View Full Version : Plot ideas for an upcoming game?

Chainsaw Hobbit
2011-03-11, 04:37 PM
In a few days I'm going to run a sci-fi/horror adventure using the Savage Worlds rules set. I can't seem to think of a good plot, so I want a little help. :smallfrown:

I need something:
- Pretty straightforward.
- Quick to play.
- Involving Giger-style horror.
- Violent.
- Cinematic.
- Not needing too many miniatures.

Thanks in advance! :smallwink:

Land Outcast
2011-03-11, 06:19 PM
Once all was right in the ruins of an abbey -- until a captain fired from the police force of the far away big city arrived. Despite the best efforts of the mentor of one of the player characters and others, none could do anything about the twinkles and unidentified sounds with origin in the old ruins, but animals are all dead, and small children started dying.

Now someone will have to get into the shack standing against one of the stone walls, inside the broken building (and find nothing at first but some telltale pieces of evidence qhich might allow for investigation). There lives, as a hobo, said ex-police captain; he has a dirty gun he'll point everyone at with. If they get him to calm down he'll say it's weird, the groundkeeper used to bring him food and does so no more, therefore he's lived away from any contact, eating whatever he can come by (weird!).

Once they have the slightest hint of what is happening -perhaps they contacter the police dept in the far away city- they get into the know:

Perhaps the man was actually dead.
Perhaps the man was sent for a vacation, was awfully stressed.
Perhaps the man resigned after a case about a brutal murderer.

Then they'll speak with a groundskeeper (who lies in a coma), or a young man (who met with his lover there), or an old priest (who denied the reconstruction of the abbey), and they will find about the secret tunnels.

In the secret tunnels they'll fall into an endless loop (unless they brought bread crumbles to mark their steps or similar), once tired they'll start seeing the path wavers and slight dark things at the corners of their eyes. Outright exhausted they'll see faces from the walls calling out to them. That's when the loop breaks and they come into the chamber below the abbey... the real abbey...


The cinematic part... I'm not sure, but it certainly has something to do with having to climb up seams and columns in the chamber, swing from htem and cut ropes with counterweights so as to escape -from who knows what- into a higher small chamber where they find moist books and a secret door which opens to the cliffs below. Perhaps in the books they can find some aid :smallamused: