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2011-02-28, 12:21 AM
The Vengeance Knight in Champions of Ruin have an ability called Arcane Backlash that I think is just to tasty to pass up. Many of my friends hate to play melee characters due to being destroyed by the casters.

Well with this it would make any caster think twice before sending a spell toward a melee foe.

This could be added on as a optional class feature, feats based on BAB, or just tack it on with what the classes already get.

Ok so I've changed many aspects of the original but kept the basic idea. To make things simple I'm creating these as feats (fighter bonus feats).

Arcane BackDraft


BAB +3
Inability to cast Arcane Magic

Special: If the character ever gains the ability to cast arcane spells (except through items/equipment) then this feat becomes inactive

When you save against any arcane spell that has you as the only target, the original caster takes 1d6/original caster level lethal damage. This damage is based on your character's alignment (CG character's would have backdraft energy be Chaotic and/or Good for overcoming DR).

Supplement feats would include

Include divine spells (take away ability to use divine spells)
Change damage to non lethal damage
+1d8/original caster level damage
Failed save sends back half damage
Ability to change alignment damage
You no longer have to be the only target
(Final feat which is able to take at around 18th level) Change lethal damage to ability score damage

Yes I know the last one is huge but so is the ability to fly and erase someone from reality (as wizards can do).


Karen the wizard (CL 19) shoots chain lightning at Edgar the Barbarian who has Arcane backdraft and has taken the supplement feat +1d8/cl damage and "Failed save for 1/2 damage". Edgar would send back either 19d8 or 9d8 damage depending on if he failed or saved his throw.

Yes this is a work in progress and constructive criticism is welcomed.

2011-02-28, 01:29 AM
As a person who despises casters and the like, I would jump on this feat in a heartbeat. However, when you say "original caster level", you mean "the level of the wizard who shot you", correct?

Given that as the case, I can see this being incredibly dangerous in conjunction with a monk, rogue, or other class that gets evasion. "Oh, you shot me with a lightning bolt? I take no damage, and you take the damage instead!" No one would play a caster again, unless they had the points to dump into CON for the extra health.

2011-02-28, 01:55 AM
Yep, that's the intent of the original power. Also it makes sense for it to go off from the other since it is their power you are throwing back at them.

Well Monk and Rogue have slower BAB progression so they wouldn't be able to take as many of these feats. Also I could put in a restriction about having evasion (or anything like it) just like having arcane spell casting makes the feat not work.

I don't think it would be to bad for a monk or rogue to have this. First of all there are many spells that target other defenses that this feat would work with... Plus outside of super awesome optimizing a rogue or monk aren't that high of a tier. If you are playing a monk then this won't break you :P. Rogues are a bit MAD but not to bad so this wouldn't be to bad....

Maybe make the requirement
Full BAB +3
3/4 BAB +5

I might will make a special part of it that says that the damage dice can't exceed the number that the caster uses... That way a spell that can do max 15d6 cast by a 19th level wizard won't get 19d6 sent back at them


Although keeping the Rogue and Monk as is would be great for what this feat/power is made for.

Casters beware

Shoot a bolt of lightning at the sneaky dexterous monk? You pay.

2011-02-28, 02:02 AM
Maybe make the requirement
Full BAB +3
3/4 BAB +5

I might make a special part of it that says that the damage dice can't exceed the number that the caster uses... That way a spell that can do max 15d6 cast by a 19th level wizard won't get 19d6 sent back at them

Don't have Full BAB and 3/4 BAB prerequisites that are different. Doesn't mesh well with 3.X in general and makes multiclassing a Wha?

As for the other you may want to consider that but also amend that it is only true for spells that deal damage.

Really though if they're using a Reflex half spell and only hitting one target they're making a mistake as it is.

2011-02-28, 02:09 AM
I figured a supplement feat would allow it to work for none damaging spells for less damage. There are many things like mind rape that need to have a way to be countered. Plus it is magical energy being targeting the melee combatant so it goes along with the thought of "pushing back" the energy.

Evening the odds: When a non damaging spell targets the character and is saved against the Arcane Backdraft is 1d4/original caster level (alignment damage). This tells the character the general location of the caster.

A helpless character doesn't benefit from this feat

2011-02-28, 02:14 AM
So the initial feat only works on:
Damaging arcane spells that target only the character with the feat which allow a save which they succeeded on?

You do realize how few spells that actually includes, right?

Single target damage spells rarely allow saves and multitarget ones rarely are worth using unless they hit multiple targets. About the only thing this will normally work on is oddly the Orb of X spells.

2011-02-28, 02:21 AM
That is how the original ability was created, I'm trying to keep with that as much as possible.

But you are right, the lower level ones don't give saves.

But that's ok, at lower levels fighters/rogues/barbarians are strong enough to fight off a wizard/sorcerer so it really wouldn't be a problem

There will be a supplement that will allow for multiple target spells to trigger this also. Seems like I already addressed this in my op:smallredface:

Edit: It seems like from 3rd level spells onward more and more give saves.

2011-03-07, 04:47 PM
Yes I know the last one is huge but so is the ability to flyNo it isn't? Many races are able to do this naturally and many characters I play are of those races?

2011-03-12, 08:39 PM
Most races and most characters do not get natural flight. Stack up the numbers and see the difference.

Flight is a big issue and it is the reason why classes like Druid, Warlock, Wizard, and Sorcerer can delete (or kill) a fighter with ease.

With some sort of natural defense arcane and divine magic users wouldn't be so game breaking. Oh this applies to monsters too...their arcane and divine abilities but maybe not SU abilities? Hmmm

If core only is allowed then no base race gets flight and there seems to be tons of those :P.