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2011-03-03, 04:17 PM
Okay, this is a long story. I like martial classes, I like playing characters who run around banging on things with pieces of metal. However, the default rules for combat don't offer a lot of options, especially compared to spellcasters.

I'm fairly new to the whole homebrewing concept, and as such everything is subject to change. I'm certain I got some some of the numbers wrong, and I'm just getting started.


Gaining Momentum: At the beginning of combat, characters usually have 0 momentum points. As the fight progresses, characters gain momentum.Normally, characters gain momentum every time they score a hit. Failing to score a hit doesn't cost momentum; however, every round a character goes without gaining momentum, they lose it if they themselves are hit.
-Charge: A character who performs a charge gains 1 point of momentum for every 10 feet they charge.

Using momentum: Momentum points can be used in either stances or strikes. Stances are passive, while strikes are performed as part
of an action. MPs can be spent in either one of two ways: used or expended. Used points cannot exceed your current total in 1
round, but they are still available in your MP pool for next round. Expended points are removed from your pool, and have to be
regained. You can never expend all your points in battle; you must always keep one point in reserve. Most moves have variable
point costs, with spending more points increasing the effectiveness.

Losing momentum: Any injury a character suffers in a round they failed to gain momentum costs them 1 MP. If an enemy
successfully performs certain moves, they can inflict more point loss.
-Shield Bash: All damage done with a shield bash is taken from your opponents Momentum Pool
-If a character is brought to zero MP, they are halted. A halted character takes a -2 penalty to AC and CMD against the character that halted them. A halted character cannot have their momentum reduced to injury, but if they take further momentum
damage, they are dazed.

Progression: Characters' maximum MP pool is equal to their base attack bonus. Moves available are based on what weapons they have,
and their level of skill with the weapon. All moves are based on how well a character knows her weapon; a character automatically
knows any move they meet the prerequisite for. Moves are classified by their identifiers.

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Rapid strike [Universal]
Prerequisites: None
Base Cost: 1 point expended

You gets one extra attack at full BAB.

Weighted Strike [Universal]
Prerequisite: Power Attack
Base Cost: 1 point used

You use your momentum to add speed to your weapon, adding +1 to hit. Every 2 extra points used increases the bonus by one.

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2011-03-05, 01:54 AM
This is an interesting idea, but I'll have to see more moves before I can truly say how well it works. However, I do believe that Rapid Strike is slightly over-powered, and should cost more Momentum.

Also, do you think you could change the name from Momentum Points to something else (maybe just Momentum)? It's just that having the abbreviation be MP may confuse some people who play video game RPG's and the like, as that is often your magic bar.