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2011-03-21, 05:38 PM
So I'm looking to run a Mage the Ascension / Dresden Files setting, For this I'm placing it in the far future, past an economic collapse that thrusts people back to about a global average of 1950 tech.

For all intensive purposes the council of 9 is essentially the white council

For a more in depth look at the setting, Here's the main points:

Order of Hermes and the Verbena are atpolitical odds with each other the Sons of Ether and Virtual Adepts have walked out. The Hollow ones have taken the seat of Matter and the Seat of Correspondence has been filled with a pseudo group call The Watch.
The Order of Hermes Has solidified it's self in a dominate position in two ways, they have put forth the idea of the laws of magic, and were the ones to put forth the idea of filling the seat of correspondence with The Watch.
The verbena Have solidified themselves as a dominant group on the council by putting forth the idea of "Traditional magic" a magic type that encourages the use of traditions as a form of magic.
The akashics Have taken the side of the verbena in the political struggle. they also were hailed for "keeping magic alive" in the outreaches of Asia during the modern era, something that is regarded with High prestige.
The Watch is a police force similar to the Wardens in the Dresden files, they capture those who have wronged the council and enforce it's laws. it's a relatively new group.They lean toward the Order of Hermes in terms of political views.
the Hollow ones Have decided to take up the Sphere of Matter in an attempt to make it easier to act within council politics. They mostly only bring in newbies and try to settle them into the idea of being a mage.
The Dream speakers have become the official liaisons to the spiritual realm and has been trying to shape the world through manipulation of the umbral forms.
If the watch acts as the police of the council, then the Euthanatos acts as the executioners. The Ethanatos have taken the Order of Hermes side of the political struggle.
The cultists of exstacy have gone back to their roots and renamed themselves as the Ex-Stasists. They have for the most part stayed neutral in the political conflict.
The celestial chorus Has basically been implementing "traditional magic" on the masses in an attempt to shift the global consensus back to the Council of 9's favor and eventually rid themselves of technology. They take the verbena's side in the political conflict.

My questions are these.

What type of adventure should I run?
How should I handle technomagic?
What should the laws of magic be?
And what other sources should I take from?

2011-03-22, 12:50 AM