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Shade Kerrin
2011-02-28, 04:26 PM
Alright, so my friends and I had a running joke over the power of Beards, culminating in me promising to make a Beard-themed prestige class for joke campaigns. Now, I'm not sure if such a thing already exists on this forum, and frankly it isn't important, I promised.
This is a WIP, and as such has yet to be given the standard format. Also, any 'Beard Trick' suggestions would be appreciated

Bearded Warrior

Beards. Mustaches. Many a mighty hero has borne a prideful set of facial hair that has made him stand out among his kind. A rare few, however, have learned to draw power from the hair itself. These brave men are powerful, deadly, and just a little insane.

Hit Die: d10

BaB: +5
Skills: 8 Craft(Beard-growing)
Special: Dwarf or Male, Facial hair must fall below the shoulders at minimum

The Bearded Warrior
Class Skills: Climb, Concentration, Craft, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge(History), Knowledge(Nobility & Royalty), Knowledge(Local), Knowledge(Beards!!), Listen, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Use Rope
Skill-points per level:4+Int
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Beard of Holding, Ancestral Beard, Beardic Taboo, Beard Trick

+3|Beard Trick

+3|Beardic Regeneration, Beard Trick

+4|Beard Trick

+4|Beard Mastery, Beard Trick

Weapon and armor proficiencies: A Bearded Warrior gains proficiency in whatever abilities he is granted by his Beard

Beard of Holding(Ex)
Upon entering this class, a Bearded Warrior learns of the most basic ability of facial hair: A near endless ability to hold items within. In game terms, his beard now counts as a Bag of Holding with a capacity of 120lbs. This functions even in an anti-magic field. If his beard is removed, the items can still be taken out(from the severed part) as normal, but not returned. This holds true even when the Beardic Regeneration ability is unlocked, meaning items held in the original do not simply return to the new beard.

Ancestral Grooming(Su) (Credit: Coidzor)
As with all things, Bearded Warriors of ancient times were mighty pillars to which those alive today pale in comparison. However, with enough effort such ancient glories can be relived. At any time, a Bearded Warrior may go in to isolation to unlock the true powers of his beard. He may sacrifice an equivalent amount of gold or magic items during this time to apply an enhancement bonus of magic item property to his beard, obeying the normal time requirements for such processes. During this time, he must spend at least 8 hours a day grooming his beard while contemplating those who have gone before him.

Beardic Taboo:
For all the powers it grants, there is one cost the the way of the Bearded Warrior. He may never hold a slashing weapon with intent to use. Should he do so, he is stripped of all class features and must seek an Atonement spell. Said spell has no effect if cast within a month.
Special: Dwarves are not held to this restriction if using a Dwarven Waraxe(It is as much a symbol as it is a weapon), nor are those who use a slashing form of the beard held back from deploying it.
((This was a special request, and can be waived if wanted))

Beard Tricks:
At each level, a Bearded Warrior learns one of the special abilities listed in the next section. Unless otherwise stated, all abilities are (Ex).

Beardic Regeneration(Ex):
At 3rd level, a Bearded Warrior's mental image of his luxurious beard becomes strong enough to force itself on the material plane when misaligned. Should he lose his beard/mustache for any reason, it will simply grow back over the course of an 8 hour rest period. As with spellcasting, items or abilities that reduce the required rest time have no effect on this.

Beard Mastery:
At 5th level, the Bearded Warrior develops the true nature of his kind. Each Beard Trick that he knows gains the Mastery ability listed in its description

Beard Trick List
Follicle Assault: Your beard is now treated as a natural attack, following the normal rules for such(But see Ancestral Beard above). When you take this Skill, choose either Piercing or Bludgeoning damage. Whatever the choice, attacks with your facial hair deal 1d6 damage at level 1, 1d8 at level 3, and 1d10 at level 5. If you have Unarmed damage from another source(such as monk levels), instead progress the attack by a relevant number of categories.
Mastery: You may freely choose whether to deal Piercing or Bludgeoning damage, and may further choose to increase either the Crit Threat range(to 19~20), or the Crit Damage(to *3)

Beard Coat: Your beard is made of tougher stuff than normal, and is somewhat able to protect you from attacks. You gain a +1 Natural Armor bonus per odd Bearded Warrior level, and 15% Concealment at each even level. However, any attack that misses due to concealment deals damage to the beard instead. It has Hardness 1 per level and 20hp per level.
Mastery: Your skills have improved to the point that you can actively defend yourself with your beard. As an immediate action, you may substitute an attack roll for either your AC or a Reflex save, gaining the benifits of Evasion in the second case(Improved Evasion if you already have the former). If this negates the attack, the damage is dealt to the beard as normal. In addition, your beard's Hardness increases to 10 and its HP increases to 150.

Beard of Holding, Improved: Your beard's storage capacity increases to that of a type 3 Bag of Holding. In addition, 100lbs worth of this gains the easy access capacities of a Handy Haversack.
Mastery: Once a day, you may enter your beard, creating an equivalent effect to the Plane Shift spell. This counts as a Supernatural ability

Beard Missile: You gain the ability to launch your beard from your face as a devestating explosion-based attack. This attack can be shot to Long Range(based on total character level), and affects a 20ft spread. It deals 1d10 Untyped damage per character level, which can be halved with a reflex save(DC 10+1/2 CharLev + Con). Once used, all beard powers are disabled for 1d4 minutes(though items in a Beard of Holding remain safe)
Mastery: You may choose to elementise your beard during this attack, dealing Fire, Cold, Sonic, Electric or Acid damage. In addition, as a free action, you can deal 2 points of Con damage to yourself in order to instantly regrow your beard if it was lost via this technique.

Beard Rays: You develop the ability to project beams of energy from your beard. As a standard action, you may shoot 1 ray per odd level of the class. This attack can be shot to Medium range(based on total character level), counts as a Ranged Touch attack, and deals 4d6 Fire damage per ray. Once used, this technique cannot be used again for 1d4 rounds
Mastery: You may freely choose the energy type of this atack from a choice of Fire, Cold, Sonic, Electric and Acidic. In addition, once per day you may apply the effects of Maximise to the attack.

Beard Soul:(Credit:Coidzor) Your strength of faith in your beard reverses the old maxim of 'Mind over Matter'. You may add your Con to your Reflex and Will saves, as long as your beard is intact.
Mastery: When you would be reduced to 0 or less HP, you may attempt a Will save(DC 5+damage dealt) to transfer your essence to either your beard(which leaves it behind during this effect) of the beard of another within 30ft. This completely removes you from existence, including any equipment you have on you at the time. After exactly 24 hours you reappear adjacent to the source your essence entered, in the exact same state as you were just before being hit. If the beard you are nested in is destroyed, you immediately appear again, but at -9 hp and unstable.

Independant Hair:(Credit: Eurus) Your control over your beard/mustache increases to the point that you can create 'macros' that allow you to deploy your abilities from it with a mere thought, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks. Each round, you get an extra Standard action that may be used only to fuel Beard Trick. If you choose to make use of this, you may not use your regular actions on Beard Trick.
Mastery:You are no longer locked out of using your regular actions on Beard Trick.

Longhair You can temporarily extend your beard/mustache to great lengths. You may treat your facial hair as if it were a whip, but may deal your Follicle Assault damage(as lethal damage) if applicable. Any feat or skill trick that enhances whips also applies to this ability
Mastery:(credit: Bergo Terraf) The lengths to which you can extend your beard reaches ridiculous levels. You may treat your Follicle Assault(if applicable) as a Thrown weapon with a range-increment of 15ft, though it cannot extend beyond 75ft even if you enhance the size of the increments.
Furthermore, it can count as a 75ft long rope and as a grappling hook, which furthermore has the option of auto-retracting

Prehensile Hair:(Credit:Venardhi) Your Beard/Mustache develops the powers to move freely, as if it were another limb. Though not strong enough to hold objects on its own, it can be used to assist 1 hand in holding a 2-handed item(Though this only grants 1* the strength bonus in combat), or to grant a +2 bonus on Trip, Disarm and Grapple attempts.
Mastery:The strength of the hair increases to that of the other limbs, allowing you to treat it in all ways as if it were simply another hand.

Share the Hair:(Su)(Credit: Insanealien) Your knowledge of beards allows you to tap the primal forces of the world to stimulate facial hair growth in the less fortunate. As a standard action, you may declare 1 target who lacks more than 1cm of facial hair per Bearded Warrior level within 100ft of you and within 30ft of each other, causing them to grow a luxurious beard(You cannot truly give such greatness to those unable to gain it themselves, though, so such beards disappear again after 1 minute per Bearded Warrior level, can cannot be used to fuel Bearded Warrior abilities(if applicable)). Those affected must make a Will save (DC 10+your Con+ Bearded Warrior levels) to avoid being Fascinated for the duration of the effect. Even if they succeed this throw, the beard is both large and distracting, as such they must make a Reflex save(DC 10+Con+Bearded Warrior levels) each round that they move more than 10ft, to avoid becoming Entangled by their beard. This ability may be used once every 10 minutes
Mastery:The Fascination DC increases by 5 and the DC to break out of(not avoid) the Entanglement increases by 10

Twinbeard Either your beard splits into two at some point, or you have learned to use the two sides of your Mustache separately rather than in unison. Whatever the case, this trick does nothing on its own, instead enhancing other tricks in the following ways:
Follicle Assault: Your beard counts as two natural attacks with further penalty
Beard Rays: As a full action, you may fire additional rays based on the number of iterative attacks you have. However, this reduces the piercing power of the individual beams when done, causing them to strike against the target's normal AC instead of Touch AC.
Longhair(mastery only) You may Brachiate with your beard, effectively giving you Fly speed 75(Perfect), as long as there is a suitable surface to grasp at higher elevation than you and within 75ft(a suitable surface has a climb DC of 15 or less if vertical, or 25 or less if horizontal)
Prehensile Hair: You may extend the benefits to both hands. Once you have Mastery, your facial hair counts as 2 hands, and you gain the Multiattack feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.
There is no Mastery to this ability, as it remains compatible with the pre-existing masteries of the other skills

Cozy Hair
The natural warmth of your facial hair extends to your entire body. Any latent temperature is treated as up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit warmer if it would be beneficial to you. Furthermore, you gain Energy Resistance 10/Cold.
Mastery: The maximum warmth increase is now 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you are treated as either having energy Resistance 10/Cold, or take half damage from any Cold effect, whichever is more beneficial at the time.

Beard Magic
When you gain this ability, choose one Spellcaster or Manifester class that you have at least 1 level in. From this point on, each level in the Bearded Warrior class counts as a level in said class for determining spells/powers known, spell slots/PP, and CL/ML. In addition, add Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge(Religion) or Knowledge(Psionics) to your Bearded Warrior class skills list, depending on whether you are using a Arcane, Divine or Psionic class for this ability.
Mastery: ...It's spell-casting. No Mastery for you.

Imposing Hair
The reason is unknown, but a solid beard of magnificent mustache has a strong effect on one's perceived character. This skill grants a +1/Bearded Warrior level Competence bonus on all Charisma-based skills, with the exception of Disguise.
Mastery: The bonus becomes untyped.

Shade Kerrin
2011-02-28, 04:28 PM
Version history:
0.1: Basic idea proposed
0.2: Suggestions gathered and formatted
0.3: Abilities renamed to reduce beard-specificality.

Darth Stabber
2011-03-01, 10:57 AM
Behind the beard, Another Fist: Whenever you are the target of an AoO, you may make a single unarmed attack against the creature taking the attack. Your attack resolves after their attacks.

Mustachioed Assault: the two sides of your mustache become secondary natural weapons that may be added to any full attack (Secondary natural attacks have a -5 penalty and only add 1/2 str mod. They are affected by multiattack feats). They deal 1d4 damage (slashing) and crit on a 19-20 for x2 damage.

2011-03-01, 03:52 PM
Prehensile beard? Can be used like teifling's tail or to aid in grapple attempts.

2011-03-01, 04:06 PM
Well, this is definitely relevant to my interests.

Some ideas.

Beard Natural Weapon (equivalent to a slam at first) -> Prehensile Beard(bonus on certain strength checks/skills where applicable as well) -> Twinbeard (two natural weapons or can count as two-handing a weapon/wield a double weapon/two light weapons)

Prestibearditation - Your beard can aid in complex tasks and grapples, becoming capable of fine motor control and grasping. Gives a circumstance bonus on grapples/use of certain skills (say, dexterity and strength based).

Beardsoul - Your belief in your beard who believes in you allows your to apply your constitution to all saves, so long as your beard is intact.

And allow a ritual like the ones that Oriental Adventures Samurai or the Ancestral Relic feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds grant, for enchanting one's beard, so that unarmed strikes/natural weapon attacks/special beard-weapons gain those enchantments, with some ability to switch it around maybe on a weekly basis. Ancestral Beard - Your beard is the beard of your great ancestor and the grooming techniques of yore yield especial benefit...

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-01, 04:48 PM
Some good ideas going here, also gave me some inspiration for the possible capstone of the class.

Beard Mastery: All Beard tricks gain a specific improvement. For example: Beardsoul could gain benifits akin to Fiery Discorporation (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/fieryDiscorporation.htm)

Just got to say that I'd prefer to avoid chains, though

Edit: What about something based on intimidation?

No brains
2011-03-01, 07:02 PM
Disintegrate... Beard (Su) With a glance, a Bearded Warrior can destroy the beards of the unworthy. As a free action (not swift or immediate: the real deal here) a Bearded Warrior of 1st level or higher can destroy all beards within 100 ft. Beards are affected as the disintegrate spell. Bearded Warriors can also return beards so disintegrated as a free action. The Bearded Warrior organization very borkenly uses adamantine beards to shleter their lairs so that only fellows may enter.

2011-03-01, 07:21 PM
Just got to say that I'd prefer to avoid chains, though

Understandable, just saw an odd sort of progressionish deal between various ideas that had been thrown out.

Edit: What about something based on intimidation?

Beard of Flame? One's beard becomes fire or can burst into flame at will with fires that only burns those one chooses and grants a bonus on intimidation, doubling the durations for demoralizing foes and for how long a creature remains intimidated after leaving the presence of the Bearded Warrior?

2011-03-02, 05:16 AM
Disintegrate... Beard (Su) With a glance, a Bearded Warrior can destroy the beards of the unworthy. As a free action (not swift or immediate: the real deal here) a Bearded Warrior of 1st level or higher can destroy all beards within 100 ft. Beards are affected as the disintegrate spell. Bearded Warriors can also return beards so disintegrated as a free action. The Bearded Warrior organization very borkenly uses adamantine beards to shleter their lairs so that only fellows may enter.

This seems kind of the antithesis of the class. Destroying another man's beard isn't just crippling to other Bearded Warriors, it's unsportsmanlike. I think they should have the ability to force a target to grow an enormous beard in moments. Being unused to such amazing facial hair, they get tangled in it and become slowed until they are dealt slashing damage or someone makes a Profession: Barber DC15 check to slice off the hair.

2011-03-02, 09:26 AM
Seeing "Beardic Regeneration" made me think "Beardic Lore" (Beardic Music? Hmm...). :smallbiggrin:

As some kind of capstone, your beard becomes a semi-independent creature? Still attached, but can take a partial action on its own. :smallamused:

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-02, 04:57 PM
The thing I really like about trick-based classes is that they don't restrict you to taking the designers view of what it should be(unlike the monk), which at the same time lets you be more effective by not spending your theoretical class points on effects that you don't actually want(like the monk). With that in mind, an independent beard is probably better as a skill than a capstone. Still, it is quite a good idea.

Also, even joke games might want to hold to some form of balance. With that in mind, let's try to have this guy floating at tier 3.

Bergor Terraf
2011-03-03, 09:04 PM
How about protection from cold? The insulating properties of the beard spreads to the rest of the body (only the protection, not the beard itself, don't want to look like some kind of beard elemental or something).

Also, creating rope from woven facial hair. You always need more rope!

Darth Stabber
2011-03-04, 04:45 PM
I still feel that Mustaches are left out of this. There is something to be said for having the upperlip hair to back up all the chin hair.

'Stache parry once per round you may attempt to parry an incoming blow with your mustache, the opponents attack roll is opposed by a beard attack roll. If you succeed the attack is negated.

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-04, 08:31 PM
Actually, I feel that just as Spellswords actually point out that there's nothing wrong with being a Spell-axe, and Unarmed Swordsages laugh at the core monk, A bearded Warrior need not qualify with his beard
In fact, here's the picture I intend to use for the class:
Now if only I could find a non-blurred version.....

Also, I'm thinking that something along the lines of the Stache Parry for the Beard Armor Mastery

Saint Nil
2011-03-04, 08:38 PM
Something you might appreciate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHyGakg3Ts0)

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-06, 05:34 AM
Right, added most of the originals to the description, tomorrow I shall go through the suggestions and add them in

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-08, 10:09 PM
Everything that's going to be added has been added, except the Intimidation and Insulation effects. So now...what's that word again...ah yes, PEACH. Let's PEACH this thing.

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-31, 06:08 PM
...bump? I thought this forum liked peaches...
I also have no idea whatsoever about how to distribute skills to this guy.

2011-03-31, 06:24 PM

Survival, Knowledge: History (Historical Beards being important to know about and Beard Lore), Knowledge: Nobility (Famous beards build famous men?), physical-based skills so climb and swim and jump probably... Those seem to be fairly minimal. Craft and Profession are pretty much universal...

Maybe Concentration, which could be tied back in to the use of certain beard powers?

Shade Kerrin
2011-03-31, 07:33 PM
I can't think of any Beard tricks that would use concentration, except maybe Beard Soul...unless....Of course!! New Beard tricks!

Shade Kerrin
2011-06-01, 07:01 PM
Dunno if necroing your own thread counts....Hope not.

In any case, the class is now essentially complete. Thank you all for contributing, just a pity we couldn't get any PEACHing on the guy.

2011-06-01, 08:18 PM
"Beard Skills List" Should be "Beard Trick" with appropriate language below. This would mean it would match the table.

Also, I can't believe that nobody has mentioned the Russian Beard/American Mustache from "The Tick".

Here is a small clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZWXRIlAl9w

2011-06-07, 01:54 AM
I cant believe I didnt notice this till now. Me likee :smallcool:

2011-06-07, 05:04 AM
Ehm... How about...
Beard of Verility
Effect: Your beard is both bushy and tough as well as soft to the touch and velvety. You gain a bonus equal to your Bearded Warrior level on Diplomacy and Bluff checks against heterosexual and bisexual women, as well as homosexual and bisexual men, and can cast 'Charm Person' on these targets as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your Bearded Warrior class level.
The save DC of this ability is 10+full Bearded Warrior lvl+cha modifier.

I can't believe nobody else came up with a sexeh beard trick!

2011-06-07, 09:42 AM
I have a fairly long (about 6-7 inches) facial ferret (beard&'tash), and there is one thing which I've noticed over the last few years. As such, here's a thought...

Beard Empathy.
Effect: Anyone you come into direct line of sight with, who shares a well maintained beard, instantly improves their disposition towards you by 1 step. Furthermore, you may inititiate an effect akin to the Mind Link psionic power with any bearded person with nothing more than a nod (free action). This effect lasts as long as you maintain a line of sight.
Mastery: The disposition of fellow beardies shifts 2 steps instead, and you may now sense the direction and distance of all beards you have previously Mind Linked with.

Love the class guys, now I must remake my DM Avatar of Me for my comedy setting!

EDIT: The Craft (Beard-Growing) should really be Craft (Beard-Cultivation) IMO, sounds better :smallwink:

2011-09-20, 10:10 AM
Beard-Based Mental Skills

Beard Stroke
It is well known that pausing, stroking your beard or tugging on your mustache, temporarily increases your mental abilities. This skill grants a +1/Bearded Warrior level Wisdom bonus on all Wisdom-based skills. To stroke your beard requires all your attention and cannot be done while you are performing an action such as combat, but its effects last for one turn per Bearded Warrior level. Multiple strokes do not stack.
Mastery: The bonus may apply to Intelligence, Wisdom and/or Charisma, in any combination.

Mustache Twiddle
Similar to Beard Stroke, but involves Mustache and applies to charisma and may be performed during combat if accompanied by appropriate catchphrase, e.g. "Ah-ha my pretty one!".

2011-09-20, 10:44 AM
Bit of a nitpick: It's not 15% concealment, it's concealment that gives a 15% miss chance. Also, how does concealment cause him to hit the beard instead? It should cause him to hit nothing, since he can't see you that well.

And finally (on the same topic): As written, you gain nothing at level 4 from that beard trick, since you already have concealment for 15% miss chance from level 2. The intent is obviously that it increases to 30% miss chance, but you might want to make that explicit.

2011-09-20, 10:57 AM
Thread Necromancy.

2011-09-20, 11:40 AM
This is awesome!

2011-09-20, 03:28 PM

Shade Kerrin
2011-10-03, 11:22 PM
Necromancy it is, but I'm surprised to see continued interest in this project. As I recall the original poster has the right to revive the thread, so I shall declare that now, and work through the suggestions/corrections as I find time.

2011-10-04, 12:12 AM
Thread Necromancy or not...
Best. PrC. Ever.

At least up there in the top 10. I don't care how ridiculous it is, I'd let my PCs take this class in an instant. I actually have a Dwarven Fighter/Cleric NPC that would be hilarious with access to this.

2011-10-04, 10:30 AM
This. The thing right here? Words cannot describe how awesome this is.

2011-10-04, 08:08 PM
Always enjoyed this since I first laid eyes upon it. :smallsmile:

2011-10-04, 08:48 PM
This is AWESOME!

Hmmm, I have an idea for a Beard Trick.. How about the ability to summon bearded monster? Bearded devil is an obvious one. Are there any others?

2011-10-04, 08:57 PM
This is AWESOME!

Hmmm, I have an idea for a Beard Trick.. How about the ability to summon bearded monster? Bearded devil is an obvious one. Are there any others?

Beards are pretty obligatory for dwarves; male, non-stone giants; vikings, and there might be a few animals with beard-like developments.

Like, Bearded Dragons. :smallamused: Heh. Homebrew monster - Beard Bears.