View Full Version : 3.5 Alchemical Refinements: A New way to Add Magic to Your Characters

2011-02-28, 03:47 PM
I am running an e10 game that does not have the standard spellcasting classes: Any class that gain access to spells as part of its class abilities is out. The campaign setting effectively replaces magic with Alchemy and Alchemical technology.

However, there is a way for all characters to gain access to spell-like abilities. These Refinements (the name shamelessly stolen from White Wolf's excellent Promethean game) allow the character to gain certain spell like effects as they level up.

Here's how its works:

Each refinement is a philosophical goal that is embarked upon by taking part in an alchemical ritual that re-balances the body's humors towards a specific end. One the ritual is complete, you gain access to the refinements powers, which work as follows:

@Level 3, the character gains access to 1 level 1 spell he can cast 3x per day.
@Level 6, the character gains access to 1 level 2 spell he can cast 2x per day.
@Level 9, the character gains access to 1 level 3 spell he can cast 1x per day.

You can only ever have access to 1 refinement, though you can change refinements through a new ritual. Doing so, however, permanently drains you of 1 constitution.

Here is a sample refinement:

Path of the Brand Bearer

Level 3: Access to Burning Hands 3x per day
Level 6: Access to Flame Blade 2x per day
Level 9: Access to Fireball 1x per day

Any thoughts?