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2011-02-28, 07:28 PM
I've built the following 5 level character for a 3.5 game: Cloistered cleric 3 / Ardent 2, going into Psychic theurge at 6th.

I have both practiced spellcaster and practiced manifester and am Human. Not sure what my human feat should e, nor my 6th level feat coming up.

Core and completes only (expanded psionic handbook is considered core for the game) Also, I took War domain so I'm planning on going melee, if that helps.


2011-02-28, 08:04 PM
Power Attack, er, what sort of melle BTW ?

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2011-02-28, 08:04 PM
Travel Devotion from Complete Champion, Sanctum spell (Source?) would allow you to get into psychic theurge with only a single level of cloistered cleric. Ardent 3/Cleric 1.

Law devotion from Complete Champ is good as well. Consider Linked Power (Cpsi) to get more powers on the field. Very good with buffs, mind boggling with Hustle.