View Full Version : Regenerating lost body parts

2011-03-18, 01:12 PM
The title explains it all: Is there any way in the rules to regenerate a lost body part or fix a broken one (like curing blindness that was not from a disease/poison for instance) short of dying and being brought back?

Mando Knight
2011-03-18, 01:25 PM
The game doesn't have rules for losing body parts, so it doesn't have them for recovering them, either.

However, if you're stuck in this situation, I would suggest that the Remove Affliction ritual should do the trick. Or possibly any power that allows you to use multiple healing surges.

Except that scars are permanent (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ScarsAreForever), as are body parts that are artificially replaced (i.e. the Self-Forged Paragon Path, the Eye/Hand of Vecna) and blindness/deafness that's in the character's backstory. Because those are dramatically relevant. Especially if they carry no penalty or grant an ability.

Lord Ascapelion
2011-03-18, 01:35 PM
Yeah, probably some variant on the Remove Disease/Remove Affliction ritual would be best.

3.5 had a Regeneration spell, though I don't think there was really anything in the rules that specifically caused a character to lose a limb or anything. I guess it would just be the DM's discretion on whether you suffered a bad enough injury to get your arm chopped clean off.

2011-03-18, 01:44 PM
Ah thanks guys, now I know for sure that (unlike 3.5) BOTH losing limbs and getting them back are at DM discretion.

The reason I asked is cause one player in a game we are about to play is playing a blind character, and I am still stuck in the 3.5 mindset of "they got a spell for that!". I guess 4e made those concepts actually make sense within the world! At least, without requiring you to make up some plot point that stops the healing, like a curse from an evil god or something. You just could not get your eyes cut out normally before, but now you can! Oh joy!

Also, with me being a 2WF Ranger and all, it would be VERY inconvenient to permanently lose an arm.... Like to the point of me being limited to nothing but ranged/melee basic attacks from then on. Hopefully the DM wont be that mean though :smalleek:.