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2011-03-19, 09:45 PM
A Shorte Warning! Read ye firste!

‘The Journal of Bertram Winchester’ is based on the events of an ongoing game based on the events of the 10 year old rpg ‘Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magical Obscura.’ It will certainly contain spoilers as to the plot of said rpg. Do not read this if that concerns you!

Conversely, ‘The Journal of Bertram Winchester’ is based on the events of an ongoing game based on the events of the 10 year old rpg ‘Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magical Obscura.’ Please do not post any spoilers about the content of said rpg, as it will spoil the upcoming events for me, and I will be sad!

From the recovered fragments of the journal of the half-Ogre Bertram Winchester.

The Journal of Mr Bertram Winchester: Gentlemanne Pugilist Adventurer

[the beginning of the manuscript is rendered unreadable, by a combination of fire damage, water damage, acid damage, and tea stains. The first entry is several pages in.]

Excerpt 1

[...]ms like rather a shame to be leaving Tarant, but giving the circumstance, one can’t really complain. I still can’t quite get the smell of fire out of my hair. Ah well. Tally Ho, as the old Don used to say, rest his soul. The carriage is pleasant enough, if rather cramped (had to take the old topper off. Shame, bally shame), and the other passengers seem fine upstanding chaps. Well, as far as I can ascertain. I can’t say the Halfling has said a single word since the journey began. Still, the dwarf, Mr Undermountain, certainly seems an eager sort. A Technologist of some kind, he rather waxes lyrical about his strange contraption. To my discredit, I must say, I had to smile and nod, pretending I knew what he was talking about. At least the fellow was enthusiastic enough that he didn’t notice the lack of contribution on old Bertie’s side of the conversation. He said he was some kind of medic as well, although I couldn’t help but notice the cross on his backpack seemed rather painted on. Still, not my place to judge. Can’t fault a chap for wanting to help his fellow man, wot. Or dwarf in this case I suppose.

Excerpt 2

Arrived in Shrouded Hills today. Seems to be a lot of bustle. Upon getting out of the carriage, Mr Undermountain and I spotted two people approaching, a dwarf and, what appeared on further inspection, an elf! Imagine that! Can’t say I’d ever seen an elf before, old boy! Anyway, the dwarf’s name was Mr Thorgood. He seemed a rather level headed sensible type. The poor chap seemed to have had some trouble with his beard though – I don’t know much about all this racial culture business, but I did glean that this was unusual somehow. Had to bite the old tongue so as not to offend the chap. The elf turned out to be called Miss Celos, and judging by later events seemed to be a wizard of some description. Wizardess maybe? Not sure on the nomenclature there. Poor girl seemed a bit lost if you ask me – rather jumped a mile as I called out hello and reached down to shake her hand. Mr Thorgood mentioned something about bandits, so being a rather splendid scrapper myself, I volunteered to escort them to the town. On the way, we picked up a chap called Mr Brendan, who seemed a warrior of some sort, (although his shield was covered up, and I couldn’t place the accent) And Miss Willow, another elf! Certainly meet all sorts out here in the country! Anyway, I shepherded them all into the town safely and got myself a room at the inn. Ah, smells like dinners ready! Huzzah!