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2011-03-17, 02:06 PM
Hey guys,

I've been running a few modules with a group of friends and working on helping someone get their DM on. We've been running a lot of modules to help find some good examples of encounters and whatnot and just to have fun but have come up dry lately and I'd love some help.

Some of the modules we've been running lately and I think are great fits have been two 4thcore modules the low level Time Keepers and a bit of the Revenge of the Iron Lich. I loved them. We're also running the latest season of Encounters and I really think the March of the Phantom Brigade is another very well done module.

Are there any modules of the lower heroic tier that are extremely well done that I should check out? I've tired a bit of LFR with things like Slaying stone, Spellguard tower, ect and they weren't bad but nothing dazzled me either.

Thanks in advance

2011-03-17, 02:16 PM
The Slaying Stone is very good, but is for Level one. Bark at the Moon is great, levels ~5-7 and Death Dealer is great, levels ~7-9. Death Dealer is 3rd party, the other two are WotC.