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2011-03-18, 06:12 PM

A storm approaches... Every night more die. The citizens of Blackrill Vale are in danger... more danger than they know. Newly arrived in the city-state, your heroes stumble upon a sleeping evil that has existed right under the noses of the vale inhabitants. At the same time the king of the Doom Wood giants is sending an army to destroy the city. Can your heroes eliminate the threat from within before the invaders arrive? Will the city stand against the invading fey armies?

You may download the free 4e adventure (in handy PDF form)
at link at the bottom of the post here (http://troglodytepress.blogspot.com/2009/10/adventure-begins.html).

This was a project of mine that I created a while back, having always wanted to make an adventure for publishing. It was a heck of a lot of work and although on the blog link there are references to more modules to come those will likely not be happening. The adventure stands alone and can be transplanted, if needed, into just about any typical D&D setting. There's plenty of things that could have been improved on it, I suppose, but uh... sooner or later you have to let a deadline be a deadline and put the thing out, right?

Anyhow.. er... enjoy. :smallredface:

2011-03-19, 06:04 PM
You people need to read this. ASAP.

Incredibly professional, well-written and thorough. This is better than a lot of WoTC-published adventures out there.

Trog, well bloody done. Going to put this through its paces later this week in a real game, I'll let you know how things go.

2011-03-19, 09:05 PM
This is incredibly Professional looking Trog. Going to have to give it a good read over, but well done sir!

2011-03-21, 06:58 PM
very very impressed!

may have to run it at some point and see how it plays out

2011-03-23, 10:21 PM
good job. im gonna have to work it into my current campaign

2011-03-24, 01:38 AM
Very impressive production values, and it seems like a good adventure. I'll pillage some of it for tonight's session.

2011-03-24, 04:39 AM
You're my hero.

Go work for WotC. You could easily oust half of the people behind the new stuff.

GREAT job Trogg!

2011-03-25, 11:29 PM
Holy crap. I don't even play 4e but I just downloaded this for kicks. Love it!

About how long did the entire process take you?

2011-03-26, 04:25 AM
You know I don't know if I could really say how long it took me? Let's call it "a summer." Let me tell you it really gave me an appreciation for just how much work goes into a product like this one. Answer: a hell of a lot.

I'm glad some people like this, at least at first glance. I see a bazillion things I could improve (more every time I look at it, frankly >.<) and I'm just happy if people can scam an encounter or a new monster or two off of it, really. The positive feedback on this thread is something I never thought I'd get for it, to be honest. :smallredface:

Also, I should apologize to some people on the boards here. There were more playgrounder playtesters that had their names entered in the credits on the inside cover that for whatever reason aren't on this version of the PDF, I just now realized. :smallconfused: I must have grabbed the wrong version of that page when I updated it last. I know Raldor and Philistine were on there, I think. And whoever else had played through a modified encounter or two of this at the Trogland Meetup that year. Sorry guys! >.<

2017-04-08, 12:32 AM
When I went to the link it said my permission was denied. Apparently I need to be invited to the blog to download this. Is there somewhere I can put in a request for this or am I doomed to never see this story through?

2017-04-08, 09:11 AM
Erm, you do realize you're responding to a post from six years ago, eh?