View Full Version : [4e] Pacifist Cleric seeking to make use of a Paladin Multiclass

2011-03-09, 08:43 PM
So I've got this Cleric, see. His main gig at the moment is healing, but starting in Paragon Tier he picks up Saving Grace, and uses Stream of Life to turn himself into a saving throw generator.

Combined with the Artificer that heals me when I go a little too masochist, it works out pretty well.

I figured Divine Channeler would add Divine Mettle to my arsenal of saves, and then I could use Hero's Poise on top of that.

Only issue is that I can't find Hero's Poise, I've never been all that great at finding Dragon Articles. Also, I'm seeking anything from any experienced Paladin players who could point out some good powers and especially feats for me.

Finally, I'm debating Discipline the Unruly versus Seal of Binding versus Life Lantens for my 25 power. Yes, far off, but I like planning ahead. Which would you pick, and why?

2011-03-10, 12:51 AM
you can find Hero's Poise easily with the conpendium but if you don't have an account with WoC I have it here for you.
Hero's Poise
Paragon Tier
Prerequisite: 11th level, paladin
Benefit: When you succeed on a saving throw to end an effect, each ally that can see you within 5 squares of you gains a bonus to saving throws equal to your Charisma modifier until the start of your next turn.

Also you actually can't take powers from the Paladin class even with a multiclass feat so Discipline the Unruly is out unless you take the adept power feat (don't know if you know that). Personally I would take neither of them, Discipline the Unruly requires you hitting from melee and your build would be better to stay way from enemies. Seal of Binding is a good power but it got changed so now it doesn't do any damage when you sustain it but you still take damage yourself (15 each), unless you houserule the old version in or course. if you can't do that I would suggest Life Lanterns (Divine Power) as your 25. If you havn't picked a Paragon path Miracle Worker (Divine Power) would be good, the level 12 utiliy and 20 Daily work good with your build.
For feats take a look at these:
Shared Perseverance -Divine Power- (need to be human)
Divine Cleansing -Divine Power- (need turn undead power)
Merciful Power -Divine Power- (need healer's mercy power)

2011-03-10, 01:18 AM
I'm going with Miracle Worker, but it's good to get a second opinion.

Also, I could care less about the initial attack for Discipline, it's the Effect I'm after. I was aware of the feat cost, but this guy only packs two or three "necessary" feats per tier.

However, I was unaware of the errata to Seal, thanks! I'll be sure to look up the other powers you mentioned as well.


Life Lanterns looks great! Given how many pushers and sliders I have in my party, I'm sure it'll result in perma-dazed.

Also, I took Mercy over Turn, seemed fitting. That said I would pick up Merciful Power, but Mark of Healing already does that for me.

Yay Eberron! Shoulda mentioned that as well, eh?