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2011-03-01, 12:49 AM
It's voting time again. This last prestige class presented some new and different challenges as it is the first time that this particular portion of character creation has been addressed as the theme for the contest, and I think that the results speak for themselves, as we got some pretty darn good entries, and none of them what you'd expect. But it is that time to widdle them down to one final entrant as the victor. Let's get to it!

Voting will go until March 10th, and the next contest will follow. Please bold your vote, and if you please, write a little bit about why you chose who you voted for, as it will do a lot to help people grow as homebrewers. Vote! Everyone vote!

Benly|Darfellan Deepsinger|0
The Vorpal Tribble|Foregoer|9
classy one|Keepers of the Uroboros|0
Hyooz|Dream Dancer|1
Derjuin|Warden of Dusk|0
bindin garoth|Dual-Heritage Disciple|0
TheGeckoKing|Mantis Maker|0
MammonAzrael|Twice-Claimed Soul|0[/table]

And the winner is... the Vorpal Tribble with the Foregoer!

A side note:

My deepest apologies to those that I had to disqualify, and there were quite a few this contest, and always over the little bits at the bottom. I don't ask for much, but I do ask for a little something at the end. So, again, if you don't see your name above, it's because you didn't follow the rules, and the rule states (from the OP in the contest): 2) Entries must include name, complete class, and fluff, combat related and role playing related. Incomplete entries at the deadline will be disqualified. Joke entries will be disqualified, let's see something serious here. Again, my apologies, as a lot of you have shown a lot of work towards the classes and it sucks to DQ you for no fluff. I'd still recomend you repost it to the forum proper though, for the proper love and attention it deserves.

Alright, voting... begin!


2011-03-01, 03:46 AM
It was a hard decision, but I'm casting my vote for:

Foregoer - The melding of fluff and crunch was superbly done, and it really, really hit the theme of the contest on the head. :smallsmile:


Darfellan Deepsinger

Wow, what great, focused racial flavor, and a fantastic way to start things off (hopefully people will still make all the way down to the bottom before casting their vote though :smallwink:)! I don't know much about darfellans aside from their existence, but this PrC really carries the feel of a decentralized, tribal history. I'm not a big fan of the empty levels, but I do like the cleanness it gives the class, not cluttering things with irrelevant bonuses. I could see this working as a 5 level PrC though.


Interesting spin on Illumians, I like it. I would have prefered if the songs of the six sigils were selectable, instead of set in stone, and perhaps gained a small boost if they were one of your two selected power sigils. The avatars are a great touch, though I'm curious why you didn't make avatars for the sigil-songs. I like the focus on singing, but I feel like the flavor wasn't quite as racially charged as I would have liked. Its certainly a class that wouldn't port over to another race...but it feels like the creation focus gets a little lost in the shuffle of all the interchangeable songs.


Unsurprisingly VT comes in with a very strong showing. I suspect that Family Traits could be very powerful, if you can find the proper combination. Choosing Mongrelfolk...I'm not sure you could make a more race-centric class if you tried! :smallamused: It is a fantastic class, though I worry about how powerful it's ability to mix and match could be...though I think that would only be a problem in the crazy world of TO. They're like self-contained Borg! If they become immune to polymoprh at 10th level can they still metamorph and such? Other than that, not much to say other than impressive!


Pretty cool robot focus. I really like the class, and feel like it could fit with a great many characters. My concern, though, is that it feels like it could easily be applied to other races, and not be warforged exclusive. Additionally, these make killer ranged attackers, as they get some great boosts for the easy tactic of (full-attack)(full-attack)(full-attack). Solid class.

Keeper of the Uroboros

Gusty, choosing a race with racial hit dice and LA. I'm not familiar with the race or its history, but you did a good job covering the important bits, and the class really exudes a great feeling of racial dedication and pride. I'm a little saddened in that I suspect it will end up a nearly universal NPC class...but I could still see it getting great use.

Dream Dancer

I don't really know anything about Kalashtar, but the dream angle is good. I'd have liked links to the homebrewed disciplines, and this class is granting you quite a number of additional maneuvers for a hybrid class. The way you have woven the dreaming world into the class is very good, I really am feeling the combination of flavor and function. I'm worried that it is a little too powerful, but I'd love to take this class for a spin.

Warden of Dusk

Not being well versed in Necropolitan lore or with Evening Glory, I nonetheless see this powerful religious class as very good. It is quite focused and flavorful. Though I was expecting a bit more of a defensive cast, as the fluff really sells them as defenders of their people, the crunch doesn't give them much in the way of defending other than being harder to "kill" themselves.

Dual-Heritage Disciple

Interesting concept, and nice use of the Factotum. I like the angle of improving the stereotypical super-elves by adding in that human potential. I do think that having them become Outsiders is a little strange though, given as how so much of the class is devoted to understanding his dual heritage. This guy will be a hard to pin down jack of every trade possible!

Mantis Maker

I like the class, as it is hilarious but also functional. But my concern is that it doesn't feel particularly tied to Thri-Kreen, mechanically. It seems like it could, in large part, accept almost any race, unless there are some Thri-Kreen basics I'm ignorant of. Other than that though, it is a fun looking class, and I'd get a hoot out of playing it.

2011-03-01, 07:27 AM
Going to have to agree with MammonAzrael here, the Foregoer is just a fantastic Prestige Class. The fluff for Mongrelfolk, the way several of the class features seemed to be tied directly to the racial history and speaking to one's ancestors, which also fit the fluff of the race... just a wonderful class.

Actually, this has probably been one of my favorite contests so far. Every entry looks pretty fracking awesome. But my vote is going to the Foregoer.

2011-03-01, 10:56 AM
Dream Dancer. I really liked the fluff and the mechanics seemed solid as well. It was down to this class, Forgoer, or Twice-Claimed Soul as all of them have flavorful fluff and interesting crunch.

2011-03-01, 12:53 PM
Foregoer for sure.

classy one
2011-03-01, 02:07 PM
I'll vote for the Foregoer as well. It was well done enough to make me take an interest to mongrels. It being psionic was a plus as well.

other runner ups:

Dream dancer: I really liked that it incorporated both ToB and psionics but I just could not get behind the fluff. Kalashtar avoid Dal Quor at all costs. I had mentioned most of my concerns in my PEACH so I'll save my breath now.

Warform initiate: not even up for consideration. Which is a shame since it seems admiral put a lot of thought into it. It was in sore need of fluff to differentiate it from the numerous other shifter PrCs.

Mantis maker: I haven't read the new campaign setting for Dark Sun but this is the only thri-kreen PrC I've seen and making it an artificer is even better. I was debating between this and Foregoer really. Well done.

Just felt like explaining my own creation a bit. Yes, many of the Keeper of the Uroboros is niche: demon and Quori hunting. But I felt having the ability to fly, mass crowd control (that doesn't require any actions), full ML (if buy off is used) and dominant mantle in two mantles would be useful for anyone. That could be my fault for picking the most obscure race with 4HD and 2 LA and the fact no know knows about the dominant mantle ACF for the ardent.
Still I learned a lot about the shulassakar. I might be able to incorporate them into a PbP game I had planned.

Admiral Squish
2011-03-01, 02:14 PM
Eh, I'm fine with it not being voted on. I was mostly in it for the review/balancing. Plus, it did inspire the idea.

Anyways, I'm going to go with Foregoer. Good to see some support for the mongrelfolk. No respect, I tell ya...

2011-03-01, 06:39 PM
I'll vote Foregoer as well.

2011-03-01, 08:43 PM
I'm going to add mine to the overwhelming cascade of votes for the Foregoer. An absolutely beautifully-done class, both on the fluff and crunch sides. A lot of work was put into formatting, too, and it shows- the color of the headers, the little tree image used as a section divider, the choice of art, and so on make for a very polished final product. I'd like to offer particular praise for the unusual care taken with the example NPC, Tastes-of-Raspberries. Detailed, well-thought-out, and with an intriguing story, she'd be a welcome addition to nearly any campaign.


Darfellan Deepsinger: Fascinating- I have to admit I'd never considered the race for anything before. A clean, polished, solid entry that had the bad luck to be followed by some absolutely incredible ones.

Mantis Maker: Hilarious, but ultimately uncompelling...it seemed a bit mechanically uninspired.

Fleshsinger: To me, this was one of only two classes that came close to matching VT's work. Well thought out, flavorful abilities that are deeply linked to the racial heritage...a generally excellent class.

Horizon Watcher: Much like the Deepsinger, this was a good class facing some unbelievable competition. Unlike the Foregoer, Fleshsinger, and Dream Dancer, it didn't really add to or expand on its race's fluff in any significant way; nonetheless, it portrayed the general existing Halfling nomad fluff well, and it definitely fits its described niche in the world. Another solid class.

Dream Dancer: Much is made of the fact that Kalashtar can never dream. We hear far too little about the strength of their link with the World of Dreams. This class sets that right, and spins that intimate but hazy connection into something deadly, lyrical, potent, and always, always dreamlike. It's a good thing the Foregoer was so amazing, because I really can't decide which I like better between this and the Fleshsinger.

Warden of Dusk: A good-aligned Undead class! While relatively unimaginative mechanically, the fluff for these worshipers of Evening Glory, and for their goddess herself, was as beautifully done as any class in the contest.

2011-03-02, 04:47 PM
I've finally found the time to read all the entry so I can vote.
I didn't participate in this one (no time and no good idea) but I did follow as best as I could. My vote will go to the Foregoer it's very well done, original and made for a race I really like.
An other contenter for my vote was the Twiced-clameid soul, for my love of binder, and the Fleshsinger because summoning the song seem like a real fun idea.

classy one
2011-03-04, 02:12 PM
Could we just call this thing and move on? I doubt we will see a surge of new interest in this. Hell, ErrantX hasn't even updated the OP since voting started.

2011-03-04, 06:08 PM
I agree, the winner is very clear-cut (congrats, VT!). And then we can get on with the next contest! :smallsmile:

2011-03-04, 06:11 PM
Yeah, the fix is in. :smallwink: Oh well. At least I'm glad to hear some folks liked Deepsinger.

2011-03-06, 12:45 PM
In honor of those past:

My vote goes Foregoer

2011-03-06, 02:50 PM
Could we just call this thing and move on? I doubt we will see a surge of new interest in this. Hell, ErrantX hasn't even updated the OP since voting started.

So sorry, but I'm in the middle of house hunting and my midweeks are rather busy because of it. Sorry if that's inconvenient for you. /irritation

I'm updating the voting now.


2011-03-06, 03:16 PM
So sorry, but I'm in the middle of house hunting and my midweeks are rather busy because of it. Sorry if that's inconvenient for you. /irritation

I'm updating the voting now.


Don't worry, Errant, it isn't that big of a deal. I hope your house hunting goes well!

2011-03-10, 04:06 PM
Due to a lack of interest in voting this contest by a vast number of people, it seems, and the overwhelming lead of the winner, I'm declaring this contest over, and...

...the Vorpal Tribble as the winner with the Foregoer!

Errant X's Pick

So, having reread all the entries that qualify, I have to make special notes for Vorpal Tribble (of course) for an excellent class, and classy one (I love the shulassakar and you did a fantastic job), Hyooz (anything to do with the kalashatar pleases me immensely, and this is a great effort), and MammonAzrael (binders + hellbred = ftw! Good work!) for making some really wonderful classes. My pick goes to the person who actually made me interested in what I previously would have considered a throw-away race. My pick goes to Benly with his Darfellan Deepsinger. Your class was well-made, full of flavor and depth, and made me break out my copy of Stormwrack to read more. Kudos, sir. Great work!


2011-03-10, 04:09 PM
Voting ended today anyways, didn't it? :smalltongue:

2011-03-10, 04:19 PM
Voting ended today anyways, didn't it? :smalltongue:

Yes, in 9 hours.