the party came to refer to him as Rocky. As he was mute and didn’t seem to mind, the name stuck.
Rocky entered my 3E Overkill campaign very early on. In fact before any of the PC’s were even born. He was one of the first generation of sentient mutant animals on the planet Tau. He was fairly small as sentient’s go, only about a meter tall. He didn’t display any overt mutations but had a bipedal stance and fully manipulative hands. He also had the ability to speak originally. He appeared to be sterile, as he was never able to father any children. But he did settle down and became an important member of his community.
As time past he watched his friends children grow up, have families and pass on. And he watched their children do the same. And their children. Generation after generation. And he never seemed to age. He grew depressed, despondent, and suicidal. So he took an overdose. And awoke the next day. So he shot himself. And awoke the next day. So he got a grenade and blew himself up. And awoke the next day. And than he went insane.
As the centuries past he spoke less and less, until he just ceased to communicate. He stopped all interactions with people. The only thing that would rouse his interest would be a new method of killing himself. He would wander from place to place seeking bigger and better forms of death. But all of them failed.
He entered my campaign as a bit of comedic entertainment. I think my original notes were like, “Flying squirrel attacks party, trying to die but can’t.” The party killed him of course, he only had few hit points, but the next day he returned. Rather creeped the party out at first. But after a while they got used to him. The group was called Overkill, so he hung out in the hopes they all might die in a big messy way. But he was sadly disappointed time and time again.
The campaign never went out of their home star system, which is what I had planned. But if the had, Rocky was planning his final exit. He was going to attempt to crash the parties space vessel into the sun. Which would finally give him what he wanted, death. After a thousand years, most of it spent insane; he just wanted to die. But the campaign ended before it got to that plot point.
I loved that squirrel.


This is a write up of a PC from my Overkill 3rd edition campaign. It is a conversion of a Warhammer 40,000K article that I read in an old issue of White Dwarf. The PC is a genetically engineered warrior. If you saw the film –Soldier- you have some idea of what I am presenting here. The Kurt Russell character was the 1st generation of a “supersoldier” program. In the film a 2nd generation is introduced to replace him and his fellow warriors. Mayhem ensues. What I have here is the 7th generation of such a program. The ultimate synthesis of human, nanotech, genetic engineering, biotechnology and training.
And before anyone points it out, I know that this character is a combat monster. But within the context of the campaign, especially the latter half when he was introduced, he wasn’t that out of place. He was the most combat effective member of the party though. However high powered PC’s were in abundance in that group.
The great thing about this character was that the player didn’t run him like a combat monster. When the party found this character he was still in his cryogenic storage capsule await decanting and final program. Unknown to the player or the party he was to be programmed as a Combat Commander not a Combat Drone. This didn’t come out for quite sometime and through many adventures. The military base that the capsule was in was being explored by Overkill. By the time they found it, through actions completely of there own (I mean they were called Overkill), the base was flooding with water. They opened the capsule and woke him up. They said, “Follow us.” And he did just what a good soldier does, he followed orders.
But the greatest thing was that the player emphasized the child-like aspect of this character. He was completely naive; he had no notion of the real world. He was a killing machine with a baby’s knowledge of life. A reporter once thrust a microphone into his face and he ate it. When asked why he had done that he responded, “If it wasn’t food why did you offer it to me?”
This character, that player and that campaign were some of my fondest role-playing experiences. I guess that’s a sign of my aging, I’m reminiscing about old campaigns…
So, without further ado allow me to introduce Niven-7, combat monster extraordinaire…

Drone Trooper Niven-7
Multiple Environment Combat Drone (MECD 8J9934-9250-OMEGA)

Male, 2m tall, 100kg, Biological Age: 3
Hair: base white, Eyes: gold with reflective lenses
PS: 20 (+3) IN: 16 (+2)
DX: 25 (+4) MS: 12
CN: 21 (+3) CH 6 (-2)
HP: 250 AC: 4 (-20 natural)
Speed: 30 Rank:10th

MECD Invitro Organ Modifications:

Phase 1: Secondary Heart- Allows low oxygen survivability and doubles HP bonus.

Phase 2 (10): Ossmodula- Advanced ossification and reinforcement of skeletal structure, equivalent to the PM Skeletal Enhancement.

Phase 3: Biscopea- Increased muscular structure, equivalent to the PM Heightened
Physical Attribute: Physical Strength.

Phase 4: Haemastamen- Monitors Phase 2 and 3, increases blood efficiency by 50%.

Phase 5 (14): Larraman's Organ- Stores nanotech repair robots which staunch blood flow within one combat turn and begin rapid tissue regeneration, functions as PM Regeneration.

Phase 6: Catalepsean Node- Allows MECD's mind to remain active during sleep by switching off areas of the brain sequentially, MECD can not be surprised while asleep.

Phase 7 (12): Preomner- Allows MECD to consume and digest any organic material including but not limited too: plant fiber, wood, bone, leather, flesh, chitin.

Phase 8: Omophagea- Designed to absorb genetic material and extract the RNA chains held within animal tissue as a function of memory, experience or innate ability. Endows the MECD with an unusual survival trait, he can actually learn by eating. This has evolved a number of blood/flesh consuming rituals among the ranks of the MECD.

Phase 9 (X): Multiple Lung- Allows MECD to survive in toxic environments and filter out airborne particles, doubles CN saves vs. gases, allows MECD to hold breath for a number of minutes equal to CN rating at full operational levels or CN x 3 minutes if immobile.

Phase 10 (11): Occulobe- Enhances MECD vision, feline genetic material allows nightvision (moonlight as sunlight, starlight as moonlight), goldfish genetic material allows extention of vision from the infrared to ultraviolet ranges, functions as the PM Infravision and Ultravision.

Phase 11 (10): Lymans Hammer- Enables MECD to enhance and filter background noise, functions as PM Heightened Sense: Hearing.

Phase 12: Suspension Hormone Gland- Allows the MECD to place themselves into suspended animation, MECD can activate this gland at will or it can be activated automatically under certain extreme physical conditions. Suspension can be timed by the MECD or ended externally through the use of injected triggering hormones. Estimated computer projections suggest an outside time limit of 500 years or more.

Phase 13 (X): Melanochromic Organ- Automatically reacts to radiation and darkens skin pigmentation to protect MECD from harmful UV levels. Also provides limited protection from harder forms of radiation, doubling the CN saves vs. radiation.

Phase 14 (X): Oolitic Kidney- Enables the MECD to resist and breakdown poisons either digested or injected into the bloodstream, doubles the CN save vs. poisons.

Phase 15 (11): Neuroglottis- By simply tasting, a MECD can detect a wide variety of natural and artificial poisons and chemicals, functions as the PM Heightened Sense: Taste.

Phase 16: Moaria-Haklen Gland- The MECD sweats an oily, naturally cleansing chemical which coats the skin. It reduces heat or cold exposure damage by -2 RF and allows brief survival in a vacuum for a number of minutes equal to one half the CN rating.

Phase 17 (10): Carbon-Organic Subcutaneous BioMesh- A Carbon-Organic BioMesh has been implanted beneath the skin of all MECD's, this functions as both a natural armor (AC 4 (-20)) and the PM Kinetic Negation.

Phase 18: Combat Modified Adrenal Gland- Once every three hours the MECD may boost their combat bonuses for ten combat turns, doubling PS and DX bonuses. During this period the MECD will remain operational up to -20 HP, after which the MECD automatically enters Phase 12 for a three hour period.

MECD Genetic Programming:
(24) Martial Arts- doubles Attack Rank and PS or DX bonus.
(20) Concealment/Stealth- functions in urban or rural environments.
(30) Acrobatics- add Rank to all jump/leap checks.
(31) Swimming- Swim or tread water for a number of hours equal to CN plus Rank.
(20) Throwing- doubles Rank with thrown weapons, add 1/5 Rank to base damage.
(20) Weapons Master- Energy weapons (all), adds score to Rank.
(20) Weapons Master- Knifefighting, adds score to Rank.
(25) Weaponsmith- all hand held weapons to date of creation.

Additional Programs: Ambidexterity, Defending, Dodging, Nimbleness and Willpower.

Issued Equipment: Diamond/Plasteel Armor (AC 8 (-40)), Mark VII Blaster Rifle, Mark V Blaster Pistol, duralloy Combat Knife, one dozen Torc Grenades, two Mini-missiles, one dozen hydrogen cells, thirty days food concentrates, Medi-kit, duralloy grappling hook and 100m plasteel line, four duralloy Throwing Knives, Sniper Slingshot (BD 5/10, BR 40, (Crit)) and 100 plasteel slingbullets, RNA transfer kit, backpack.

Notes: leaping (running)- 26 (20), leaping (standing)- 8 (6), jumping down- 35 (18), vaulting over or springing up (running)- 8 (6), springing up (standing)- 4 (3), natural Heightened Balance score of 16.

RNA Transfer Rules
Time Since Death Gained Experience
Red 6 hours 5x
Orange 5 hours 4x
Yellow 4 hours 3x
Green 3 hours 2x
Blue 2 hours 1x
White 1 hour fail (-1 CS per attempt)
Black fail fail (spoiled sample)

Base experienced gained is 1/4 HD or Rank.
Two rolls are required; the first determines how much of a time window the MECD has, the second how much of a sample is recovered.

3E Cover and Armour Class Adjustments

100% Cover Total Protection

75% Cover +8 to AC (-40)

50% Cover +4 to AC (-20)

25% Cover +2 to AC (-10)

Material Strength

25% Cover 50% Cover 75% Cover 100% Cover

Leather, Light
Plastic, Thick Ice 5hp 10hp 15hp 20hp

Sand, Hard
Plastic, Wood 10hp 20hp 30hp 40hp

Ceramic 20hp 40hp 60hp 80hp

Stone, Brick 35hp 70hp 105hp 140hp

Metal Plates 45hp 90hp 135hp 180hp

Plasteel 60hp 120hp 180hp 240hp

These cover breaches will only be the size of the weapon making them, i.e. a sword makes a
sword-sized hole, a laser makes a laserbeam-sized hole, etc.
Blunt weapons only do 50% damage when attempting to penetrate cover.

3E Leaping and Jumping Into Action

DX Roll

Red Total surprise! +5 CS to attacks OR one full turn (10 seconds) of
actions, -5 CS on opponent's attacks, may leap full distance away.

Orange +4 CS to attacks OR one full turn (10 seconds) of
actions, -4 CS on opponent's attacks, may leap full distance away.

Yellow +3 CS to attacks OR one full turn (10 seconds) of
actions, -3 CS on opponent's attacks, may leap half distance away.

Green +2 CS to attacks OR one full turn (10 seconds) of
actions, -2 CS on opponent's attacks, may leap half distance away.

Blue +1 CS to attacks OR one full turn (10 seconds) of
actions, -1 CS on opponent's attacks, may leap half distance away.

White Fumbled leap. -5 CS on own actions OR half turn (5 seconds) of
actions, may not leap away but will remain standing.

Black Wipe out! No attack OR actions allowed, +5 CS on opponent's
attacks, stunned for one turn (10 seconds).

I was required to come up with these rules when a player created a feline character with both
great leaping abilities and martial arts skills. Hope this proves useful to others.

3E Lifting and Carrying Rules

Difficulty Factor Results

Red 10x PS lift only

Orange 9x PS lift only

Yellow 8x PS lift only

Green 7x PS lift only

Blue 6x PS 1/16 Speed to carry

White 5x PS 1/8 Speed to carry
2x PS Heavily Burdened ½ Speed

1x PS Burdened ¾ Speed

Black PS reduced by ½ for a Duration equal to CN roll

Note: Multiples of 6x - 10x may be maintained for 1 turn (10 seconds) per RF on a CN
roll, 5x may be maintained for 1 minute per RF on a CN roll
60% of PS may be lifted or carried by the PC's dominant hand
50% of PS may be lifted or carried by the PC's 'off' hand

Additions for Exceptional Strength

Carrying Lifting Max Lift
PS Range

1 - 21 See chart above

Col. X x3 x6 x9

Col. Y x5 x10 x15

Col. Z x10 x20 x30

These multiples apply to the above chart.
Maximum Lift only applies when the lifter has time to set their footing properly and gain a
proper grip on the object. Minimum time required is six turns minus one turn per RF rolled on a
PS roll. A Black result will cause severe damage to the lifters back, groin, knees, etc.