View Full Version : [4e] Looking for a resource - power cards

2011-03-04, 02:12 PM
One of my players recently started playing a PHB3 Psion. I was distressed when I discovered that WotC hasn't made power card decks for the PHB3 classes, and is showing no plans of doing so. (I'm also distressed that Wizards of the Bloody Coast, makers of M:tG, can't be bothered to put any artwork on power cards, but that's a separate issue.)

I know DDI/Character Builder is an option, but I hear it doesn't do a very good job with the PHB3 classes - stories about Psion powers not fitting on a single card, for example.

Any resources out there, before I break down & make my own?

2011-03-04, 02:16 PM

that. watch the tutorial video. if i played 4E, i'd be all over that like white on rice. it's still useful for 3.5, but not quite as well suited. the best part for your purposes is that once you set up the cards you need, you can print them.