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Christopher K.
2011-03-22, 09:52 PM
Hey guys, I recently got my players to go through the Ten-Minute Background (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19713850/The_Ten-Minute_Background--Post_your_characters) with some relatively interesting results. All of a sudden, Angron, the Warforged Fighter, became a remorseful accessory to a genocidal Warforged Uprising, Richter, the Human Fighter, became a heroic and ambitious former guard in the nation of Altia(One of my setting's most prominent western nations), and Dale, the Human Ardent, well, he's Dale Gribble, unfortunately. I'm not too keen on the last one, but I figure that if I leave it as is, Connor will retain a higher level of interest than if I say "No, that's not appropriate."

So here's what I wound up needing for combat stats:
-Horus, a massive Warforged and Angron's commanding officer(I'm thinking Warforged Titan, de-leveled to 16 and then having the class template for Warlord)

-[Name undecided], a survivor of one of the dead nations of Horus's uprising who was able to deduce Angron as one of the soldiers, out for revenge. (No clue what to do for this guy/girl, so suggestions for just about anything are welcome)

-Clark, Lucas's human fighter from a previous campaign. Since Lucas's last few actions with Clark were to give him a spiked chain, I'm really hoping to emphasize that style of fighting somehow, preferably around level 8-10.

-John Red-Drake, an Elven Shaman who had an affair with Dale's wife. He wants to force Dale to quit adventuring and go back to his wife and half-elf son.

If anyone has suggestions for these characters, I'd love to hear them as creating combat statistics like this isn't exactly my strong suit.

2011-03-22, 11:21 PM
You know, it occurs to me that a (Custom) Monster Request Thread might not be a bad idea.

As far as your stuff goes, I think it might be easier just to create a custom creature via the Monster Builder. I will probably look at a couple of them here in a few minutes, and you can see if you like what I come up with.

EDIT: Something like this?


Christopher K.
2011-03-23, 03:31 PM
Oh man, I had completely forgotten about the Monster Builder being launched as an online tool. Thanks for reminding me!

..though the online version seems to be less flexible than the original.

2011-03-23, 07:26 PM
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You slaughtered my people. Prepare to die!