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2011-03-14, 09:24 AM
I am running a one off Gamma World adventure and am looking for some help/advice on fleshing out the adventure. I have most of the encounters basics down but looking for advice on them and one more encounter.

The basic idea is they are rats in a Scientist experiment. I am looking for good Science Fiction tropes to use and another experiment or 2 to run them through.

What I have so far:

Mice in the Maze: I am thinking of a skill challenge of a maze. Using skills such as Perception to smell the cheese at the end of the maze and to notice the walls shift. Mechanics to stop the walls from shifting or opening walls. I am not sure if I want a combat challenge in here or not. I.E. Having traps. I might just use the traps for failed skill checks.

The Monologue/Send in the clones: I am thing the last "Boss" fight I am thinking of running as "2 encounters" They get into the final lab and see the boss that has been studying them. He calls in clones of the adventures, only they are the evil opposite clones with the evil goatees. I have everyones origins and I am going to revers them. I.E. The Rat swarm/Speeder will be a Speeder/Rat swarm. Which will not really effect the powers much but I will have them look slightly different. THe above PC is made up of many smaller rats but is very tall and thin still. While his clone will have fewer long thing rats and so on.

Once they defeat the clones I figure the Scientist will go into a 5 min monologue while the PC get their short rest. They the force field keeping them apart will break down and they will get to finish him off or if the part looks to warn out or ready to go they can escape leaving it open for future one off between our main game.

SO I need at least 1 more maybe 2, good encounters. AS well as some good scifi troupes to use. I plan the Scientist studying them to be the White mice from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I am going to have Hamster trails running thought out the roots that they may notice the mouse or mice in. I am thinking of using the Personality doors as well. ALso there is the Evil clone thing. So any other ideas and advice would be great.

Any creature ideas and base creatures to convert over would not be unwelcome. I pplan on using the adventure tools and look throught to find some creatures I like as base and just re-fluff them to what I need. But starting ideas would not go wrong. Thanks in advance.

2011-03-14, 09:38 AM
Which Gamma World edition are you talking about? The older, d20-style ones, or the new 4E D&D-style one? That might change a few things, actually. A few of the words you use make me think the second, so I can't really offer advise on the rules.

That said:
Gamma World thrives on using slightly ridiculous, pulpy Sci-Fi technology in a setting that is otherwise barely out of the middle ages. Let them encounter a previous research subject. The last survivor of an entire group, probably, who got in here by accident. Dress him up as a renaissance explorer, with a feathered hat, a sword (made from some everyday modern object), maybe the rolled-up flag of his city state in his backpack. Give him a journal as well. He may or may not attack the PCs with a musket.

Then, for more Sci-Fi: awesomely impractical robots, repurposed for combat. Hovering spheres with six arms. Medical robots attacking with oversized syringes full of poison. A rescue robot (one of the kind they are building now, on tracks, with a compartment to store injured people), constantly babbling "calming" phrases while trying to trap people in a compartment. However, since all of the technology of the ancients is centuries old and unknown to the characters, describe it in strange ways and have it be malfunctioning in interesting ways.

And, of course, mutated dinosaurs. It's not really Gamma World without the mutated dinosaurs.

Of course, the Scientist could also be part of the Knights of Genetic Purity, studying mutation.

2011-03-14, 09:51 AM
The new one. That would be perfect for where they wake up or the next room. The infirmary. Thank you very much for the idea. As to th mutant Dinosaurs I think I could use that one as well. A Jurassic Park green house like room. Kind of like the raptors running around kind of thing. That does get some ideas following. Thank you very much.

2011-03-20, 11:59 AM
I remember a game a friend set up, it was a biodome of mutants being studdied by a 'Grand Techno God' who turned out to be a crazed bio computer who warped the terrain to his purpose to see how the mutants would adapt. The entire dome is dense forest but at some point their is a metalic obelisk that can be entered leading to a underground network of sewer filled with intellegent creatures and rogue bots, by following these tunnels they found the bio computer who thought of itself as a true god. The party duked it out with a group of mutties and cyborgs and eventually shut down the computer causing the dome to collapse letting its captured inhabinants go. Turned out it was originally a project set up by the Brotherhood of Genetic Purity to study the habits of mutants.

Fun game but the random encounters we had were crazy and the terrain constantly changed every time they took a step out of the tile we were using.